Is there anyone taking the train to DC on May 16 from SE PA or NE MD? I would like to meet up with someone if possible. I dont want to be walking in D C alone and would like to meet a few people before I get there that I could give my personal info to...........just in case?

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Where are you located Joanne? I live in Somerset, Pa and I am going to be driving down to a campground and traveling in on the metro. I will need a buddy to so if we are close enough maybe we could meet.

Hi Ruth .. I too would love to go to OAS !  I live approx. 20mi. S.E. of Pgh. Which would be the Irwin Exit 7 on the Pa Turnpike.  I think you may be going right past me, if you're taking the Turnpike.     I don't have "any" camping gear, but, could possibly get some by May 16th. I also don't know "anything" about the d.c. cesspool area. Or anything about the metro. Could you give me some idea as to how much all of this will cost each of us, to share gas, camping, metro, etc?

Also, Do you know how long you'd be staying ? 


Hi Cindy, Pa OAS got a camp site at Fairfax County Campground in Virginia. The cost is $15 dollars a day. They have the camp site for 13 days I believe. I was going to determine how long I stay by the number of people who show up. I'll probably be staying for the 13 days but I'm really playing it by ear.. I am in the Somerset area so I would be East of you so I would not be going past you but your welcome to come up to my house and go with me. I was planning to stay in my van rather then a tent for more security. I'm going to remove the seats from it so I can throw a sleeping bag down and sleep in it plus keep my supplies in it so I can just lock it up when I leave. The metro costs about $2.10 to ride so that would be $4.20 a day. And I really don't know what it's going to cost for gas. I have went to DC before but I always took a bus. I would be glad to have you go to buddy with. Leave me know if there's anything else you need to know.   Ruth

Hi Ruth .. There's no way I can take 13 days off from my responsibilities to go to OAS. It would be more like 3 days Max - Friday through Monday.  So I started thinking about other avenues to get there. I checked into taking a bus to meet you in Somerset or taking a Bus or Train to the "Big Cesspool" itself. I've also checked out hotel rooms which are running around $168 minimum per night on the Low end.  Also, the Fairfax Campgrounds !  Just for Tent Space alone comes out to $28 per night. (3 x $28.00 = $84.00). Not to mention Supplies, Metro or Any other miscellaneous expenses. Financially, I just don't see how I can swing it without finding a Local Buddy to go with me.  I've asked just about everybody I know and None are going. "NOT ONE" ... which is Very Disheartening !

I guess I'll just have to keep looking and see If somebody else or something else comes up "Before" then. Thanks for your offer, but, it's just not feasible for me at this time. Perhaps, I'll see you there .. If Not ..  Stay Safe & remember the "Grapes of Wrath" and to keep the campground perimeter "Guarded" at "All" times.


  Cindy       I know it is a expense and a lot of people are going to find it hard to do. I started getting things a couple month ago so it didn't cost so much all at once. And I really have a lot of responsibilities to. I have animals and kids but I know how important this is for my kids and grandkids so I decided for me there was nothing more important than to take a stand. I'm sorry it can't work out for you. Did you check with some of the tea parties over in your area. There may be some of them that take a bus down for the day. Hope you can find a way and hope to see you there. God bless.

Southeast PA.

Hi Joanne were are you located?

SE PA...near US 95 in MD.

Are you planning to go to DC?

Hi Joanne .. I just replied to Ruth who is going down from Somerset. I think she's going right past me. If we could All three hook up not only would it be Safer, but, Cheaper as well.  "EVERY" person who can get there, has to at least "TRY".  These military men need everybody they can get.

I live in southeast PA..not far from US95 in MD.

what were your plans for going to DC?



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