Constitutional Emergency

Oh how I wish I could be the President of the United States, at this point in history. The way I see world events, I see prophecy being played out. I see evil in this world so widespread, so vile in its push to control mankind, that it needs to be confronted in a truly decisive manner and stopped before it completely consumes our entire world. Evil has declared war on God and I honestly believe that believers in God (the Judeo-Christian community) must unite and respond with strength and resolve. We still hold the majority of the population in the United States. I as President, would stand before the world and declare war on Islam and the secular left within our own borders.

Islam preaches the destruction of Judeo-Christianity in every mosque in the word. It actively kills Jews and Christians world wide every day. Islam actively preaches and seeks every day, world domination. Islam is the only theology in the world and in history that teaches killing as an act of ultimate devotion in the eyes of its "god...Allah" Either conversion, submission, or death is at the core of Islamic belief and law. The "secular left" seeks to remove Judeo-Christianity from our society, and seeks to control every aspect of our lives and society.

I as President, would, by executive order, bring under arrest and custody anyone who has publicly spoken of support for Islam and the removal of God, as enemies against the United States and of God! I would call to arms all citizens of Judeo-Christianity in the world to stand firm and united in this declaration. I would tell the world to chose their loyalties, for we are returning the declaration of war back to Islam, and as I see it, this is the culmination of a war that has existed between good and evil for all history and must be fought by all believers in God and that I will not allow evil to win on my watch!

I would remind the world that Islam formally and publicly declared war on the United States and Israel, and has violently acted on that declaration for many decades. We are now ready to stand and fight. Diplomacy and politics have not, and never will, stop Islam in its quest for absolute dominance of the world. The secular left has shown the same affinity for dominance as does Islam. As I see it, this is a war for the free will and personal responsibility of all mankind.

I would plan such a declaration before the world for no longer than 2 months prior to being put to action, this for reasons of security, and only on a "need to know" basis with my leaders. I would use the U.S. and Israeli military to carry out "surgical strikes" on targets world wide. And use "tactical squads" to take custody of up to 5,000 liberal leaders and Muslim clerics within the U.S. borders. The military strikes on world targets would include, but may not be limited to, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, North Korea, Somalia, Jordan, Yemen, Oman, Egypt, and Sudan. Iraq and Afghanistan would be put under very high security at this time. I would plan this to all take place simultaneously, and in conjunction with my standing before the world body and stating this declaration!

Of course this will never happen, though I wish it would. Such a leader does not exist anywhere in the world today. It seems to me that my place is simply to be aware myself and to try to share this awareness with other of the dangers we, the believers in God face. Many Christians and Jews alike will submit to the demands of evil out of fear of public ridicule and death. I truly morn this fact. I do believe a small percent will stand and fight for God and be hunted down and killed in these dark days of evils reign over the world. The world will be completely dominated by evil forces, resisted by a small minority in pockets of violent struggle. It seems to me that this is the fate of Judeo-Christianity. Prophecy shows us this fate. Mankind needs the direct intervention of God or it will completely submit to, and thus be lost for eternity to evil. This, in my opinion, is one of the most important lessons, or principals if you will, to be learned in this life. This also is, in my opinion the hardest of all the lessons for mankind to learn, for it takes no effort to follow evil, no effort to "go with the flow". Yet it takes great effort to resist evil and follow God.

As I see it, the majority of mankind is already under the control of this evil domination. The hatred of God and His values is real and it is strong. The only place left in the world where God and His values still hold any real ground is here in the United States. Yet there are many among the believers in God who are unwilling to publicly acknowledge their Judeo-Christian beliefs. Evil is quickly taking control here and there seems, out of fear, no loud or outraged response from the "moral majority". A small minority of truly evil people have been forcefully exerting themselves to the point of creating real fear in the hearts of many believers. Fear of a life destroying attack from the secular/ liberal "law machine". In other parts of the world, this fear by believers extends to death itself.

I wonder how much longer apathy and fear, on the part of the Judeo-Christian community in America, will allow evil to succeed in removing any mention of Judeo-Christian beliefs from our society. I fear it will not be long before laws are made banning the star of David and the Christian cross, and will be forced to be removed from all buildings and churches. Our leaders who dare mention Jesus Christ will be imprisoned and it will become illegal to gather for worship. I know this sounds extreme, yet unless we are willing to resist this onslaught in mass it will be true.

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