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Are You WARRIOR Material? Follow-up to Twana's Post from Yesterday

Southernprepper1 is the perfect example of the caliber of the people that makes up the Rank & File members that generally call themselves Tea Partiers. You know, people just like you and I, not the racist, back-woods, uneducated crowd that we are incorrectly labelled by Liberals and anyone on the American political Left.

SP1 asks an important question... "Where are the Warriors?" in his video, something that I would like to discuss openly with everyone that reads these postings from Kathie M.

Let me start by giving you a description of "me"...

I'm close to 60 years of age (nothing wrong with being 60, but being 30 would be better if a fight was to come my way.

I have been moderately successful as an adult, but by no means am I wealthy. We always shop around for the best prices no matter what, but there is a down side. Prepping is a good way to save money, but the truth is... a person is never completely satisfied with the level of Prepping they have done so Prepping can get expensive.

I have children, grandchildren, and recently saw our first great-grandchild come into the world. 

I am on my second marriage, and we are still deeply in love after 29 years. (That's as far as I'm willing to say publicly about my family members. If you want to know more about our family you will have to marry into the family) Yes, that last part is a joke. Ok, back to business...

Just like all of you, I too dearly love our incredibly blessed country. I also love our Founding Fathers and the genius they put down in writing we know as the "Constitution". What they built was the largest well-thought-out political experiment in history to date, one that is NOW being challenged by extremist power-hungry Liberals/Progressives in and out of our government.

Also like you, I believe that the Founders got it right the first time and we should stay away from re-writing it, and legally occasionally change it with an appropriate amendment.

Now for the negatives. I have been very hard on my body over the years and am now paying for it. I have lot's of metal pins, braces, and screws holding some of my body parts together. Eleven fractures over time to my spine and three broken bones in my neck. Some of that metal restricts how my head turns from right to left and up and down. Basically I can't do any of them. I also have very bad knees and a few other ailments that I won't go into.

Here's the problem... I desperately want to be a "Warrior". I want to stand and fight. I want to take back our country from the Marxists. I even want to take 'point' as we charge into the front-lines. If it means I help save this country for my kids, and all my grandkids I am willing to fight through Hell for them! Sadly, my body is not up to the task....

In fact, I would put people in danger because I am not as mobile as people younger, and in better physical shape than I am. If someone was to get hurt during a skirmish I could not render aid to them on the battle-field. I would probably put more people in danger by being out there. Plus, because of me, someone else would have to carry my pack and anything else other than a rifle.

Although I had to lead when I owned my own business, I don't have the leadership skills that it would take to be a GOOD leader on or off the field of battle now.

In fact there are only two things I can do to help our cause...

1. I can be a good cheerleader behind the lines, making sure that morale stays high during those times of hardship.

2. I am an expert marksman. Well, at least that's what some of my old trophies say. This could be a great skill to have but after taking the shot, I cannot move fast enough to bug-out before the bad guys reach our location. So unless I'm well protected behind some sort of impenetrable fortification, my shooting skills has a down-side to them.


Sorry this is taking so long. It's important I convey to you the reader where I'm coming from. So what does all this have to do with being a "Warrior" or the Video above? ... A lot.

I'm certain I have found a use for those people that are in somewhat the same physical condition, but still want to be a "Warrior"

One of the areas that 'we' (meaning Patriots) have done a lousy job is... MESSAGING, or what some might call PROPAGANDA. That's right, we have lost the battle against the Left in these areas. At times it seems that THEY have owned the damn 'messaging'. In fact, they do it so well that our messages get completely drowned out and their messaging get's put on all major news networks. One of the areas where messaging is tested first is on the Internet. We know how effective that can be (example: where are you reading 'My message' right now?).

So here's what I'm suggesting...

First, make sure you do all the Prepping you think is reasonable for you're family and your individual situation.

Then become a "WARRIOR" each and every day (or night). That's right we can be "Information Warriors" or what could be called "Social Media Warriors". There are hundreds of thousands of people on-line that really do believe all the crap that Social Media write about us. That's right, the political Left has control of the Social Media messaging, which is mostly lies... and it's time we started to fight back for real. There are an awful lot of people out there that believe everything that is told to them by the Leftist Media. Many of those people can be turned around if they hear the truth told enough. Here's where you could help...

Here's an example... I like to go to Marxist controlled places like the Huffington Post and fight a few rounds with anyone that tells lies about Tea Partiers, Patriots, and basically anything we hold close to our hearts. I choose the Huffpo because they have the largest posting membership of any News Outlets, anywhere in Mass Social Media. Yes, I go after numbers. They have the most readers... well over a hundred thousand even on slow days, so I go where I can reach the most people. I doggedly persist in explaining why a particular article is completely bogus, and try to correct lie after lie after lie. It can be frustrating most of the time because they have paid commenters on their site. They get paid to do what I am suggesting we do as WARRIORS on their website. 

Sure they will call you names. Yes they will tell a lot of lies, and yes they will try to get you thrown off the site if you start getting successful. But have no fear... you can always get back on under a different name and password.

The more that Social Media Warriors (us) push back on popular leftist sites, we increase the odds of winning some people over, and putting 'doubt' into the minds of the regular HP members of the garbage they are fed. However, don't let me lead you into thinking it's an easy task. It's not. First of all you have to grow a thick skin. You WILL BE called some very mean, nasty, and very hurtful names. And you will be challenged a lot. They will try to suck you into a long one-sided discussion so they can lead you away from the actual subject. Don't let them. Simply ask why they keep going off subject, or why they can't answer the first question. The best way to handle 'the enemy' on their turf is...

No matter what, be civil, and keep it short. If you don't know the answer do not fake it, cause people can tell. Instead do a little research before you answer any question. One effective way to get through is to respond to something that they may claim by simply answer with "this information is wrong" or "this story is BS". These responses can be effective if there is more than one person on your/our side responding and saying the same things. At this moment the crowd at HP has two age groups... the 'young adults' 18-35 and old 'Radical Hippies' that still long for an overthrow of our government. Don't bother the old hippies. They have wasted their brains on drugs for so long that it's IMPOSSIBLE to change their minds. Stick with the young adults. Those are the people we should always target because they are our future leaders. It is our job, or duty, to dismantle all the damage that a couple of radical Left-wing Professors have done to our children.

So do we have any WARRIORS here? If you have any questions just ask, we will answer asap.

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