joined the oath keepers here in Ocala fl after coming back from dc when the oath keeper help the veterans, now finding out the national oath keepers say we should not go to dc in may! whats up with that? we need to change their minds, semper fi  gene

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why would they say that

don't know, Ocala group only said they don't  advise it ( the national chapter)and don't support the actions. gene

mow I am real curious

Are we even certain that the Oathkeepers said this..And if they did is their something that they would like to share with us as to why we should not go to Washington DC..You all do know that this is not the first time that someone has tried to stir the pot..Who in the Oathkeepers made this statement, do we have any names?Or is this just something that came from someone who is not even affiliated with the Oarthkeepers..If they did indeed make this staement ,WHICH I DOUBT, what is their reasoning? I would be careful not to pay to much attention to rumors and at this point all this is is a rumor...Just where did this information come from ,does anyone know? Maybe we should Email them and ask them who made this statement and why...

I Emailed the Oathkeepers regarding this issue if they are kind enough to reply i will post their response ..I would bet that they will say that they never made that statement...

Re: Oath Keepers

Beverly, I am so glad you brought this up, I too, am an Oath Keeper...since 2010.  I joined Oath Keepers, not so much to be part of a National Organization but more to help swell the number of overt Oath Keepers in general and to display to the Nation and to the world, my feelings and my undiminished Loyalty to my Country, my Constitution and MY OATH  to Protect it.  We Oath Keepers are prominently displaying our unwavering support to the Promise that we made.  We would still be Oath Keepers even if there were no organization.  The fact that the National site does not endorse this effort is largely irrelevant.  I think it safe to say that 90 something % of Oath Keepers support this Movement...that's why we joined.

I do not feel that I need an Organization that I belong to, needs to endorse my feelings, to validate my beliefs or to legitimize my existence.  I am We the People! And so are You!  Thank you SO much for proclaiming yourselves as Oath Keepers....We PROMISED! 

It would be nice if National would back this Movement, but we do not need their ok any more than we need anyone else's approval.  We are Americans, We are Patriots, We are Oath Keepers....we don't really need to change anyone's mind, we need to Honor our Oath.  Reach, Teach and Inspire!

So i guess it is safe to say that we have the support of a majority of the Oathkeepers..I hope that clears this up once and for all..Now lets concentrate on our task at hand...I knew there was more to it than was initially posted...Glad to hear it Kevin......ThankYou

It should be pointed out that Oath Keepers has a rather small active membership according to their site. I would not feel overly disappointed if they do not support Operation American Spring. Many Oath Keepers will be coming and that is fine.

I was an Oath Keeper and am no longer, as I had a disagreement with one of the top people on line. They have a fine goal and are a positive in our nation. Those that come, great. Those that don't Ok, also. I would think that getting the NRA to endorse this would be a far bigger event for our purposes.

Sic Semper Tyrannis !

You are absolutely correct Peter ON ALL COUNTS...We will do just fine without their blessing ..The NRA is a great idea..They would be much more helpful to the cause..I wonder if the Colonel has given that some thought ?

At the next gun show here in Hampton or Richmond, I will discuss it with the NRA people at the show.

If any one has a more direct route to Wayne LaPierre, go for it.



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