Event: North Carolina Operation American Spring Meet & Greet

Date: Saturday March 8, 2014

Time: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

We MUST get better organized & what better way than in person face to face over some grub..? We can toss around some ideas, exchange info , get specific people to commit to tasks that we need etc.

Hellen Bach our XO has made an offer to Host a few meetings for All our fellow NC Eagles/Patriots, At her home in Stoneville, NC... it is private and good sized. She will offer snacks & refreshments unless anyone is interested in a pot luck, buffet. Possibly.

If you plan to attend please email Hellen or me, we will send you directions to her house:

Larry D. McParland



Hellen Bach


IMPORTANT NOTE: It is preferable that you do *NOT bring cell phone of any kind. If you do feel that you MUST have it please disable GPS feature before coming .Also upon arrival please remove cell phone batty & leave cell & batty in your vehicle. Cell phones will not be allowed in the meeting or in/ on meeting property.

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We have a prior commitment for this Saturday in Vance County. Would like to get together at some point though. Let us know of any suggestions. 


Will March 15 work for you, I can make the trip up your way if that's all right with you I only live in Alamance County.

Sounds good. Will work out details and bring other Families in. There is another possible meeting location down of 87 (near a protest/awareness site I use.) For now just plan to come to Walnut Cove.

Works for me, keep in touch.

Well if ya'll are gonna plan your own meetings..there won't be much need or use for another one.


Before you get all blown out of shape, as state leader part of my duties is to meet with different groups to get them to join. We can use Lewis"s support in this. I will meet with anyone that asks to meet. Please do not get upset about this. I meet with several people and groups on a weekly basis.   

Not outta shape whatsoever, I agree 100% Larry. I't just seems rather counter productive to have what few commited members that we DO have..meeting seperately.

We are willing to meet with anyone who chooses Freedom over Tyranny. I am home most of the week as I homeschool my daughter so that opens up availabilty. Weekends we usually have various Families out to visit us. We prefer individual Families or small pockets of neighbors to begin with. Our home is open to those who want a conversation - and potential solutions. 

That being said... I hope everyone will continue focusing on what needs to get done for THIS movement... ours is here to lend support, nothing more. If our presence becomes divisive we will leave. 

We will be making simple message boards like shown below to help promote OAS via Twitter. (Page almost completed for our website as well.) Our Tweets will contain a direct link to this North Carolina Group and target our Patriots in NC. Using this link ---->  http://patriotsforamerica.ning.com/group/patriotsofnorthcarolina


In addition... any Patriot in NC who is part of the solution and support a cause Greater than themselves are welcomed to contact us. We are still a small voice... but collectively we can roar. 

We are open to any other suggestions... but our Target will remain NC... if we cannot secure our own State's Sovereignty, we will be unable to assist the rest of the Nation when the need arises. 

Stay focus on your objective... believe me when I write this; preparation exceeds in the shadows of our State. Godspeed.

Your presence will never be divisive. We welcome you with open arms as you have welcomed us with open arms. Looking forward to meeting you.

For God, Family and Country 

Any Patriots in Eastern, NC ????????????



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