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With the attack in San Bernardino,it's time to secure our backyard!More is coming every soon and it will be much larger,better organized attacks.It's time to find and fix the enemy in your A.O.

Know where the threat is,Mosque's,Islamic centers,markets and restaurants that offer authentic middle Eastern foods.These will be small " hole in the wall ",places off the beaten path.Drive by,and take random pics.Look for young males/females 18-35 in 2's and 4's.These will be the most…


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Current Inteligence Report 8/3/13


Embassies across the Arabian peninsula and other neighboring

radical Islamic states,have bin closed.This action is reported

to be in response to human intelligence reporting to a possible

large scale attack on one or more U.S Embassies/Facilities in

the region.These reports are not simple stand intelligence

field agent(s)/asset(s) infiltrating a radical Islamic…


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SITREP-Enemy air activity over California


Size:A single Helicopter.

Activity:Flying low and slow,heading WNW toward Point Mugu,NAS.

Location:1-1.5 Km's off the coast of California,10Km's SSE of Point Mugu,NAS.



Equipment:Helicopter,Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm Bo 105,Black.No insignia no weapons mounted.So far to see if hard points with mounted of…


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Current Intel Report:BOSTON FALSE FLAG ATTACK....

Intelligence Report;

On,April,15,2013.Just a few miles from Lexington Green,the first battle of the American War for Independence(April,19,1775),on a day sent aside to celebrate our Freedom and Liberties.The Boston Marathon was bombed and the resulting explosion caused the deaths of three people,the loss or numerous limbs and injuring nearly two hundred others.

This attack was the next step in a plan for the complete take over of all persons and their property by the tyrannical…


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                                               1)The massive protest in the middle East is part of a well planned and precisely executed attack against U.S. ambassador to Libya,J. Christopher Stevens and embassies across the region.The release DVD of the anti-muslim film purported to be the cause of all the rage,was merely a greenlight to go…


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Sheriff Joe: 'Probable cause' Obama certificate a fraud

Andrew Breitbart, the conservative activist and blogger who died Thursday. At the news conference, it was suggested that Breitbart's last interview may have been with Arpaio....And Sheriff Joe has stated that his offical investigation into BHO's BC is not over.

But,at this time he say that the internet copy all the media and WH claims proves his birth is a fake!Also,there is evidence that serious crimes were committed by BHO and…


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Current Intel Report..2/24/2012

Current Intelligence Report:

1)Run up in the price of oil is the indicator for the opening phase of the "NEXT" war...

2)A "FALSE FLAG" Attack,for the provocation to invade Syria,will occur just prior to the start air operation(s) over Syria...

3)Israeli government agreed to hold off on an airstrike against the Iranian Nuclear Power Plant at Bushehr.Until after U.S. troops and assets could be redeployed.An attack could come no earlier then 3/8/2012...



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5 STEP plan to secure America

SECURE AMERICA PLAN:For all Patriots and citizen soldiers.............

Greetings,my fellow Patriots.I don't need

to tell you we live in

"Troubled times" .In the future they will call this time,"a turning

point in

American History".It's up to us to make that turn not for the worst.But,

for the best.

Over the past few months there have bin many rumors of an

attempt by "SPECIAL GROUPS" to:

1)subvert/subdue the American


2)Give Foreign…


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"OCCUPY" is an enemy program.....

Intelligence Report:



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