Constitutional Emergency

What are your thoughts about putting together some rally's here in WV during the months of March and April leading up to OAS?

HQ is asking us to do anything to get the word out, hold rally's, post flyers and spread the word on the internet. I was thinking that at least one rally in each of the five major state regions would help. (Morgantown, Huntington, Charleston, Beckley and Bluefield) Each on a different weekend and then another in Charleston on May 16th for those who can't get to DC.

We would need coordinators and volunteers who live in these areas to promote them.

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My wife and I are planning on being in DC for as long as 2 old people can stand!! SEMPER FI

I am planning on going to DC will have to take the mark train and commute daily but will still be there also was speaking with a friend of mine yesterday and he and his wife are planning to do the same. I understand that it is a long haul from the southern and western parts of the state but I believe our best chance at making an impact is by showing up in DC. If we can get enough people from a crossed the nation to show up we could latterly shut that city down and that just might wake a few of our elected carpet baggers . Just my opinion.

Hi Lee Need to know more about this train your talking about???????

Are we as West Virginians  going to gather as a group in DC ?.  If so where ?  I assume the gathering as a whole will be on the mall. Somebody clue me in as my eyes where out after a few paragraphs.

I think we should Lee but, whose going and whats the deal with the train???? Maybe we could all ride the train???

Thought I sent you this so will post it hear'

There is a MARC commuter train the runs from Martinsburg, WV to DC and back each working day. You would be looking for Brunswick Line see sites below.  Thee is also an Amtrak train that used to run on weekends I will have to do some Checking on that one. as the Marc trains  only run on weekdays.

The week end Amtrak from what I can see only goes to DC so that is not much help.. At this point in time I can only go on Friday then head back down Monday through the duration on a daily basis . I have some dog setting issues that I need to work out before I can commit to staying for the duration but still have two months to work that out so that may change. Think you might be on to a good idea if those in the farther ends of the state could maybe carpool the Mark train might be an option.  Lee

Thanks Lee I will check it out ASAP and get back to you!!  SEMPER FI

A few more options there is a camp ground in Harpers Ferry and  the MARK train also stops in Harpers Ferry. Also there is camping along the C&O canal on the Maryland side. Distance wise it is between Sheapeardstown WV and Harpers Ferry WV on the Maryland side of the Potomac river much less expensive but less amenities. And a fairly short drive to the Harpers Ferry Train station. If you could get a group together  could possibly get reduced rates, Just food for thought.

Harpers Ferry Campground

River Riders Inc

408 Alstadts Hill Rd

Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

800 326 7238

304 535 2663



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