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Posted this past Sunday, this letter I sent to my two Senators in Washington has been stirring the pot, to say the least.  I'm a little amazed by the response from others around the nation, but not at all surprised that I have yet to hear back from THEM.  " Not surprised" would be an understatement.  If there is any question why Article 2 concerns are not addressed directly, but only implied, the answer is that in an attempt to make some sort of headway with these little despots, I skirted the issue directly in the hopes of making a difference, or what some would call "a point."  Seeing as how I have already addressed Article 2 with them directly in the past, and the recent past, it seemed counter-productive to belabor the point, while making other very valid ones.  That being said, if you like it, use it.  We're in this together.

Dear Senator;  It is beyond incredible to me that there exists in our hallowed halls of Congress such capitulation and outright malfeasance regarding the most egregious and astounding acts of criminality, treason and abrogation of the Rule of Law by this current administration, and that our elected representatives sit idly, silently by.  We have entrusted you with our safety, our rights, our liberties, and our freedoms, and you continue to act as if you were only small actors given a piecemeal role in an inconsequential play put on by children.  
With the positions you hold on the various committees of the Senate, it is completely incomprehensible to me and a great many other of your constituents that you allow the evisceration of our military to go unimpeded by an entire host of very bad actors...the most important one being an individual who holds claim to the Presidency of the United States, yet acts at every turn as an enemy, a tyrant and a despot.
I am reserving the use of harsh words...I am merely pointing out the obvious, as you apparently have lost the ability to see the forest for the trees, ensconced as you are in that cesspool of corruption we know to be Washington, DC.
Apparently, the timeless ruse of cajoling folks to "go along to get along" has worked again, to our extreme detriment.  Your silence has been deafening...and I don't believe an MSM blackout will work as an excuse.  We pay a whole lot more attention than you think for that to work. 
The litany of abuses is beginning to rival that of our Declaration of Independence.  You might try reviewing it again...and I don't mean to appear snide, but if you haven't noticed any correlation between then and now, you are obviously NOT PAYING ATTENTION.
If a sitting President announced that he would just bypass Congress because they won't capitulate to his whims, would you remain silent?
If a sitting President had been found in contempt of a Federal Court numerous times, would you remain silent?
If a sitting President and his Department of Justice were found to be complicit in some of the most incredible, illegal usurpations of the Rule of Law, would you remain silent?
YOU HAVE  (Let's not forget the New Black Panthers' voter-intimidation case, the Fast and Furious "gun-walking" travesty, the drilling moratoriums, ad nauseum)
A sitting President has wasted billions upon billions of taxpayer money on fraudulent schemes, far outside of his Constitutional constraints, while rewarding his friends and campaign "bundlers" and insists on wasting more, and where has your voice been?  
A sitting President has done everything in his power to destroy the engine of free-market capitalism, vetoed job-creation and innovation, and where has your voice been?  Besides a petulant newsletter mention...NOWHERE.
We are all entitled to our own opinions...we are not entitled to our own facts.  I have presented nothing but FACTS to you here...abbreviated atrociously in the vain hope you will read this through before rolling your eyes and discarding it.
We have now come into a time where we shall either live as free-men, or die as slaves to an international behemoth not of our own making.  This will be the last chance we have to determine the outcome of that question.  You can cajole yourselves with the absurdity and conjecture that only politicians can produce to make themselves feel a sort of vindication for their inactions, or you can rise to the occasion, don the mantle of responsibility that was given to you by your fellow citizens, and help us get these criminals out of office, out of the public trust, and into the prison they alone so richly deserve.
We are not only watching closely, we have been rather busy.  The actions you take will vindicate ours, in one way or another.  You must decide if you are going to continue to be part of the problem, or part of the solution.  We WILL return to the Constitutional Rule of Law, or we will join the other failed nations of history, and your names will be featured on the headstone, as well.
James Seigfreid
United States Patriots Union
Tea Party of Gilmer County
Host-Founder's Quest:
The Seigfreid-Toepfer Hour
with co-host Peggy Burgess on

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Comment by Shane Christiansen on February 29, 2012 at 10:14am


Comment by Darrell Russell on February 29, 2012 at 11:48am

What we all need to do is contact the law making body and many a public service accountability act be put in place. This would in essence place the burden of keeping their out of off to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States. and hold them accountable for acts against it and the people who send them to office.

We as a society are ruled by law so why are these people not held to the same standard?

I am definitely going to contact my representatives and tell them of this issue.

Comment by Helen Hermes on February 29, 2012 at 3:52pm

I partially read your article, but all I can is WOW WOW GREAT!!!

Comment by robert adams on February 29, 2012 at 7:55pm

Dale, they have worked themselves into a no escape corner and will hide as long as they can. Wish there was something I could add but every little bit helps. This will be a war with causualities. They are afraid of the waking masses.

Comment by Clois Beckwith on February 29, 2012 at 9:23pm

James, this was so good I pirated your prose and sent to my senators from the great state of Texas. I hope you didn't mind. Thanks

Comment by James A Seigfreid on February 29, 2012 at 10:51pm

Clois, thank you for the compliment, and that goes to all, and you pirated nothing!  The biggest compliment I could ever get would be for other Patriots to think my words were resounding enough that others thought them indicative of their own feelings also, and would wish to use them to further the cause and "light the brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."  And Dale, yes it has occurred to me, but I reject the sentiment while still recognizing the problem.  It simply is not entirely true.  Over the course of the last few years, I HAVE gotten replies from reps. around the country who, after a brief intellectual skirmish, actually changed their minds...or so they said.  I can't judge their hearts from here, or monitor all their actions.  But if you don't believe you can make a difference, and pursue our passion for truth and justice, then just what is the point anyway?  It would be so much easier to just lay down and let the train roll over you.  Your ideas and comments make sense, and I agree with the sentiments, but we need a structure, and this is where I believe the Balance of Powers Act is essential...RESTORE the RIGHTS of the STATES as they--and we--are the original guarantors of the power of the Federal government.  Please read Federalist Paper 41 and progress to one of my favorites, FP 46

And if any of my fellow Patriots here are of a mind, join us on Founder's Quest: The Seigfreid-Toepfer Hour with co-host Peggy Burgess on the Tea Party Radio Network  Call in or listen on your phone @ 646-200-4032.  We are now LIVE 5 nights a week for two hours beginning at 9 pm EST.  This is not your everyday talk-radio program.  We try to focus like a laser-beam on the many issues before us that many refuse to address everyday, and on the simple fact that the solutions to the massive problems we face still are right in front of us, in our Founding documents and principles, the words and intentions of our Founding generation.  And also right here with the great Patriots of this group of people and other like-minded souls.

We all have a role to play in this most extraordinary time.  We need to wear many different hats.  And I've just got to say that of all the many places I've been, and go to, right here is one of the very few that I can call home. 


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