Jerry Schlueter
Harrisonvile Mo
57 Years old, Married with two grown children
Member Of Oath Keepers but have never been part of the Military

Why a Member of Oath Keepers? I was ask by a friend, Patriot and Ex Marine to get involved

My Oath: To support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God. My Oath is to the Constitution

If your Afraid to make the watch list, you shouldn’t be part of the movement

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Randy Wiley

Forsyth, MO (In the Ozarks east of Branson)

62 years old, married with four grown kids

6-year Veteran, Texas Army National Guard, 11E, Armor Crewman

Former member Maricopa County Sheriff's Posse (Qualified Armed)  - Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "minions" and proud of it

Member of Oathkeepers

I took the oath in the military, for the Denver Police Department and with the Maricopa County Sheriff. I still take it serious. I don't care what "list" I'm on. They can all kiss my backside....

It an Honor to meet you Randy. Look forward to standing with you at OAS 

Hi Jerry,

Just signed up with OAS and the site suggested joining this Missouri group. I fulling intend to participate in the OAS demonstration in DC.

So far I only do internet and don't know if that is adequate for communicating with the group.


Don Zaharee (

Minuteman, Tea Party, NRA

Glad to have you here Donald

The Missouri Page was dead, so I just jumped in to get it back up and rolling. We need to get a game plan going for Mo. All suggestion and help is greatly appreciated

Thanks for your quick reply Jerry. My main motivation to get involved was to participate and assist the OAS effort. I'm unemployed, new in the area (from California to Springfield) and haven't been aware of Patriots for America. Do you think this a good organization for OAS activities? Looks good as I see there are OAS links in the heading. I'd like to get a little more familiar with the territory and then suggest a game plan or two.

In California, then Kansas, we had a rather hard time getting good attendance for Tea Party rallies. The facr was, maybe 99.9% of the people didn't even know about the rallies. 

This seems like a very public method to communicate. Is there a way to make contacts by email?



you can contact me at


Florissant MO 

42 years old divorced 1 teenage child

never joined the military but it is every American's duty to stand in defense of the Constitution.

I linked here from OAS but have been watching this site and i noticed it was dead until now.Any questions feel free to ask.

Missouri-St. Charles area. How can we get the Missouri page back up and running? I'm in! I'm going! If we don't do this, America as we know it will B Gone Forever!

Kay London

51 Single/Divorced-no children

No Military experience, but Have guns will travel-(to B left in a close & legal area-just in case they R needed later.)

Better way to contact me-Twitter- @Kaybirds DM or email me so I can get with the program. Thank you Patriots!

Its up to a few of us to spread the word

My name is Danielle. I am twenty four and my brother is a marine. I am proud to stand up and fight for the freedoms our country is founded on.

My name is Danielle. I am 24 years old. I would like to be able to see America stay the land of the free. My brother is one of the brave. He served his country for five years in the marines. I am very proud of him and all military. I will take a stand to make sure the freedoms they fought for will not be taken away. Proud to be a second amendment supporter as well. Can contact me at

Good to have you on board Danielle



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