Constitutional Emergency


On May 16th, 2014 a movement began to reclaim our nation.  OAS, Operation American Spring, is a peaceful plan to return America to We the People.  I cannot explain it well enough to do it justice. is the facebook page for it, and there are other links there as well.  Please go there and look into this plan, and join if you can.


I am not writing to expound on this movement.  I want you to investigate it yourself and come to your own conclusions.   I am writing to explain what I experienced when I was there on that first day.  I thought I was ready for anything.  After all I had been to tea party rallies in Ohio, had marched around my Statehouse, alone with 16 signs, for hours and have posted all kinds of things on facebook and many patriot sites.  I had tried to get protests together and know well how difficult it can be without a microphone or TV show to advertise it.  My respect for this chance to STAND against those who want to destroy our free nation was overwhelming.  I felt led to join.


I had heard there was bad press about this movement.  Glenn Beck warned people to stay away calling it a “dark movement”.  Friends and family I told about it were negative and fearful about my going.  There were rumors of violence before it began.  I had read the information given by Col. Riley, the founder of this, and knew it is a God driven, nation loving call to reform.  I was wary of possible trouble, but was not fearful.


I traveled through driving rain, having to wait in a 2 hour traffic jam due to an accident, but still was not deterred.  I met up with friends who are savvy to the ways of D.C. and was determined to finally go to my Nation’s Capital and STAND for the return to freedom that I have watched slip away. I was not at all prepared for what I was met with.


 I knew D.C. was a different animal, but had no idea it was such a rare species.  We took the Metro into D.C. and sadly were the only ones on the train dressed in red white and blue.  It was a quiet ride in a Metro car with strangers.  My friend told me stories of patriots filling the cars talking and excited about meeting up in D.C. at the early rallies years ago.  I was sad I had missed that. 


Once we finally got into D.C. and got off the train, we saw our first fellow patriots, decked out in their patriotic attire and I felt more at home.  We saw some Gadson flags at the Washington Monument and walked toward them.  I noticed the police on horseback, a few police cars and some officers standing around, but while a bit put off by it, was not afraid … yet.  I had been told there were cameras everywhere, and being from a small town was not used to that idea, but understood it was the way things are in the big city, whether I like it or not.  I understood everything I did there that day would be known by our government. 


We got to the Monument just in time for the group of many hundred to begin a march.  There was chanting being led by folks with bullhorns.  Shouts of “Impeach Obama!”  Arrest Obama!” rang out.  My heart began to pound as all the warnings whirled through my mind.  I felt swept away with the crowd and was relieved when we stopped at a meet up point on the mall to regroup.  I had felt my first pangs of fear, but knew bravery was not lack of fear, but rather carrying on in the face of it.  At this place there were rallying speeches and the crowd grew to about 1000 patriots.


There was then a call to march to the Capitol Building.  We were on the move, blocking traffic, the first couple of streets on our own, then with the help of the Capital police.  That was a relief to me, I thought they respected we are within our rights and wanted to keep everyone safe.  My fears began to drain away and I freely shouted with the rest of the group.  Then we got to the point of across the street from the building and were met with barricades and a line of officers telling us we could go no further.  The first small group of protesters moved a barricade and continued across the street.  The police replaced the block and again told the rest of us we had to stop.  I saw another group go through without issue and when I was close enough went on through a new opening with my friend.  I was more than scared, my heart was in my throat, and it got heightened when she stopped and began taking pictures of the cops.  I understood it was her right to take the pics, I understood it was our right to walk across the street.  My fear came from not being sure the officers understood.


I looked back at the group still blocked from freely crossing the street.  I am not sure if it was my look being reflected in their faces, or if the huge eyes staring at us from some in the group were their own fear of going against authority.  Finally the barricades were moved by the group and we all crossed the street on our way to Our Capital Building.  We were all uplifted by a group of school children who cheered us on, while their adult chaperones stood quietly by them.


We got close to the building, the steps were barricaded and the group did not try to push past them.  We were close enough for those inside to know we were there and that was good enough.  We gathered together and I was honored to be a part of this movement.  The slap in the face hit when we looked at the balcony outside the rotunda.  There were elitists there pointing, laughing and taking selfies with us as the background.  They stood stories above us on top of their ivory tower, protected by 40 officers on the steps to their tower and many more on all other sides of us, and snipers on the roof.  We were unarmed patriots demanding our Nation back, and these protected fools considered us nothing more than entertainment.  It infuriated me!  How dare they mock what we are called to do for the good of the entire nation?


The group did not back down.  We called them to come down to hand us their resignations.  We shouted, chanted, sang and prayed.  We made a noise and were glad to be there, and excited for the nation to see it all through the live feeds set up by the group as well as the D.C. cams everywhere.  This is the start to something big!  This is how Americans take back control from an over-reaching government.  This group is not leaving until something changes!  What an uplifting start!!


My friend and I returned to her home wanting to hear how it looked to those watching.  We walked in tired, stressed, infuriated and uplifted.  We had stories to tell for hours.  We asked how it all played out on the feeds?   We found out as soon as we came to the barricades at the street in front of the Capital Building all feeds went black.  I was angry.  How dare they stop the message from getting out!  How dare they stop the group’s feed!  What were they afraid of?  Did they want to hide the police intimidation?  Did they want to hide the fact that we went on through?  Or were they protecting the elitists on the balcony making fools of themselves?  HOW DARE THEY!?


So much was made clear to me.  D.C. does NOT belong to the people.  The media will never support anyone not towing the line of the administration.  Blacking out all information coming from the city showed the power over the internet they have already taken.  The clowns running the Nation are insulated from the concerns of We the People.  There will not be any easy or quick solution to the over-reaching government control of everything we are “allowed” to know.


So what do we do from here?  I have been pondering this since I got home.  I am thrilled the OAS movement has continued to grow! I pray it continues and more people get involved.  I want this story to wake up those who are waiting to see how it progresses before they become part of this.  I still think Col. Riley has a great idea.   The only way it will work though, is for We the People to be boots on the ground and STAND!  Remember, United we Stand …. divided we fall.  Will you be part of the solution?  Or will you continue to make excuses and sit on the sidelines, being part of the problem?  There are more ways than going to D.C. for those who can’t afford it.  Contact the media!! Demand coverage!  Like and SHARE any news you find about this on social media.  Talk to friends and family explaining the need for action now.  We can no longer wait for someone else to do something.  We can no longer live in fear of repercussions from our government.  We the People must make some noise and take some risks to preserve what our forefathers fought for.  We must also all Pray!  Every day at 7pm we need to stop what we are doing and ask God for His forgiveness, protection and help.  In God all things are possible.  If you can make it to D.C. any time any day GO!!!  Numbers are needed to be heard over the din of the media silence.

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Appreciate the report!

Sandra, Thank you for going forth to DC on the 16th. Without Patriots overcoming their fears and going forth anyway this really would have been the fizzle that Glenn Beck and other in the media reported. We, who couldn't go, watched excitedly for the live feeds to help us know how you were doing. I had an entire page of links where we'd been promised our Movement would be covered. Due to my daily therapy, I too was late getting to the site, and totally disappointed that there were only a few clips by Chaplain Wiley Drake and Pastor Bland. All other sites were simply not working. I came to chat and got links to personal uploads and the fact we all had expected our sites to be taken down.

On the 17th someone on chat gave me a link to Mark Connors ustream channel where at least people from DC could call in with verbal reports. I've listened to Mark's broadcast since with Pastor Bland occasionally giving him some live feed, and him reaching Col Riley or Deb from PR for a current update. Mark Connors ustream channel covers OAS (The news that Mark is planning an OAS Freedom Jam on the 4th of July to raise money to get the Col Bandwidth to get Live Feed up again, and to help with whatever else the Col feels the need for is very helpful. Unfortunately the donations aren't coming in for him to take the rolling stage and broadcast bus back to DC so it looks like it'll have to be held in San Diego on his lot instead.)

I do find Pastor Bland's videos of this week where the faithful few tell that hearts and minds of the locals in DC are changing as they continue to meet, pray and share their food with anyone who needs it. It's a very helpful video to show that God's plan was even better than what we'd planned. Watch this and the other videos on his site and you'll feel encouraged. Even Sec. Guard at Fed Reserve Supports

Bev Grau
Ohio OAS Assist Leader
The Perfect Storm is when Evil looks God in the Eye, Shakes its fist and says, “Nothing can stop me now!” He that sitteth in the Heavens shall laugh; The Lord will have them in Derision. Psalm 2:4 KJV

Thanks for the links Beverly!  God Bless everyone involved with OAS.



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