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May 19, 2009

Dear Friend:

Greetings from Notre Dame!

First, I thank you for your prayers, and your part in the witness for God and Life that we bore over the last 7 weeks here at Notre Dame. But we have more to do here at Notre Dame, and there are some things you can do to further this controversy.

Although Obama has come and gone - and Notre Dame has thrown her honor to the ground like a brazen harlot - this battle is far from over. People are still in jail; Fr. Jenkins still needs to lose his job; President Obama must be resisted in his plans to turn Catholic and Religious hospitals and doctors into his agents of death - and we are staring at a small hill of bills to pay.

Everyone has been bailed out of jail - except two courageous men.

While Obama spoke, over 40 brave souls were in jail or police custody. Among those praying, and arrested, was Miss Norma McCorvey, the "Jane Roe" of Roe vs. Wade. Notre Dame arrested the faithful, and honored the wicked. This is something for which they must give an account to God.

This bitter irony will be a part of the discussion for years to come. Think of it; Catholics and Evangelicals behind bars for defending Life and Justice; Obama honored while he betrays justice and slays the innocent.

As I said, two courageous men are still in jail - until June 8th...nearly three weeks from now! - for their peaceful, prayerful witness against Notre Dame's treachery. They refuse to post bail; they actually want to sit in jail as a witness against Notre Dame's shameful actions.

They are: Arnold Matheson, age 82, of Poughkeepsie, NY; and Robert Buchta, age 56 of Center Reach, Long Island.

God forgive Notre Dame! Their quiet witness is a fierce rebuke to those who perpetrated this perversion. Please pray for them. And I ask you to take a moment and send them a letter of encouragement. Let them know that they are heroes, and that you have called Fr. Jenkins to drop the charges against them.

Write to:

Arnold Matheson
C/o St. Joseph County Jail
401 W. Sample St.
South Bend, IN 46601

Robert Buchta
C/o St. Joseph County Jail
401 W. Sample St.
South Bend, IN 46601

Next, call Fr. Jenkins office, and politely demand that the charges against these brave men be dismissed. It is an OUTRAGE and a SCANDAL that these men are behind bars at the behest of Notre Dame.

The Main switchboard is: 574-631-5000

Fr. Jenkins office phone number is: 574-631-3903

Call Fr. Jenkins right away, and ask him to drop the charges against his fellow Catholics who are sitting in jail right now at his orders.

Next: We REALLY NEED your help financially if it is at all possible.

I just found out that we owe over $12,000 for the press releases we have sent out over the last month.

That does not include a small pile of other bills.

Friend, I need you - if possible - to send a small "confirmation gift" saying that you "confirm" our witness over the last 7 week!

I know you have given before - I am begging again. You may be able to send $10; please do. You may be able to send $1,000 or $2,500; we can use every penny, and I think you already know: Your money WAS well spent. Our message and actions reached the world!

Friend, by God's grace, and an enormous amount of hard work and sacrifice, our message was seen and heard around the world - all the way to the Vatican.

If we had to pay for media coverage, it would have cost millions and millions of dollars to cover. Fortunately, the media did a pretty fair job of covering what we did, and why we did it.

And even though we did not pay for the coverage, we do have to pay for the ability to reach the press; to let them know about events and press conferences, and to give them a chance to interview Dr. Alan Keyes, or Norma McCorvey.

So, if you value what we have done, I beg you to help us if you possibly can with a gift to help clean up these bills. As I told you all along, NONE of our staff - myself included - have been paid for our efforts from the money we have been raising. EVERY PENNY has gone into signs, banners, food, lodging, media, etc.

Click here to donate

But we still have bills to pay. Every penny you give will go to the expenses of this project. If, by God's grace and your generosity anything is left, it will go to broacasting equipment that is needed at our studio, and for remote broadcasts. (When we go to war, we broadcast from the front lines!)

We have some more parts of this battle coming up; we intend to train and direct this new wave of activists that have been ignited in this battle.

But right now, I just want to finish up this battle.


1) Please write the two prisoners of conscience, and tell them they are heroes!

2) Call Fr. Jenkins, and ask him to drop the charges against these men;

3) If possible, send a gift to help with the expenses we still have facing us.

Friend, this has been a "line in the sand," and a "front line fight" that has been worth every minute, every penny, and every sacrifice.

I admit it: I am very worn out. I beg yoru prayers, and I ask you to help me shoulder this financial burden if you are able.

Thank you, and God bless you.

Randall Terry

P.S. You can see a lot of the media coverage you may have missed at our site. Please write the prisoners, and please help us clean up these bills if you can.

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Comment by Harry Riley on May 19, 2009 at 12:55pm
Made my call to Fr. Jenkins office..........


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