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We are all looking at the end result of over 10 years of destroying our constitutional rights starting from our own local governments.

I live in a community that was so riddled with corruption, that our own congressman was assassinated in 1998 as he was stopping the corrupt politicians who are now in control, and it was covered up to look like an accident. The mafia runs many local governments, including where I live giving children to drug addicts, sex offenders, and pornographers while persecuting, imprisoning, murdering, or putting people in mental institutions for defending their children and fighting the corruption. CPS, aka "gestapo" has way too much power to intimidate citizens with taking children on false charges or accusations. All it takes is a Dr's statement to put a person away into a psyche testing nor other evaluation. It takes a cop, DA to put someone away, with little or no evidence. I've seen it for myself. They use these tactics to force you to back down. No, these crooks have been in office for years and all they are doing is climbing the ladder to the top.

We didn't speak up then when it could have been stopped from 1998-2008, while the US Constitution was enforce. Even when I wrote to my legislators, Congressman to investigate the local government, I was refused a congressional inquiry as to civil rights violations as to the handling of my daughter's child molestation case, and Constitutional Rights violations by CPS, as the congressman "doesn't get involved" with local issues. He was re-voted into office and re-voted into office, and re-voted into office election after election. The same people run the local governments and city council--election after election and the sheeple vote them in, the candidates just rotate turns as Mayor, or whatever the local seat is. We are getting exactly what we have stood for: a corrupt, mafia-mentality government who despises every fabric of the US Constitution, human rights, and any sense of morality.

When did we STOP as a nation basing our laws on right and wrong? When I took law classes for my masters, I was shocked that legal decisions and legislation isn't based on any moral grounding or principal, nor for the most part on the US Constitution. Since when did this change? When did right and wrong change? The moment when we based laws apart from the US Constitution and a moral basis of right and wrong....that was the beginning of the end.

Not the election of, he is just the finale.

Dorothy Carlson

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Comment by Dorothy Carlson on January 18, 2009 at 11:14pm
Eagle II,

After I posted that, I realized that 1974, Roe V. Wade was the tip of the spear. But from 1998-2000, other changes started taking place within the infrastructure of the local governments laying the groundwork of the demise of our nation.

Thank you for the comment.

Comment by David or Leisa Smith on January 18, 2009 at 11:40pm
I'll have to agree about child welare and CPS, they are nothing but a communist organization with way too much power,I have a daughter who is in jail at this very moment on false allegations of child abuse,they have put a 100,000.00 dollar bond on her,they have bribed the children into testifieing against their own mother,I know for a fact that the chilren were not abused,as we were called to pick the children up ,we took them straight to the Hospital and had them checked out there were no bruises,no nothing wrong with the children,we were told that because we took them to the hospital they took them from us.CPS has now given custody to another party and claimed there were thirteen open burn wound marks on the boy's body( there were NO MARK'S on him when we had them. My daughter has not even been convicted yet, has not been to trail, they told her they would give her four years if she would plead out, but first she would have to give up her parental rights... needless to say we are takeing it all the way,now they tell her if she takes it to court they will see to it she does twenty to life!.....all on a simple allegation ,a lie.

people can say what they want ,but beleave me our Country is in seriouse trouble, If WE THE PEOPLE, don't take back control of our country NOW while we have a chance to make our Voices heard, then WE
Comment by WOOF on January 19, 2009 at 3:29pm
This has been going on for years and we finally have the most evil in control. I doubt that any election is legitimate these days. I am dealing with absolute corruption in a court.....

Now I am thinking about changing my name to Karma!
Comment by Dorothy Carlson on January 19, 2009 at 11:40pm
When my children were taken from me, it was based on that I lied to the court. My documentation from counselors, an honest CPS worker, the children's teachers, pastors, were removed from my case YEARS after they were made part of the record. My ex's refusal to cooperate with the court, refusal to pay child support, to get a job, that he was living with his mother and proposing that the kids live in the garage after it was "fixed up", was not taken into consideration. I was working two jobs, the kids had childcare, had my own apartment and was a student working on a bachelors. I was neglecting the children. Also, I had a day a week we spend with the family. No home work, no work....we spend time together DOING THINGS AS A FAMILY. That was "infringing on their religious freedom". Obeying the court's orders regarding Dad's visitation was "alienation".

I'm hearing you, and WOOF, YEA we are dealing with absolute, total corruption in our local courts nation wide. But we still elect, or permit these appointed crooks into office. Now, it's to a point that no one will listen to us. So, what do we do?

Mr. & Mrs. Smith, my heart is with you on the horrors that is happening to your family.

I tried writing my legislators demanding an investigation. I wrote multiple congressmen about the mess...and no one would lift a pen but to tell me they "don't get involved". One thing is historically fact...evil regimes only last a short time then they are overturned. But it may be our children or grandchildren who will suffer until evil has run it's course. It's sad to say that we as a nation have failed them ( me included ) for voting in ignorance not knowing WHO we are voting for, just marking "yes" on the incumbent because they have "experience" in the job. Not finding other local victims and writing a petition to the Attorney General while we had a chance.

I don't know what it will take to turn things around, and I fear that if we revolt, that we will have worse than the French or Russian Revolution or Nazi Germany. Do we cooperate and take it back from within? Do we run to another country and give it over to the thugs and wait until the time comes to comes to take back our country? Do we fight? The point is, this was well thought out and well organized DECADES before it was executed. Read George Orwell's "Animal Farm", or other books from the 1930's of the US becoming a fascist state. Were they warning us about what was going to happen like Hitler's "Mein Kamf"?

If I'm right, and such books like "Animal Farm" are the blueprint, then we can find the flaws and exploit them. Col. Riley, sir if you are our CO, then if I may humbly suggest that you do some reading and see what your stratigic military mind can glean from these books. There are others, but I'm blank on the titles and authors. Understanding the strategy is the only way to defeat this attack. We have to know their plans, and I bet they were told to us in such a way that it was written off as fiction.



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