Hi All,

I was thinking that we should probably see about reserving a campground/area/mall for our state. However, I'm not sure where we stand yet. Should we reserve an area for a lot of people and then offer the unused area to those who show up? Should we not reserve an area and hope there is room for us in one of the campgrounds/malls/area's that OAS has already laid claim to?

I should probably ask if we Michiganders all want to stay together as a group? I realize that not everyone is staying... so this is for those who plan to. We are supposed to go to one of the designated spots in groups of 25. Wouldn't it be best to be grouped by our state?

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Also, those who do plan to stay - even if only for a few days - please contact me. You can send me a message on my page or email me at the address I've provided. :) I want to know what your plans for food/lodging and basic needs are. **This is completely optional. I'm only trying to help with personal hygiene information as well as see if anyone needs help with other necessary items (i.e.: food, camping equipment, tent/lodging).

I'll also be leaving more information on the other threads regarding food. Found some good things to share!


Jessica G.

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Hi Ray!  Boy, I think you should be our logistics commander.  You're asking all of the right stuff.  I am trying to figure out my own things and you remind me I am also supposed to be trying to figure it out for everyone else too.  I am trying to get two buses arranged, and a hotel for those coming in for the 16th and heading back out on the 17th.  Col. Riley has asked for a sea of people there on 16th and then hopefully many of us can stay and then some come in (or back) to replace those that need to go home etc.  It is a logistics nightmare in many ways.  Do you have any way to check on other state pages and see if you can find a campground available in Tysons Corner, VA?  There is a Metro station in Tysons Corner and it is right across the bridge from D.C.  I have been working day and night trying to get meetings with some of our legislators about over-reach by the DNR in the case of my farmer friend up north.  We are also trying to get MI to pass 2nd Amendment bill to stop federal laws from having any teeth here in our state.  But I need to turn my attention on this event as it will be the turning point in saving our country.  Thank you for the reminder.  Let me know if there are any details that you would be willing to work on, etc.  And we will try to get some communication going here on our MI page.  I think now that it is warm enough people can stand to be outside, everyone is being bit by the spring fever bug?  Have a great day and I will check in later.

Tammy, Sorry for the rant! you have my email-send one and I'll provide my phone number. I'll be glad to assist you in any way possible. By the way, I'm planning on renting or securing the loan of, a motor coach (sleeps 5---4 comfortably) Should anyone wish to share costs, I will leave on the 14th and return on the 23rd.

Hello all,

Yes it has been quiet out here as of late. I can tell you I am spending every minute of my free time planning and preparing. I have a family which complicates things financially but I can assure you I am focused and may not be able to purchase everything I feel is needed at once, I am preparing as fast as finances allow. I have most everything needed personally to camp, a large amount of medical supplies, and now im working on food, water, and camping expenses, as well as fuel expenses. I have been emailing VFW's, Churches, local conservative groups, and even conservative media such as Beck and Hannity to request assistance with getting the word out and garnering support for our cause (a note was also attached that any gifts of food or equipment would be appreciated, remember to stay away from the "donation" word as Obeyme's goons at the IRS would be all over it). With all that is needed, im not sure how to make it work, only that there is no other option other than making it work. Stay focused and strong Patriots!A word on Bull Run. I am really reconsidering my plan to stay there. It is 27 miles from the nearest Metro Station and that I feel will cause abhardship traveling back and forth from D.C. From what I have read, a large group will be staying in Tysons Corner which is MUCH closer to the Metro and would allow operating at both locations much easier. I am open to suggestions though. I would like to stay in VA. as close to D.C. as possible though.

Yours in Freedom always,


Dave!  I don't have a lot of time right now to read what everyone else is doing but have been to D.C. several times in the last couple of years and each time we have stayed in Tysons Corners.  There is a metro station there and it is just across the bridge from D.C.  How do we go about finding a place to stay there?  Is there a spot where campgrounds or empty parking lots or something is listed?  If you have any info on staying there I sure would appreciate it as that would be my preference.  Thanks so much.

Hello Tammy,

I dont have info other than I know its very close, has a Metro, and I believe Az and OH are staying there and it is much closer and would be much more strategic of a location in my opinion.We have a rear Command Base in Bull Run, ground zero in D.C., and Tysons Corner would seem to be a good Forward Base of Operations. It just makes sense to me logistically.


Makes perfect sense to me as well.  I guess I need to do some checking with the AZ/OH groups and see where they are staying and if there is room for a Michigan group to stay there as well?  Thanks.

Raymond,  Thank You for your effort !   "JJ"


I have spoken with members of AZ's group and they gratiously invited to fit me in to a site if necessary as well as help as many others as they can. As Tammy stated, Tysons Corner is right across the river and has a Metro Station and i believe that to be the best option. I believe AZ is staying at Bull Run (dont quote me on that) and Bull Run is 27 miles from the Metro. Bull Run will serve as Command and Control in the rear, D.C. is ground zero, and I think Tysons Corner would make a great Forward Operating Post between the two. If we all agree on Tysons Corner, lets all start researching camps there and coordinate our findings to come up with a game plan to operate there as the Forward Operational Area for anyone staying there as well as offering rest for those traveling between Bull Run and D.C.

I believe someone in the AZ group has also secured an empty strip mall lot and a warehouse (no water or electricity), as well as a private home on a large lot who has given permission to camp in the yard and use the electric and shower for donations towards the utilities used.

Jump on AZ's group and ask around. I believe the woman i was speaking to goes by "dirty little mule" if i remember correctly. they are working hard and OH has their game plan rolling pretty well also. I'll pass on more information as I speak more with them.

Yours in Freedom,


By the way, the strip mall, warehouse, and private residence were all in Eastern Virginia as well.

Hi Folks,

I too am late committing, but do plan to be in Washington for the first week.  I'm getting caught up on the campground thread.  I spoke w/Tammy last night about Tyson's Corner campground and hope to join the Michigan group there.

Holy cow, does time fly! I also am planning on being there and staying there. I do not have my own transportation so I am planning on going via Amtrak for financial reasons. Will be glad to join other Michiganders on a bus instead if that is a possibility. I am also not averse to a ride-a-long with anyone else and pitching in for gas. I also plan to stay as long as I can. I understand that I may HAVE to return by Amtrak if my ride leaves before or after I have to. As of now it looks to me like camping if there are sites available or wherever possible if not. All this continued cold weather has seriously hampered our finances because our little business is seasonal and sales don't pick up until the Spring weather is here. I will only be bringing a small backpack with necessities as well as a pup tent, pad/roll, sleeping bag and one of my low profile lightweight tube chairs. My back is way too wasted to stand for long periods. I hope that as more is known about campgrounds and/or transportation it will be posted here. All I am is another warm body Patriot with mild memory trouble wanting to join in on this like I did for 11/11/11. I have had to back out on many of my efforts in the last few years due to physical condition and/or memory and/or family obligations. For this event I have to also find someone in my family to pet sit one day a week while I am gone. I am hoping that I can find some way to cement my support for OAS by joining you all there. Any and all communication is welcomed. Oh yeah. I like the idea of all of Michigan sticking together. If there are any troublemakers that enter our "area", it would make identification and suppression a little easier if we know each other and don't recognize them. Just a thought.

im going and plan on staying ,I want to know if your driving down as a group. mi. people together is good but if others need a place remember we are all going to take back our freedom united we stand devided we fall. how do I join the mi. group.



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