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No Fly Zone at the Polls

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Where was group last Sundays 18th 2014

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Comment by Martin L. Church on October 12, 2014 at 11:24pm

Yep - Morning Star, you are on target and I agree wholeheartedly, Since my first encounter on this subject in 2005, I have been searching for a way to get these so-called leaders off their butts and do something constructive. My opinion, we need to get those that write or approve article in the many publications that vets get to approach the problem and use their "Influence" to get the word out to appeal to the vets that their participation in vital to America. But it seems that corruption and/or self gratification of them dominates their thinking, with absolutely NO regard for the membership that are paying their dues. In reality they use these organizations for self promoting, instead of the real mission, to protect the rights of veterans. They use the age old tactic of divide and conquer, the same tactic that our career professional politicians have been using for years. They will throw out a few crumbs on many issues hoping to get the veterans to think that they are doing something constructive for them, but in the long run, they are just using the organization to promote themselves and/or who will pay them the most for their endorsements.  Veterans must wake up and smell the coffee. If they fail to do so, then may God help us all. Veterans have the numbers, IF ONLY they will get together for the common good of Veterans. One man's opinion - MINE!

Comment by Morning Star on October 12, 2014 at 11:04pm

Martin Church:  Ditto! 

I really am at a loss for what to do, if there is anything to get the Vets off their butts and get involved in the voting process.  

I understand, from experience, how frustrating it is trying to get your message across with some of the Veterans' groups, especially if it does not jive with their political agendas, which are not always Veterans agendas. 

Actually, I have found that being a 'life member' of a few organizations is like having a membership with a Labor Union.  They want your time, attention, money and for you to be available as a "token poster child" especially around the election seasons.  Even after I paid 'life membership fees", I still get pumped and prodded for more money. 

I used to be on the 'lecture circuit' until there were attempts to edit and restrict the content matter of my lectures.  There was always a 'better way' - 'their way and content'.  Then there were attempts to time-script (hours:minutes:seconds - 00:15:00) my lectures which meant interrupting me on certain topics at certain times of my lectures - to run out the clock or change the subject. 

No thanks for me, no more lecture circuits for me. 

I pray everyday on how the Lord wants me to serve Him. 

Comment by Martin L. Church on October 12, 2014 at 3:23pm

Thanks Marvin - Yep, the apathy runs rampart in all areas of society. A friend and I were campaigning in 2005 and were attending one of the Veterans organizations at the request of one of the leaders to give our pitch. My friend was introduced first and before he could get to the front of the room, one of the members jumped up and said, we can not have political speeches in our building and etc. The state commander was present and they determined that that only applied during their regular business meetings. We proceeded with our presentations. This just shows the apathy that prevails among vets. Most can not see the forest for all the trees, in other words they are not able to distinguish facts from BS or would rather to believe the BS, because it may sound good or it is what they want to hear - Empty Promises from lying politicians. A wise governor once said, "The decisions that control this country are made in the political arena and that is where his hat will be." To bad the 25 million vets across America can not see this, if they could wake up to this fact, the Vets of America would be able to elect most anyone in any state they wished. On second thought - If they could get always from the "BAR" long enough to clear their minds, maybe - Just Maybe - this might be the way to get them energized to take part in the selection of America's leaders. Secondly, the Vet Organizations have publications that could be used to help get their members involved, but too often the leaders won't allow any thing political to appear in their publications. I am not referring to pushing any candidate, but merely saying they can use these publications to get their members informed to "Register to Vote" and take part in one of our few remaining ways of selecting our elected officials. We all hear every lame excuse under the sun as to why they won't use every tool at their disposal to energize their membership. So until they overcome this fear of politicians - they will always be "Political Prisoners" at their very own choosing. They need to take the attitude of "We CAN DO IT" and We Have The Right To DO IT." 

Comment by Marvin Brunswick on October 12, 2014 at 5:22am

Referencing comment by Mr. Church,

This is my 5th year at local Legion. Large membership,

I usually attend monthly meeting, am often living with friend

in S PA. So have not helped out alot. Nonsmoker.

Also was Scout Leader until April, 24 yrs,

taught Swimming to Scouts 20 yrs at local College Pool.

Back on subject.

Large membership, heard have to phone if still around.

800+ members, between only 20 to 30 turn up at monthly meeting???

Some of the program doesn't pertain to me, but still the salutes to Flag,

MIA/DIA(?), Creed, etc.

But always "Belly up to the Bar". (don't any get stopped for DUI?, I was stopped

once, warning, cut back)

Comment by Martin L. Church on October 11, 2014 at 11:22pm

Excellent thought "Morning Star", but I quickly learned that lesson back in 2005 when I ran for the US Senate against Feinstein. We have about 2 to 3 million veterans in California and I was looking for them as my main line of support. During my campaigning, I zeroed in on the many veteran groups. I got the same replies as you stated in your comments. I found that vets will Bitch and Bitch and Bitch some more about any issue that impacts their issue, but with all the Bitching they will not even turn a finger to get a resolution to their issue, at least most won't. If these vets would have voted for me, they could have had a strong voice in congress. So the BIG question still remains - "How do we energize the est 25 million vets across America to look at the destruction of America, that is crumbing up around their boots, and get them to come to LIFE and protect what they have fought for? My guess is that most of them will go to their graves BITCHING without asking themselves what can I do to help save the country I fought for? It seems they fell into that category of "ENTITLEMENT" feeling as we see so many that think the government is supposed to take care of ME from cradle to grave. All I can add to this - Is may God forgive them and have mercy when they stand before the King of all Kings on that judgement day. I have been looking for a way to energize the millions of American vets - but to date all I can hear from many of them is what you and I have already stated.

Comment by Morning Star on October 11, 2014 at 2:01am

I've been trying to arrange transportation with other Veterans to vote this November and I've become so overwhelmingly saddened at the number of people I've spoken to recently who are NOT going to vote in the mid-term election in Montgomery County, Maryland.  

They either say "they ONLY vote in the Presidential election" and/or that the mid-term elections are "already bought and decided upon ... and it's a waste of time to go and vote". 

There's got to be a way to convince people into realizing that the mid-term  elections are important, now more than ever.  Although I have to admit, I don't want to vote for anyone running for office. 

This has to be more than just a 'team sport' in the minds of the people of Montgomery County.  

What am I missing?  What can I do  - other than clock the snot out of the next person who wants to 'pet me' on the back and tell me that my patriotism is so cute? 


Comment by Johnny990 on October 8, 2014 at 1:46pm
Still fighting, been beat up some by Maryland finest< again>. But no pain no gain thank you for standing for our God given rights. Johnny
Comment by Morning Star on October 7, 2014 at 10:00pm

Actually, I did defend my right to wear the t-shirt (on the back of my wheelchair) and then I voted... it was not pleasant by any means.  My t-shirt read: "Native American Veterans Association".   I argued that my t-shirt was not a "political message", and that unfortunately there were not any Native Americans or Veterans on the ballot.   They did not like my statement. 

Furthermore, because of gerrymandering, it was a new voting precinct location several miles away and no 'public transportation' access -- I had to take a taxi, the meter was running - that 'trip' cost me $50.00.  I told them that I had no intention of hanging around after I voted.  

U.S. Election Boards Will Be Enforcing Rules Against Passive Electioneering On Election Day 2008:  

Maryland Voter's Guide:  

Will Dress Code Affect Your Right To Vote?   

Comment by United Support Alliance on October 7, 2014 at 6:13am

I don't know of any law in the United States of America that requires a dress code at a polling place. As long as you're not displaying any campaign message you can wear anything you want. Freedom of speech is our First Amendment Right. Stand up for your rights and let them arrest you... that would make a good news paper article for people to read!

We can not afford to continually surrender to intimidation and bullying. 

As long as we surrender and never take a stand... we're the problem by allowing them to do this!

Educate yourself and know your rights!!

Comment by Morning Star on October 6, 2014 at 11:07pm

Maryland - 2014 Election Information:

November 4, 2014    7am - 8pm 

I really wish that I could participate as an election judge, however I could not physically endure the long hours.   This would be a good way to monitor the election precinct activity from the inside.  

I felt so ripped-off the last few elections, I seriously doubt that my votes were counted.  

During the Presidential election, I was not allowed to put my voting disc into "The Ballot Box" ... instead, there were several and smaller tissue boxes that I had a "choice of" to put my disc into.   When I objected to the tissue box ballot placement -- I was threatened that Security could immediately show me out...  and that 'veterans' t-shirts in the precinct violated the law...  blah, blah, blah. 


Become An Election Judge - Earn Extra Money:  

Maryland Democratic Party:          

Maryland Republican Party:     

Libertarian Party of Maryland:   

Maryland Green Party:  



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