Is there anyone taking the train to DC on May 16 from SE PA or NE MD? I would like to meet up with someone if possible. I dont want to be walking in D C alone and would like to meet a few people before I get there that I could give my personal info to...........just in case?

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I would like to stay for at least a few days...not sure yet.Have no plans about where I'm staying. I don't want to arrive in DC alone. Not too orgaized!

But I have planned on going g since OAS started and was going to take train but havent received any responses from anyone about that.

I am planning to go down May 15th and coming home on the 22nd. There is a park near DC  that only cost $16 dollars a night. I was going to stay in my van if I was alone but if I found someone to buddy with we could get a tent. I think there is 6 people allowed on each site. So if you wanted to we could share expenses. It's up to you.

I could pick you up if you need a ride.

If you can't stay that long then you could get a ride down and stay with me at the camp site the days your there. The only other thing you would need is some food and your metro pass.

sorry Ruth. I couldnt get to a place to respond. something stopped letting me. Anyway that would be awesome! I may be able to stay those days, if not I could always catch a train back. I will go to Walmart today to check out what they have related to camping. thank you so much!

I hope it works out for you I don't really want to go by myself. I could probably get a tent or if its just the two of us we could probably stay in the back of my van if you don't mine it a little tight. The least we need to spend the better. I got a sleeping bag and some pads for the ground. The only other expense is the metro pass and food and water. That I know of.

all sounds good to me. Do you live close to 95? I am off all those days so I might stay and I am willing to share all expenses including gas. Like I said . if I decide I want to leave a little earlier I will just take the train back to PA or Md. Thanks. I will get back to you on the tent. I saw on one of the sites you can get a cot with an attached tent over it. I dont know what size it would be folded up. I want to check on that.if all sounds good to you I would be really really glad to go with you.

Great Joanne! Here is my plan.  I plan on leaving on the 15th and  going to greenbelt park. I tried to make reservations but it's walk-ins so hopefully there will be room till we get there. I plan on leaving early enough so I can take my time. I live in Berlin Pa I don't really know where 95 is but I have a GPS so if you give me your address hopefully I will be able to find you. Then we will leave from there and go to the park. I ordered a smart card for the metro but I haven't got it yet. That seemed to be the best way to go. I was going to stay in my van for security reasons, But that will depend on what you plan to do. According to the park information it sounds like the metro is close so there will not be a lot of travel to get to it. Just parking. But it sounds like you can walk to it to. And with you there we may be able to do that. So we could save on parking depending on distance and all. I was just going to stay for the weekend but my schedule for may adds a couple more days to my time. So I plan on leaving early on the 22nd. It all sounds good to me if my plans sound good to you. You can leave when you like.

Ruth my # is 610-563-6104 and I am on FB if you want to commu icate That way also.There also is someone who still has space at their campsite. I wouldn't mind sleeping in the front seat of your van if it reclines a little. If thats ok with you.

Joanne I will call you tomorrow if that is ok. If you can give me a time to call. That would be good. I don't know what you are saying about someone who has a spot at there camp site. Which camp? And as far as the van I am pulling the back seats out so we could be able to put are bags in there and lay. But if you want to sleep on the front seat that is ok too. I just thought the van would give the needed protection because we can lock the doors and also have protection from the weather if it rains. I'll give you a call tomorrow when I will have more time to chat.

Try anytime Ruth.



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