Constitutional Emergency

Posted By McQ • [May 14, 2012]

And unsurprisingly, our great friend Concrete Bob is up to his armpits involved in it.  Here, let me have him tell you about it:

"Another day in Paradise. Every meal's a banquet, every paycheck's a fortune and every formation is a parade"

Next Saturday, 19 May in Richmond VA there is going to be a parade to welcome home the Iraq and Afghan vets and salute them for their service and sacrifice. I realize we still have troops downrange, and they are likely to stay awhile yet, but its time to do this thing. We tried a few years back, couldn't get anything going. Hard to get funding sometimes. But this time, with the help of the Welcome Home Foundation, the Richmond Times Dispatch, and hundreds of volunteers, the parade is going to happen and we are going to pawwwwtay.

In conjunction with the parade, we are going to set up a Veterans Resource Village on the grounds of The Carillon, Richmond's WWI Memorial. There will be Veterans Service Organizations, (including our very own Cooking with the Troops), Wounded Warrior Project will be on hand, veterans agencies from the state and federal government and a few companies and groups looking to hire veterans, including Wal-Mart Transportation, the largest employer of veterans in the country, and Dupont Spruance Plant will be on hand to talk to vets about opportunities working for the maker of Kevlar and Nomex, two products our military depend upon every day to keep them safe.

McGuire,Woods LLP will have some legal foks on hand to assist vets with any legal issues they may have, and they stepped up big time for this one.  Capitol One will have a booth to talk to vets about financial issues and do some recruiting. (full disclosure-both of my children work for CapOne, and you could do a lot worse. They love it.) Dept of Motor Vehicles will have their mobile outreach van onsite, along the Veterans Outreach Center van, AUSA Mobile Blood Donation van, and the Hunter-Holmes McGuire VA Hospital van.

I have to give props to a lot of folks who have donated to this effort. City Ice Co, down in Chester, VA is giving us ice to keep the water cold we got from Virginia Artesian Water, Co over in Mechanicsville, VA. Both of these local companies support our military and veterans and we need to return the favor. Thank you Mark from City Ice and Nancy from VA Artesian. Haley Buick GMC is providing tents and transporting veterans for us. Commonwealth Events and PartyPerfect worked with us on getting the rest of the tents and the tables and chairs.

This is just a partial list of the folks who have stepped up for our veterans and we thank them. Its never too late to donate of course, and we will accept most anyone who wants to volunteer to help.

If you can help, give Bob a call or send him an email.  Even if  you can’t but are going to be in the Richmond area, make it to the parade and give these fine men and women the welcome home they deserve.  This administration may not do it, but there’s no reason why we can’t.


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