Hi All,

I was thinking that we should probably see about reserving a campground/area/mall for our state. However, I'm not sure where we stand yet. Should we reserve an area for a lot of people and then offer the unused area to those who show up? Should we not reserve an area and hope there is room for us in one of the campgrounds/malls/area's that OAS has already laid claim to?

I should probably ask if we Michiganders all want to stay together as a group? I realize that not everyone is staying... so this is for those who plan to. We are supposed to go to one of the designated spots in groups of 25. Wouldn't it be best to be grouped by our state?

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Also, those who do plan to stay - even if only for a few days - please contact me. You can send me a message on my page or email me at the address I've provided. :) I want to know what your plans for food/lodging and basic needs are. **This is completely optional. I'm only trying to help with personal hygiene information as well as see if anyone needs help with other necessary items (i.e.: food, camping equipment, tent/lodging).

I'll also be leaving more information on the other threads regarding food. Found some good things to share!


Jessica G.

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    Hi patriots I just joined up. I'm from Oakland CO. Farmington.  I really need to get caught up.  Who should i talk to. I will drive ,camp,

Hi Jeff.  I think at this point Tony is collecting all of the names and counties where people live.  We will also get buses lined up to take those who can go in for a day or two and then must return home.  Then there will be those that can stay for a week - and should!  Then there are some prepared to stay for 2 weeks.  I think I will be there somewhere between 2 or 3 weeks.  Depending on what is going on, I may come home in a couple of weeks, re-group and go back?  At this point we are trying to get people from Michigan to sign up and begin coordinating a well thought-out plan.  I hope that soon we can secure an area to camp and my personal preference is right across the bridge in VA.  I have stayed in Tysons Corner and there is a Metro station there, easily accessing the D.C./mall area.  We are thrilled to have you here.  Just keep checking in, offering your thoughts and find 50 people to take with you.  Fair enough?

Hi jeff you can make a lot of contacts from the state groups page..Just click on State groups in the upper left hand corner of the home page....Welcome patriot

I'm with Jeff, I am new and while have the equipment and availability, I feel like I am months of preperation behind. I am open to camping together to reduce the cost as well.

I am ex-Army, former medic, an Oathkeeper, and currently an R.N. with a fairly broad skill set with regards to the outdoors and very much so medically. I look forward to getting to know you all better and taking our fine Republic and placing her back in the hands of the People.

May God favor our undertaking and may Liberty and Freedom prevail!!!


Southgate, Michigan.

Welcome Dave..We certainly could use someone with your skill and attitude..Iam from Lapeer MI. area..God will be with us..

Hello George,

Thank you for the welcome. I stand ready to assist however I can.

Yours in Freedom,



Tysons Corner is where the main compound will be correct? I feel my medical and Security experience would be well served there and as you stated, the Metro being so close would save valuable commuting time to D.C. $14/day for unlimited travel on the Metro would be a plus as well.

Who do I contact regarding my personal info, abilities, availability, and the best way I can help make this as succesful as possible?


Hi David.If you go to the top of the page you will see ( volunteer4 oas ) .Just click on that and that will take you to where you need to go ..If you need any help just let me know..

Hi Jessica.   I am in Wayne County.....Plymouth, MI and like your thought that states stick together.  We can look out for each other.   Right now I have no ride.  I'm an older woman looking for women to share ride and maybe room with facilities.  I have grandchildren and 2 great grands that I'm unwilling to give them the future Obama is pushing onto us. Please contact me here, Facebook, or email at:  loralo@comcast.net           Thanks for any help with this!

Hello Jessica, It appears everyone has fallen asleep. Of course keeping our group together is essential. I don't understand why there hasn't been more discussion on this issue. During recent phone conversations with our UP and lower State leaders I offered my services as rear echelon support due to several factors which wouldn't make me a good candidate for front line action. I would be more than happy to develop security issues, communication and anything else needed for support. Anyone having ideas, special skills or just wanting link up can reach me at rmandry445@att.net

Hi Ray (Jessica too!)  There is a lot of work to do for sure.  And trust me, we're all still out here doing our bit in our corner of the world.  Lots of behind the scene type stuff needs to be done and quite honestly I'm not that big of a computer fan.  Some days I am on a lot and other days I don't do anything more than quickly check personal email.  Anything that anyone wants to work on to move us forward is necessary and greatly appreciated.  I personally have been involved with a court fight for a farmer (veteran, Air Force) who has been harassed by our state government.  I've been helping him with many things and as soon as the weather breaks I can spend much more time on OAS items.  Please continue to post ideas, things you're working on etc. I read all of it - just don't take time to respond as I am working on getting some legislation drafted to be considered in trying to beat back this tyranny we find right here in our own state.  I hope all is well and looking forward to finally meeting everyone very soon.  Thanks for all you do.

Tammy, Sorry don't know what to ask. There doesn't seem to be any communication in our group. AZ is doing a pretty good job with plans and weekly meetings. I'm sure a lot of the logistics in handling a trip of this nature need to be worked out. How many? Campsite? Who will be going into

DC, who will be staying behind? Will we be working in shifts throughout the day? (Oh! It's 6pm, time for a bite to eat and a cocktail back at the camp) Basically, what is going on?



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