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Europe Latest: Silent Jihad (to be continued ...............)

Update on Silent Jihad in Europe. United Kingdom: The "Fire Minister" ( I jest not! ) in England, who is named Sadiq Khan (I am truly serious - no joking!), has just announced a new addition to the "firepersons" uniform. This will apply in the area of Lincolnshire (east coast, approx half way up). It consists of (now this really is NOT a joke!!) full length skirts, long sleeved shirts, hijab headscarves, and turbans. Fortunately, the new uniform is optional - at least for the time being!… Continue

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Happy Tea Parties - from Ireland.

Congratulations to all the organisers, and also to everybody who attends and/or supports today's Tea Parties! I would love to be there, but instead I will drink a cup of methodically brewed tea in my home - looking at Fox News live. Shame on the mainstream media for not doing its duty and covering the day as a news item. The Irish media has also contrived to ignore it thus far, despite my best endeavors to shame them into realising that they are NOT on earth to continue Obama's endless… Continue

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Terrorists in Britain Arrested.

A note, in case members have not seen it on the news. Yesterday in England, eleven suspected Al-Qaeda terrorists were held by the excellent British police, in co-ordinated raids in the cities of Manchester and Liverpool, also the town of Clitheroe, all in Lancashire in the north of England - approximately 200 miles north of London. The suspects had been under surveillance for several weeks by MI5. The group is thought to have been plotting a major attack in Britain. The so-called "mastermind"… Continue

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Europe and Turkey

A message from Europe to Mr. Obama: WE DON'T WANT TURKEY!! So, if you don't repeat that we should have it in Europe, we won't tell you to have Mexico, or Cuba, or even your own Indonesia!

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Michael Graham in Ireland.

Just a note to let you know that Michael Graham of 96.9WTKK radio in Boston is in Ireland, to speak in Trinity College in Dublin - about Cuba. Any fans/followers/supporters of this great conservative talk show host might like to visit him on the www.96.9WTKK.com website, if you want to see the debate. I believe it is going on a podcast or whatever soon. The site should tell you. I can't make it this evening, but Michael is making himself available also tomorrow evening - over a few drinks - so… Continue

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Part Two - The Fight Back?

Members might like to have a look at today's (20th March) Daily Telegraph Online (London), where there is a nice - albeit very annoying - story. A Head Teacher named Erica Connor was forced into early retirement because new additions to the Board of Governors, who were Muslim and had an Islamic agenda, accused her of being Islamophobic. She had taken over the school in 1998 and she had improved its results very considerably over the first few years. The Muslims came onto the Board in 2003 and… Continue

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

May I wish all of the patriots on "Patriots for America" a Very Happy Saint Patrick's Day - and every success for the rest of the year, and the rest of your life. There are planeloads of Americans here in Dublin today and they certainly add a huge amount of colour and humour to the day. The United States opened its doors to us when we desperately needed a friend. Our debt can never be repaid, but we will always remember. God Bless America! Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.

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Europe is Finished?

Well, we had best make sure that "Patriots for America" does a good job! Today, Europe continued to put the final nails in its own coffin. The European Court of Human Rights has awarded $3,600 to none other than the radical Muslim cleric, Abu Qatada. Qatada faces imprisonment for terrorism in his native Jordan. He was arrested in Britain last year and he has been detained in prison in London. Yesterday, the British House of Lords, sitting as Britain's highest court, ruled that he could be… Continue

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The Money Masters

Hello All! Just a note to say that it was suggested to me today by a friend that I should watch a video called "The Money Masters". It is available on Utube. It is three and a half hours in length. I have only just watched the first 10 minutes and I broke off to post this, as it really does appear to be extremely interesting. For those of us who want more information about the financial system and the bailouts, etc., it appears to be a "must see". If you google "the money masters", you will get… Continue

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