I would like all Michigan Patriots to call me and check in PLEASE! 906.369.5966

I would like to arrange for a Meet and Greet on the 11th somewhere in central or lower Lower Michigan.  If it's just me, it's not exactly a meet and greet...Sound off, Please.

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Kevin, If you stop somewhere in central MI, I'll be there with bells on :)  I am leaving MI at 5 a.m. on the 15th and will be in D.C. around 6 p.m. that night.  Remember, the 11th is Mother's Day for all of us needing to visit our "moms" on that day.  St. Louis (Alma) is the official middle of the mitten. Saginaw is pretty central too but probably 45 min further south than Alma.  I am in Midland, so a bit off of the path you are taking.  If you get any others to respond, you'll have to select a spot and I will do my best to make it.  Given the health issues my mom has had over the past year, I will spend time with her on Sunday too.  Where are you staying once you get to D.C.?  Have you figured it out yet?

Hi Tammy, unless a few other Eagles are born between now and then, you are my first scheduled stop.  I have not figured that out yet, I hope to know more after the call tonight. 

Kevin, I am checking in here because I am too angry to be on the phone. I also want to let EVERYBODY know where EXACTLY I stand at this stage.

My finances are still very far from where they need to be to guarantee my participation. My wife and I have an on-line business providing Michigan License Plates to Michigan's Cruiser and M/C community. It is the only thing standing between us and bankruptcy since my going on Disability in 2009. We also had to go into hock for a $4K furnace this last winter. Our business never picks up until Spring is in full bloom. By winter hanging on so tenaciously, we have not had the order$ we need to renew our website which expires on 5/21/2014. This means that I can not make any further plans until if/when our order$ start coming in.

So, right now, my finances are keeping me from guaranteeing my presence at this time. I would also like to tell Tammy Hyatt that I appreciate her getting back to me, but, I don't know if I will be needing that ride quite yet. That said, I am praying for a miracle of sales that would necessitate my still finding a ride. Of course, I don't expect anybody to go to any great lengths to accommodate me at the last minute. I always have the $85 option of AMTRAK as a fall back position.

The following has not helped my mood one bit. It is very de-moralizing to see the following type of actions taken by 2 of the groups of patriots I try to work with.

 I got an e-mail from VDA (USPU/OAS group) yesterday regarding the Bundy/BLM fiasco. I also got one from the OK folks. It seems that OK got bad intel from a source of theirs and acted on it in a very unbecoming way. That is NO excuse for VDA to stand around pissing in each others ears about shooting the OK's in the back for desertion. This OAS effort is hard enough to convince non-involved people to get on board without giving them a schoolyard pissing contest between OK & VDA to turn them away. I  am a member of both USPU & OK. I do not agree with EVERYTHING that EITHER of them do. I know that in order to clean up our Country we need every last patriot for OAS REGARDLESS of the differences in each ones philosophy. Every VDA, OK and militia seems to have the same problem. Everybody thinks that they are better than the others. Is there any way that all of you can put aside the petty bickering? At least until OAS is over? It is going to be over before it is starts if you continue to alienate those you do not agree with 100%.

I have been able to get many to TALK about joining the movement by using the Bundy/BLM event as an instructional on why we need to have OAS and what can be accomplished when everybody pulls together. Now, they are seeing everybody pulling apart. THAT is also what I see when looking at the these 2 groups. If Veteran Defenders of America would truly like to sever ALL ties with OathKeepers, let me know and I will stop worrying about at least one of my many things that divide my attention and efforts.

Makes one wonder just what chance we have of EVER making a difference. Perhaps those of us who abhor this type of behavior would be better off just waiting until the war starts. At least then the line between the good guys and the bad guys may not be so blurred!

Good Luck to everyone. We're going to need it!

Hi Robert, thanks for not yelling in my ear....   ;)

I totally understand though, I am certain that there will NEVER be a time when all of us Americans can agree on everything.  That being said, all we really need to do agree on about 10% of everything.  I often wonder if this Movement will change anything and that is the most common question I get "what do you think is going to change?"  I don't pretend to have a comforting answer to that, all I know is that if I do nothing except wait until someone draws a line in the sand in my back yard, I'm am failing in my Patriotic Duty. I am failing my son, and all generations to follow.  I can't deal with that kind of shame.

Re: VDA and OK....(as an Oath Keeper) I have never looked to them for approval and am not desirous of hearing their self-fulfilling prophecies.  I do not know much about VDA but as far as Oath Keepers go, we ARE going to see a lot of our brothers and sisters in D.C. wearing those colors.  As I have said before, I don't know how many people are going but there is going to be at least one....ME!

I sympathize with your financial plight, if it were not for some dear Patriots and their donations, I would be questioning my own ability to participate.  I will PRAY with you that a windfall big enough to let you come will show up in a timely manner.  Remember, we need folks to plan on going in June, July, and so on as this is not going to be a week-long event.  Keep that in mind and quit listening to the nay-sayers....be at peace my Brother.

Bob, We want you there.  Stefanie said to ride with us.  We are camping, have a camping spot.  Just put your tent on our spot.  It will be great having you with us.  We may even feed you if you start looking thin.  I don't know everything you are talking about in the above post, but let me just say this, we CANNOT, and I mean c-a-n-n-o-t let anything or anyone deter us - this must happen and it must happen now.  Just on the Benghazi issue alone all of those in leadership need to be removed.  Please do not be discouraged . . . we must hang together or hang separately remember???  Tell me what you need in order to go and I will do my best to bring that about.  Stefanie is there for 10 days.  I am not sure about me yet?  I am playing it by ear so to speak.  Please go.  Your country needs you.

OK. I just got off the phone with Go Daddy and got them to let me renew my site for 6 months. If anybody knows anyone with a Classic/Antique Car, Truck or Motorcycle that they want Authentic Michigan License Plates for, please tell them Mad Max's Authentic Plates. www.MadMaxsAuthenticPlates.com . We also sell Frames, Toppers and other related Cruiser items.

That said, I appreciate the offers of a ride from Tammy/Stefanie & Kevin. I am going to save as much $$$ as I can and go from there. I am 53, 6'4" and 250lbs so I am in little danger of getting skinny, lol. I also have a very bad back and a troubled heart, BUT, the back ain't yellow and my heart still pumps Red, White & Blue. I don't know if I could make the trip in the back of the Vibe, but, if that is the only thing between me and D.C. I'll take it! Don't mean to sound picky and you have all made me feel quite a bit better on this day that started out so crappy. For that and the offers I am eternally grateful :-) I know now that whatever my situation in 2 weeks, I can be there with everybody else! Tammy & Kevin, I will be e-mailing this to you as well. If I can find a way to leave early I will catch the ride with Kevin, if not, then with Tammy & Stefanie and her son. I will have some money to throw in the kitty, just don't know how much? I am trying to pare down to just 1 medium sized backpack and can do the duration in either my enclosed hammock between 2 trees or in my pup tent. As for how long I stay, I won't know that until I have to leave. If I can get down there I can definitely squirrel away the money for an AMTRAK ride home if I return alone. Once again, I thank you all! GOD BLESS OAS!

I can ride in the back seat!! No problem!!  We'll get there some how some way !!

Tammy, somehow I missed this reply above. I sent you an e-mail accepting your offer right after that last post of mine. If you could look it over and see if the meeting arrangement looks do-able that would be great! If not, let me know and we can work something else out. I want to make this as easy on you 3 as possible.



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