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The 28th Amendment- Article V Project To Restore Liberty (Advisory)

 Boycotting The 28th Amendment- Article V Project To Restore Liberty with a web site advisory. It would seem that some wish to control the Convention of States Program and place the 28th Amendment in the hand of corporate run politicians.

The 28th Amendment - Article V Project To Restore Liberty:…


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Occupation of Sovereignty of the Constitutional Laws

I was given permission by the man called The One, to re-share this posting. All of it is based on documented American History.


Please note the careful placed words of Occupation of Sovereignty of the Constitutional Laws.

 Woodrow Wilson signed the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, which in fact violated Constitutional Laws because all currency must be backed up by physical value.

 Article V of the Constitution gives We The People a opportunity, to undo the Occupation…


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Taliban Drug Deal & ISIS In America

 The last stand in America. As of now this site has not been compromised by Government Money. Do you understand this ?  This site, is only or was, to be seen as a Social Network. But people are looking to this site for much more. A foundation in God And Country that can not be compromised by pay offs.

 This site can become the forerunner in action against issues that concern Americans. But I ask you to consider this, This Government has reached into the world and twisted the truth…


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The American Revolutionary War- 2015

The past is all ways a threat, and it has come back into the lives of Americans, and these people have a firm grip even on us here in England. the following is a mix, of video clips, and this is a way to say, to expose a system will start the downfall, not by its self but as a unity of all the voices as one.

The Dumbing Down Of Americans and people world wide…


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Obama Seeks Unconstitutional Power To Attack and use Net Neutrality 2015

 "Obama Seeks Unconstitutional Power To Attack and use Net Neutrality" Federal Election Commission to Consider Regulating Online Political Speech. And could even threaten Patriots For America here on ning networks.

Net Neutrality threatens YouTube and at a cost of millions if not in the billions of dollars because of Political Freedom Of Speech Video Blogs.



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The Disarming of Americans

The Disarming of Americans, can it be done without a war? this video was created by The Network, and approved by the the united efforts of The People Of England. And was approved for release by the network team.

Anonymous has exposed the violation of The First Amendment in the building of Church of Scientology by the United States Government. Linking this to the Illuminati, , Illuminati, Corporation, NWO, Illumi Corp - AKA the Company. also- "Scientology Washington, D.C. - Founding…


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One Small Step For Man kind- The Concept

The good old boys in Office- The spending of $128 Trillion Dollars between 2001 to 2011. you see our elected officials collect a tax payers pay check and at the same time they invest into the Federal Reserve Central Banking Pyramid Scam. Thats what it is, and there is a way to fight back. This video is Rated(R) for choice use of words.

 This is how it works The UK Central Banking system is the Illumi Corp - AKA the Company, the Federal Reserve is owned by the Central Banking System,…


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We Are Anonymous And This Is Our Work

We work in the dark against issues that threaten lives, countries, and we expose them for greed and they will know it was us. We stand over 1 Billion Anonymous Activist Strong. This is what we do-

the first affiliated video is called- Hank Jordan vs. Patriot Action Network…


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Abundance Paradigm vs.The Money Pit

 The Abundance Paradigm may be a way to change things but The Abundance Paradigm vs. The Money Pit. To help anyone is a goal of The Network. Powerful only because they help people that no one else can or will. A Network team that is by all means Patriots.

 Some may not understand this, but The Federal Reserve is run by a elite group of people who are in contol of Central Banks. The foundation of this is said to be of the Illumicorporation. One such person is George Soros:…


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In The Last Days

In The Last Days you will remember and then only then will you understand, "It" does live within.

Evil- profoundly immoral and malevolent: https://www.google.com/search?q=evil&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=ubuntu&channel=fs&gws_rd=ssl…


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I Am Aka Anonymous

Allow me to introduce myself, I Am Anonymous, some say I am Anonymous God Father from the past, and i have grown old, i wish to be allowed to share, to bring this site into England. I am x-Government, and for over 50 years I am what life has changed me into- Anonymous.

 My wife created this,

 I am the wife of Aka Anonymous, he is growing old and will not be with us forever. He is from England, and brings news from far away. The Uk has been his home for over 60 years.



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