Hi All,

I was thinking that we should probably see about reserving a campground/area/mall for our state. However, I'm not sure where we stand yet. Should we reserve an area for a lot of people and then offer the unused area to those who show up? Should we not reserve an area and hope there is room for us in one of the campgrounds/malls/area's that OAS has already laid claim to?

I should probably ask if we Michiganders all want to stay together as a group? I realize that not everyone is staying... so this is for those who plan to. We are supposed to go to one of the designated spots in groups of 25. Wouldn't it be best to be grouped by our state?

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Also, those who do plan to stay - even if only for a few days - please contact me. You can send me a message on my page or email me at the address I've provided. :) I want to know what your plans for food/lodging and basic needs are. **This is completely optional. I'm only trying to help with personal hygiene information as well as see if anyone needs help with other necessary items (i.e.: food, camping equipment, tent/lodging).

I'll also be leaving more information on the other threads regarding food. Found some good things to share!


Jessica G.

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We must move quickly to reserve the need campsites.

Excellent Idea!  Reserving a camp ground would be ideal..I'm not sure of whats available within a 10 mile radius of D.C. but surely there are some......We are going to need a good R&R spot!


Thanks for your thoughts. I am right there with you on the buddy system. I'll be heading out alone and don't want to have to worry about stupid things happening. :) we can all watch out for each other.

If you look at the top of the page you'll see tabs. The bottom four are all very helpful for planning purposes. All the tabs should be viewed IMO, but these four will give you maps, destinations, items to bring... And so on.

I'm happy to know there are people attending who know about long term "roughing it." I'm more worried about woman then men (knowing what they'll have to go w/o). But there are a lot of things woman tend to forget when going out in the field... Well, I'm sure you understand. :) Kevin Mcclellen is doing an excellent job rounding up the Uppers and dispersing info. Tammy Hughes has the lower portion of the state. :) We all have to work together to come up with information to share, plans to make, and options to look at for keeping people ready and able to help.

Welcome to OAS!!

Jessica G.

Hi Jessica and David, My name is Angela and I am in Marquette Michigan and I really want to make it but need help with Transit and I will probably be alone so kinda looking for a group I can be safe with. Jess I think the idea of us having our own organized group is a good idea. Has anyone heard anything out of any of our Michigan Militia groups? I have not so far. Has anyone thought of organizing a demonstration up here in the U.P to get this message out? It seems we are so unconnected up here and no one is really coordinating anything publicly.

Thank you


Welcome Angela!

I haven't heard anything yet about an organized demonstration... but we can organize something! Maybe a bi-weekly or monthly gathering to hand out papers/create awareness in a different area of Michigan? We can look into this if others feel they want to also be involved. We are a bit spread out and I was going to go to the local Legion(s) and VFW's to spread the word. Passing out flyers and posting them up as I went. Getting together as we strengthen our purpose could also be helpful for us to get to know one another and familiarize ourselves with each other. :)

What are everyone's thoughts on this? I know I spoke with Kevin McClellan and he was interested in getting everyone together if possible. He is the lead for the UP, so probably the best contact you (Angela) can make for now. I'm not against traveling a ways to help spread the word. It's a bit cold... so somewhere indoors would be EXTRA nice. :) Maybe meet in Mackinac?


Tammy Hyatt is the leader for lower Michigan. She is also actively involved in other area's. Perhaps she knows of an event that we can all rally together at?

I'd be happy to help shuffle people around as much as I'm able. The weather could end up as a hindrance though.

This probably belongs in a different thread... :)

Angela, I'd be happy to group with you as a Buddy for May 16th. Truth be told, it'd be nice to have another girl along! We haven't narrowed down anything yet but at least we all know we are planning it out. That gives me a sense of relief.


Hello Angela,  Welcome!  Yes, we have given notice to existing Militas in Michigan, they agree with the mission of OAS.  Because we are far and few between up here, we depend alot on social media and spreading the word by simply talking to people about OAS...There is a link on the home site "Patriots for America" with flyers that can be copied and distributed within the community....Talk to your neighbors, business owners etc....We have  dedicated people here in the U.P. and could possibly have a meet and greet sometime in the near future for we Yoopers....

Hello Jackie!  I am very interesting inn the camping and staying until something is done within the corruption that is running rampant in Government that is virtually not be challenged by our so called representatives and congress.  I am very open to camping out because I know that I could't afford the high priced hotels in the DC area.  Please add me to your list of people who are willing and able to follow this thing to our hope for resolution of these travesties that are being foisted on We the People with absolutely no representative speaking up for the American people.  Please keep me posted on updates for the camping grounds and the buddy system.  I would also ask at this time that you direct me to some flyers or placates that I may make to help spread the rod to the unawakened sheeple. 

<p>p.s.:  I clicked on the flyers tab at the top of the page but found it was no longer working.  I would like to print up something and see if I can get them put up around town.  The need to wake the sheeple is very important I think.</p> <p>Also, I contacted a FB group called XXX Minutemen and they said they were not planning to support OAS.</p>

Hi, my name is Mary and I live near Traverse City.  I would love to be able to join a group buddy system for the event in DC.  This is all new to me regarding finding camp grounds and such.  I know I wouldn't be able to go if I had to pay huge hotel bills.  There doesn't seem to be a whole lot going on here in TC.  Most people are still asleep.  :(   I have a car that would hold 4 adults comfortably and I'm free to be in DC as long as it takes so let me know how I can help.  Thanks!  Mary

p.s.:  I clicked on the flyers tab at the top of the page but found it was no longer working.  I would like to print up something and see if I can get them put up around town.  The need to wake the sheeple is very important I think.

Also, I contacted a FB group called XXX Minutemen and they said they were not planning to support OAS.

Please count me in the for the camping.  Please let me know when where.  Thanks.  I live in Grand Traverse County.

Jessica I live in Traverse City and would love to carpool or caravan to DC.  I would also like to be be able  to set up camp nearby as I don't have access to an RV.

Hi Mary,

I have no problems with carpooling. :) I'm sure as we get closer to the date more information will trickle down. I also don't have an RV. But there are good maps to the metro/bus system. There are also links to get you a prepaid pass. I'm thinking we may have to stay in WV. But I'm hoping to hear more from our leaders regarding the campground, mall, facilities. I know that there are some that plan to go ahead and "feel" things out.

Jessica, I am hoping we can stay in VA right across the river from D.C.  There is a metro station there that we can use to get into D.C. and then just take it back out when needed.  As I understand it, people are there working on empty strip mall parking lots, private property etc. that can be used.  I think Kevin will have access to this info and will make a good decision for all of us coming from Michigan.  I would love to carpool with you but I have to get there by the 14th, possibly 15th, as I am helping with security.  Hopefully I will find someone else who is going in that timeframe.  I am going to work on getting some buses and pick up points lined up in the next week or two.  Still trying to get my head around all of this - I want it to be massive and then I wonder where in the world are we going to all stay (fit)?  I guess we'll just pray for millions and deal with the crowd as best we can.  Strength in numbers right?

Personally i can camp out or stay in a motel /  hotel iam willing to do whatever the majority wishes..However i do agree that we have to watch each others backs. It is vital that we take care of each other if we do we will all come back safe and sound and hopefully with a new leadership in Washington..From what i have heard we are going to have to have some kind of coordination with all of the other state groups also..Good day to all PATRIOTS!!



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