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Scroll all the way down......

This will go to the following congressional recipients:

Representative Elmers

Rep. Renee Elmers (R- NC) has been a steadfast supporter of giving work permits and legal status to illegal aliens -- something she does not call "amnesty," but something that every definition of the word describes as anmesty.  While on Laura Ingraham's radio show, Rep. Ellmers maintained that illegal alien workers are needed because they simply aren't enough workers to fill available jobs. What Rep. Ellmers fails to mention is that unscrupulous businesses would rather pay illegal aliens a substandard wage instead of paying American workers and legal immigrants a living wage. Rep. Ellmers maintains that there simply aren't enough employees to fill all available position

This goes into direct contrast to a recent tweet by Rep. Ellmers:

Here's the letter over there:

Representative Renee Ellmers
U.S. House of Representatives, 426 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative Ellmers:

It's very disappointing that you have decided to stick up for big businesses that want to hire illegal labor instead of paying American wages a living wage. Your appearance on the Laura Ingraham Show proves as much.

You told Laura Ingraham that you don't support an amnesty. But, you also told Miss Ingraham that you support giving work permits and legal status to illegal aliens. Every definition of the word "amnesty" defines what you just described.

For instance, the American Lawyer Media - Legal Dictionary defines an amnesty as "the action of a government by which all persons or certain groups of persons who have committed a criminal offense are granted immunity from prosecution." Please tell me how legalizing illegal aliens and giving them work permits isn't an amnesty. Even you they are made to pay a paltry fine and learn English, they are still able to stay here and take U.S. jobs, which is why they broke the law to come here in the first place.

The immigration reform you support is an amnesty, plain and simple. If E-Verify isn't mandated, the border isn't secured, and a biometric entry/exit system isn't put in place before illegal aliens are given any benefits, another amnesty will surely be needed years down the road.

Sorely disappointed


Tish Huss

P.S. P.S. Could've sworn it was you who said 63% labor participation was unacceptable... but that doesn't get you corporate campaign contributions, eh???



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Do you want the politicians in this country to think I'm a trouble maker or something? LOL

Fax sent

For God and Country


lol!  Well............. I did this in EARLY '08!!!  That'll put ya on a list in a hurry!lol

That is a great video Tish. I can see that I'm with the right bunch here.

Amazing what gurgles up when you're outraged... but that perpetual state of outrage is taking its toll.



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