Our collective families made 4 trips to Dc last year.

  • DC Jobs March
  • 2 Million Bikers to DC
  • Million Vet March
  • Reclaim America Now

We even sent convoys on the highways up to the 85/90 split in VA to support Truckers To Shutdown America. 

THIS event didn't even alter our course towards destruction ----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbvR7eZ4dL8

As the CO for Preppers and Patriots (CO = Community Organizer... qualifies me to be President - that is a joke by the way) I will be remaining in the State for OAS. We have directed all of our Land Owners who are preparing stategric Bug-Ins to remain as well.

Every group has their own Agenda... ours is to prepare for failure. Intel from our alllies including, but not limited to, OathKeepers, SOS, and DOD contacts suggest that even a successful showing will mean failure. When we combine Intel from the world with revelations found in our Bible... clearly our failure is what must occur to achieve what God has already laid in motion.

"Only the wise will understand... and live/escape."

"Pray that your flight does not occur on the Sabbath nor in winter." (Sabbath being Friday @ sunset until Saturday @ sunset.)

The Board Members in our separate Think Tanks wanted me to discourage ANY of our families from attending OAS. Time and resources spent last year could have been utilized to gather more equipment and complete several infastructure projects underway. That being said... I know several dozen Patriots who will be attending this (should the upcoming False Flag not be a discouragement.) Those of you who are leaving women, children, and Elders behind when traveling for OAS are welcomed to contact us should you desire a safe haven for your loved ones if TSHTF while you are gone. 

In addition, we have never accepted money, raised money, nor asked for money. So please leave any discussion of money out of the conversation.

http://www.shepherdsofppnc.org/ <--- My family runs this site. You will notice that it is incomplete and a little outdated. I have spent the majority of my time at rallies and meetings with those who are active beyond the keyboard. 

I do not proffess to know exactly what will happen... but I believe that when it occurs, the majority who thought they were awake and prepared will suddenly find out just how blinded and unprepared they were. And I pray that my family and those who stand with us do not fall in that catagory. 

You have members in this group who can testify to these facts:

  • We have several properties already having families assigned to
  • We have several allies providing Mobile Prepping Fleets including MKT's
  • We have machine shops near completion (w/ CNC capabilities)
  • We have never accepted a single penny in donations.

Those who have a short trip to Walnut Cove are welcome to contact me and arrange a meeting at our current location. God Bless you all and our prayers will be with you.

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Hello Lewis,

Welcome to our group :) I'm just a hop, skip & jump from the Cove...when  where is the meeting ?


Sent you message. You let us know when the time is good for you. You will be coming out to our house for meet. God Bless.

I live in Brevard area and have been preparing for the last year! all help and advice is greatly appreciated!

Sent you message. Help and advice available. God Bless.

Hi Dantamir, I'm sure if you attend the Meet & Greet on March 7th in Stoneville you will be able to put all of you hard preparation work to good use ;)


I'm sorry that The Board Members in your separate Think Tanks wanted you to discourage ANY of your families from attending OAS. Now could you give me a good reason why?

You will not endorse our cause but are willing to endorse yours on are group. Hmm... Do you think that's a little fare? 

I do thank you for offering to protect our loved one while we are off fighting Americans Rights To Be Free. OAS

I Do wish that you and your families would think again about this. 


   Preppers and Patriots is the Unity of both Prepper... and Patriot. Our Patriots are on the Political side. Our Preppers see no Political Resolution and focus on Building a Safety Net for those who will choose God before Government. It is one thing to threaten some action you may or may not take... it is another thing to be actually prepared to carry out your threat. 

   The Board was concerned in regards to an certain movements within Government Agencies and even Global Conflicts. We are awaiting credible information to amplify the whispers coming from the shadows. It is up to the Families for themselves in this matter.

   I attend on all functions possible on both sides of the spectrum. My belief is that the Patriots who are going would appreciate access to Freedom Shelters for their loved ones while they were gone. To meet with us and prepare a route to safe places should either the whispers be true, or the Government outright declare Martial Law. Prayer warriors are being left behind... my family joins them. Our Land Owners preparing shelters will remain or have their areas stationed while gone.

You will not endorse our cause but are willing to endorse yours on are group. Hmm... Do you think that's a little fare? " Nowhere did I write that. We have endorsed every single group who made the trips to DC last year. Photos and Images are there for you... will upload more later.  We support OAS and Retweet every mention of it plus links to this website. I have a page currently in design phase for our website to promote and Images for a massive ad Campaign on Twitter. We suggest you contact @PJStrikeForce for assistance with the Prayer Warriors.


   This is my family. We are willing to meet anyone in this State who believe that we have a Right to stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom. They are my world... and understand that were it not for them, I would be an enemy. God Blessed me with something to care about besides myself. Those with Families understand the resolve one contains within regarding their happiness and safety. I do not want one Patriot who may end up being caught off guard to worry about those they love. I want them to be able to completely focus on the task at hand so they may have the possibility of seeing the ones they are fighting for. I do not want to see women, children, and our Elders suffer through chaos. Strength comes in numbers prepared through thoughtful measures and deep considerations.

   I do not believe success could be achieved without outright noncompliance which would in fact lead to bloodshed. I hope I am proved wrong... and fight alongside my Patriots in the Political Arena because I believe in them and the cause. I simply prepare for a different outcome which is also in their benefit. 

   I hope this will clear some misconfusion. I assure you that our Agenda directly supports your objective if you would only consider the possibilty of the System being too far corrupted and The People as a whole... soon to be  completely indoctrinated with total dependence as shackles upon their feet.

   God Bless you Sir and feel free to PM or ask any questions you may have.

Lewis Arthur

Apologize for typos



I'm the one that needs to apologize,  I have been dealing with a lot of trolls here lately. OAS is a non-violent action. Any weapons is forbidden and will not be tolerated. This may be our nations last hope to resolve things peacefully and I'm glad that you and your family will help my family if need be. It is my God, Family, and my Nation, in that order that I am doing this. Sir I respect what you are doing and know that we will become good friends. 

I would like to visit one day.

God Bless you and your lovely family


   I truly appreciate your reply. My first response replying to your comment was going to be aggressive. However, I have made that mistake in the past and God has been pounding humility into me. I understand the frustration you and every other Patriot out there must overcome. I share in it. 

   The American People are being assaulted on multiple fronts. We are a divided Nation on the brink of destroying itself... with a runaway criminal Government preparing to enslave what is left. Neighbor will soon kill neighbor on a mass scale in the name of survival. We want North Carolina to be a safe place and have a plan to deal with the threats looming. 

   My personal opinion is that America has become programmed to ignore the obvious. Society is a fantasy world reinforced through Television where even the media willing spreads propaganda to distract and divided. I will not shrink in terror from the threat coming. There IS a God and I will kneel before Him... not men who pretend to be God. My four year old will inherit our collective failures. I will prepare her and she will stand with those who are prepared likewise.

   There are Government (tax-payer funded) trolls in every Social site and gathering place where Liberty Lovers and God-Fearing Patriots dwell. They are on THIS site. I am well aware of the program, methods taught, and implementation. Your frustration is understandable because you would much rather be focused on what matters most... making OAS a success. Making North Carolina's showing one of the BEST. 

   We will help where we can. I will be having some of our Shepherds requesting Membership to help where possible as well. It is crucial for face to face meetings with my family for those who would like to become involved wiith the Freedom Shelters. Our current location is Walnut Cove and our home is open. And He has Blessed us. We have to put FAMILY back into the Community. People are more comfortable connecting through technology than through contact. 

   Anyway, appreciate all you do again. Godspeed.




Thank you, I look forward to working arm and arm with your Shepherds and you. I will be asking for advise from time to time.

Both of us have a lot in common. 

God Bless my new friend,



Hopefully you will attend the Meet & Greet coming up in Stoneville.

Lewis, The Meet & Greet info Larry has already posted here. Should you need any more info feel free to contact Hellen Bach. U_NON@yahoo.com



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