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Harry's original thoughts are sound and we should stick to them. These are the ones I speak of.

1. No permits. - Meet up in groups of 25 .... if they all come together because of so many, we are guarenteed this right to assemble in the US Constitution. We assemble peaceably and boldly. Our rights come from God not a despot in DC.
The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the
United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights

2. No Fund-raising. There is a very good reason for this. Harry and I have never fund raised and thus never had to deal with handling monies nor being accused by someone discontented or IRS or any other corrupt gov. agency accusing us of wrong doing.
We can seek donations but in a way that we introduce the giver to the receiver and thus that bond is by two with no middle man in between. We did this on PFA for the March on DC in 2009 and it worked beautifully. It also built some lasting relationships because the giver and receiver got to know each other. The giver had very good and personal reasons why they wanted to give and the receiver the same. Those two shared between them that bond.

3. Veterans should take the lead in Security and also training up others in security mindedness. Everyone should be made aware of the real possible consequences of this action and how best to have their own and other Patriots backs while on this mission. You Veterans are trained for this. Use it and share your training.

4. Tents, camping
....where would these tents be? Without permits I think that would be a point of contention. Some of us and hopefully everyone will be contacting those living in DC, Maryland and Virginia and other close states for lodging help. Also remind Patriots to help out with funds for these homeowners. We don't want to drain gracious hosts who are willing to offer us lodging or a place to clean up, etc.

5. Weekend? This is a work for the completion. Some will stay maybe only for a weekend, but I hope all Americans realize they must sacrifice to restore our country. If most folks only come for a weekend then this is a wasted mission and will be incomplete when they return home.

6. We will NOT have have stages with "name brand" speakers. We will not be putting on a show. This is an actual mission. Bull horns will be very useful.

72 Hr. List for Op.

72 hour kit
Things to have on you at all times
A Battle Buddy. Go nowhere without your battle buddy and they go nowhere without you. GO NOWHERE WITHOUT YOUR BATTLE BUDDY!!! Do not tell your battle that you "will be right back". Take them with you. Battle, make sure you go with them. I mean this. Safety in numbers and redundant safety is critical. Make sure your battle knows anything about you that you would want a Dr. to know if you were in an accident and were unconscious. Like, where your medical health card is. Get to know each other. Keep in mind that things could go terribly wrong here. Plan for it.

Drivers license & Military ID or other. I strongly recommend you have at least 2 forms of identification and have that info also copied on paper in color at least 2 copies. Dog tags are great.
Medical health card. Meds, allergies, blood type, medical emergency contact person info etc. Keep the medical info in ziplock baggie with your copies of ID etc. This will protect it during rain or other and also keep it organized. Keep this in an easy to access area on your person. Preferably a shirt or coat pocket. Think EMT or other emergency first responder personel. If you are unconscious for some reason this information is critical. Put an ICE contact name and number in this info. (ICE, (In Case of Emergency) Remember you will be in a foreign land. DC. We will not be welcome. Expect hostilities and plan accordingly.
Toilet paper and daily med kit. Ziplock bag
Contact phone list with address or GPS coodinates where you are staying, on paper, in case you lose your phone or it gets destroyed, stolen or confiscated. Again, keep it in a ziplock bag.
Cell phone and charger. There are a number of emergency weather radios that have solar and hand crank chargers that can be hooked up to your cell phone for charging. They are small and light. Cheaper than dirt, Omahas etc. Plan as tho you will be in the wilderness. No access to electricity. Extra ziplock bag to put your phone in if it rains. Are you seeing a pattern here?
Writing pad and pen. Ziplock.
WATER!!! I strongly recommend a camelbak hydration pak with small backpack. This allows you to have 2 liters of water on you at all times as well as storage for all the other items that you need to carry with you each day. Available at Army surplus, Omahas, Cheaper than Dirt or some sporting goods stores. If you don't have a Camelbak make sure you have at least 2 canteens and a way to carry them. Again, available at army surplus.
Foot powder, extra socks, good shoes. If your feet go down, you go down.
Take care of your feet!!!
Hand sanitizer.
Insect repellent.
Flashlight and extra batteries.
Multi tool or pocket knife if law allows.
Nitrile gloves, several sets in ziplock.
Recommend you bring some dust masks (N-95 rated) in case of outbreak of some kind.
Individual first aid kit. (IFAK) Army surplus, Omahas, Cheaper than dirt, etc.
Rain gear, poncho, jacket for cool weather etc.
Hat, sunglasses, sunblock.
Space blanket, (about the size of a deck of cards) Army surplus, Omahas...
Food, snacks etc. Think, "I might not get home tonight". Water, shelter, food.
MRE's (with heater) are a really good source of calories and are compact and easy to prepare in the field. (Stay away from the mexican dishes).
Money in 2 locations. Small or moderate amount in "common" spot, larger amount in more "hidden" location. Ziplock. If you get mugged you don't lose it all. Your welcome.
Compact chair, folding etc.
Extra Ziplock baggies.
Bandana, Sheyma or balaclava to protect face etc.
Recommended. Gas mask/Pro mask. Think about this. We are no longer in America. You've seen it on the news in other countries. They were doing what we are planning. If we are lucky, gas will be their first defense. If we leave they win. If we have Pro masks we stay. I expect they WILL use gas. Omahas, army surplus, Cheaper than dirt (CTD), etc.
2 way/CB radio.

Daily items to be left at base camp (if you have one).

72 hour ruck sack or super ruck to hold all your packable gear. Make sure you can carry it. Army Surplus, Omahas, CTD etc.
Extra water. THINK. How long am I "planning" to be here?
Extra food. Again How long am I "planning" to be here, and then realize "plans change".
Prescriptions or other daily meds. Enough to carry you thru, Especially prescriptions.
Toothpaste and toothbrush.
Personal toiletries, razor, soap, wash rag, deodorant, towel etc.
Extra toilet paper, good storage method is to vacuum seal with food saver. 1 roll will shrink down to about a 3rd of normal size and it is waterproof.
Rubbing alcohol for your feet. Use it at least once every 2 days if you don't get to bathe. ^ TRUST ME ON THIS ONE ^ Clean, dry feet are critical.
Body powder, think corn starch. DO NOT USE FOOT POWDER AS BODY POWDER!!!
Sleeping bag, pillow and sleeping pad, cot or air mattress.
Extra batteries.
Extra clothes, undergarments etc.
Ice chest/Cooler.
Laundry detergent, and quarters (if you plan to stay that long)
Extra Ziplock baggies.

My mindset is always, "what is vitally essential if I have to walk home from here and especially, what do I not need? Don't take it if you DON'T NEED IT, don't leave it home if you DO NEED IT or, would I want to hump this home on my pack if I don't really need it?
REALIZE and understand that this is a major operation. This is not a weekend, recreational camping trip. It is a serious operation and things can and probably will go different than what you think. Don't be a liability to your battle buddy or your team. Be prepared.
Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

Good luck! 

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