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Reposted at the request of a friend and Patriot.

I was asked to repost this commentary in order to draw to light, a few points made herein.  I feel obliged and honored to do so and hope that the message within these paragraphs is taken to heart by those it is directed to.  This is clearly a cut and dried case of "if the shoes fit".  The response was to the post made yesterday, regarding the RIF within our military ranks and the restructuring of key positions with what we will call "Judas Goats".  For those who don't understand that term, ask any lamb farmer how you lead a flock to slaughter... yep... a trained goat.  Sheep follow blindly.  And Judas... take a class, I ain't got time.  Peace! 

Permalink Reply by Sean Conover 5 hours ago

"I will agree with the statements made in this commentary; though I also will add that many, not all but, many young soldiers and Marines understand what is going on.  Most, do not support this kind of regime shift.  Most who join the military, still, are inclined so due to having been taught the value of patriotism and the preservation of our Constitution. 

It is true that many good Service people, not only Generals, are being forced out.  Some are being told they are deficient, medically.  Others, for reasons having to do with funding.  This whole scenario may seem far fetched, but I can tell you that similar scenarios were entertained not so long before. 

This veteran was privy to discussions with his own command, who questioned rumors and communicae that suggested a time neared for the total disarmament of the populace, all in the name of national security and safety.  This was the reason I, as a young soldier, severed my tie to the military in 1995 and took a 6 year sabbatical during much of the Clinton Administration.  Some would call me a fool, for by now I would be retired.  But I look at retirement as useless, if one must sacrifice their convictions to get there.  I am glad, many good people stayed and were still there when I re-entered the service in 2001, 6 months prior to 9-11... Who knew the turn of events that was about to take place?

Patriots, Military personnel, Militia, Citizens of this great nation... heed the signs.  I challenge you to read but a few chapters in history to see the same tactics unfolding.  It appears cyclic, does it not?  but if we keep returning to the one common denominator, tyranny... why do we allow it to happen?  Is it an inane human need for suffering, to have the need to take things to the brink of disaster, to build hope... in order to justify our existence through having to re-take our freedom?  If this is so, then Human kind has not and will never learn.  I think we are capable of certain perceptions, which should never be shunned, and always should be heeded. 

The author of this commentary wrote of a conversation describing various stressors to our situation; one of which being race.  This is simple people... There is only one race on this planet... the human race.  Period.  (this last quote borrowed from POTUS... and intended to mean "that is all")  Any group of people with certain similar features can whine and complain about their ancestors being enslaved, impoverished, oppressed by another group or even their own.  What it boils down to is there is right, and wrong.  K.I.S.S.- Keep it Simple Stupid.  So let's drop all the BS about this "race" that "race"... ok?  Because you may have been the "victim" of what is called a racial slur... BIG DEAL; Suck it up Buttercup!  Sticks and friggin stones!  We all have steriotypes about our ethnicity... hey, some of that shit is friggin funny... Laugh!  You may actually agree a little... and be a big enough person to stand up and explain politely if you are offended, don't get vigilant over the small stuff.  And if you're the one saying the stuff, and someone asks you to stop... can you be a big enough person to say, sorry and move on?  For the love of Christ.

But none of us, has been a slave... none of us in America have been oppressed to the point that we do not have the capability to change our paths.  NONE.  And those that say otherwise, are fools or those that are too lazy to bust their hump to make their lives better.  But I will say this, a growing majority of people are becoming slaves; to a system that cares for them no more than the Tax money or the Vote they provide to that system.  Slavery, isn't always found at the hands of chains and shackles.  Our bindings will come in different forms. Bio Chip please.

I have often sent this message, and rarely received an honest reply... "Where will you stand when the call to preserve our liberty comes?"  Most sit in shame when they truly ask themselves that question.  Knowing full well that they would not even lift a pen to paper to join in the GWOT or previous wars.  (for those not knowing, GWOT refers to the Global War on Terror... you know, that crap we been doing since 11 September 2001?)  This is not to say that any ill will is held for those that found service not to fit their taste but I do judge those who would cry about their freedoms being eroded, while doing nothing to prevent it, or worse... those who would never lend a hand to regain it.  Too often I hear references made to our Military, our military... preserving our freedom; "We need our boys back to fight the coming Revolution!"  Are your legs broke? Remember history people... (wait, what am I saying?  This is what got us here in the first place... this Common Core lack of real history education system.)  But if you will, follow me on this... 

The founders of our nation understood that standing Armies were the bane of liberty, eventually being used to squeeze the life's blood out of our rights.  Following the War between the States, the shift to a central government platform eroded some of the State's right to govern itself.  In the early 1900's our military ceased pulling from Militia's both State and Local, for building armies, and shifted to maintaining a large Standing force under the guise of the "new threat" to mankind.  And people just watched.  Oh some complained, but the majority sat idle.  Our political structure has always played upon the laziness of the masses to raise its level of control upon them.  And all to sheepishly, more and more follow. 

So I have asked you one question which, if you truly have a patriotic bone in your body, or have conviction "one" of the preservation of our Bill of Rights and Constitution, should be weighing on your mind right now, so let's move on to the next one for those who don't.  I often wonder what kind of man or woman it takes to be willing to become a slave to this threat to Liberty.  Trying as hard as I may, having taken in some of what liberal socialists in my College Education have tried to force feed me, I place myself in the position of these types of people.  Let me see... I want to be paid, though I do not earn it.  I am always seeking more.  I want to be ever entertained, so though I haven't property to call my own, nor maybe a job, I sit at home and watch my 60+ inch television, focus all my time and energy on my iPhone (which I have never owned) and worry more about what the Chicago Bears are doing than those things that really affect life itself. 

Until... (and here comes the issue), the system fails.  "Much of the entertainment I was accustomed to is censored or banned; I no longer receive my "entitlements" (ha, that's a laugh) and my kids are starving... why? Because I was not only a crappy parent... I was a poor example of a human being. I watched as soldiers died so that I could get free stuff from an overly controlling and unappreciative government.  I never lent a hand to my neighbors, because I was too busy taking from everyone else and had nothing to give.  I whine and complain about issues that really are of no concern, but want others to take care of these issues for me..." yeah, sorry, but that is about as far as I care to go, placing myself in those shoes.  Puke!

So what are you going to do when this all crashes down?  (tactical pause for IQ check... )  Ok, are we Red Con 1?  Now move out and draw fire, heroes.  So, what have you done to prevent or prepare for the problems that are coming?  (pass the gear oil... transmission starting to seize up, yeah I see ya back there in the corner with your crayons... PAY ATTENTION!)... Some of you have answers to these questions.  And though they may not be the perfect answer... I am proud of you (not like my opinion matters) but you are thinking worst case scenario.  But those that are starting to get that sense of um, well... like you're in the desert, smelling something rotten, but you can't locate it?  Yeah, here's a helper for ya.  We're gonna do a lil exercise here... I want those who have no freakin idea what I am talking about here, to get off your duff right now.  Step 2.  Squat!  Step 3. Take both hands and reach down behind your buttocks, grab your own head, and with a sharp and quick downward pulling motion, liberate your head from your 4th point of contact.  People who are already awake and mentally liberated, help a buddy out if necessary... remember to don latex gloves first... yeah, that is that "dead" smell we just mentioned... ewwwwww. Ok, back to business.

Now getting back to a few items that lead to zero planning, or what we at the 91st Volunteer Infantry like to call, Sheeple-ism.  These are all excuses or claims that I or my fellow patriots have heard over the past two decades.

1.  What can one man do? They will squash you like a bug if you buck the system. 

  - Answer: BS!  How many of you are blaming Obama for all this?  Sure he's the worst president we have had, when you base the comparison upon Constitutional issues and holding to our form of Government.  But truly, there are many more behind the scenes and in front that are pushing this dead horse over the cliff.  Still, he is the mouthpiece... he has the capability to take this thing one way or the other all at that podium.  So, can one person make a difference?  Hells-to-the-yes!  Even if you only communicate with one other person, you made them think.  If you train one or two more people in gardening, preparation, skillcraft or weapon mastery... you are one up!  And that grows exponentially.  So if you are still sitting there... you may want to get clipper and cut those roots that are growing between your ass and couch.

2. But if I speak out, they are listening and will find me... persecute me... kill me. 

 - Answer: (and I hate coining movie quotes, but all the good ones are gone and likely most of the people that really need to read this are sitting in front of the Boob tube anyway... ) "Every man dies.  Not every man truly lives."  or "What we do in life, echoes in eternity!"  "THIS IS SPARTA!"  (no wait,,, wrong quote... getting carried away here...)  You get the picture?  Do you really want to be lying in your death bed, craping in a depends, thinking about the greatest fight of mankind's history, wishing you had done your duty to ensure those children and grandchildren standing around you had a legacy of freedom, no more infringed upon, than that which was handed down unto your generation?  Will your children ask you, one day, "Daddy, why didn't you and your friends make those bad men go away so we could be free?"  What will be your response?  Or here is one.. and I like this one because with so little effort from all of us, it is probable... "Daddy, what was your part in the second war for independence?"  huh, yeah, he went there. 

Look, we know they are listening, but I can tell you from experience, there are many of "them" who believe like most of us... they are just unknown to you.  Yeah, I forgot to tell you, ya'll don't get the memo, cause ya'll ain't got that TS-SCI clearance.  The instructions on the HALO Box didn't tell you that you don't get daily in briefs from the pentagon with that game, did it.  Yes yes, even on level 32...   Sorry, NVidia and EA games is working on it though, for all you arm chair generals out there. And don't ya think that if everyone spoke up at once... the resounding noise would demand an ear be lent? 

3. I don't have the time or money to get involved.

 -B%^^ S&*#!  If a soldier has the blood to bleed for your "assumed" freedom, you have the time to lay pen to paper, finger to keyboard and mouth to phone, while we still have means to petition for grievance.  And when (not if) the time comes to lay shoulder to buttstock, maybe you didn't heed the warnings... maybe you didn't save the few hundred dollars it would cost you to pick up even the cheapest of rifles (an SKS) and 200 rounds of ammunition... maybe you were in a coma for the past 20 years and unable to make the purchase... or were not born until recently (in which case, never fear... there will be plenty of munitions lying around... we got you, you're excused)... yeah, piss poor planning is never good.  Ever hear of a butter-knife brigade?  Simple process even the Russians used in WWII.  One man has a rifle, then next is the ammo bearer.  If one falls... there's your weapon... or, if you are clever and well trained, you combine forces and take the other sides arms.  Wow... see.  Hope ya'll put the 60 watt bulbs in, cause there's more juice coming; don't want ya to burn out on me.

4. Or, so you're a pacifist... yeah but see, so sayeth'd many an individual throughout history that was tossed to the lions, splayed out by the Gladius, beaten by whip, led to the chambers... Shoulda, woulda, coulda... Dead is dead... imprisoned might as well be.  Fight, while you have a chance... or at least help others to fight, by giving support.  Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.

5. Who will take care of my family if I die?

- Answer: America?  I care not what your religion, skin color, opinion... may be, this is your family.  Who cares for the families of fallen Warriors now?  We all do... so stop shining!  Think about this... you are not alone in your thinking.  Staying silent only keeps you afraid and isolated.  If we all voice our concern, maybe none of this would be necessary... maybe someone in office would head the warnings... maybe we could secure liberty, take care of our own poor and focus on our nation rather than those that would do us harm, and things could get back to how they should be.  But if not, still, we push on as a group.  we tend to our wounded, and lay to rest our fallen, we pick up the guide-on and ever forward push.

6. But I don't want to be affiliated with any of them kooks out there.

  - Answer:  So it's kooky to love your nation? It's kooky to talk about the principles that founded this nation and how the true progress that has been made over the past 237 years is that those rights were granted openly to all people who would call themselves an American Citizen?  Wow... really?   Sure, we have all seen many a tyrade on TV, where some "good old boy" goes off ranting about "Dey ain't gunna get mah guns... " or "dem black hel-e-copers"... I get it.  But hey there skippy... he's got passion.  Education, maybe not, but where's your "Columbia" degree?  And even if you do have one, is it right to spit in the face of a fellow patriot?  Give a brother a chance.  Besides, if you're reading this, you're already on your way to a re-education camp... or worse. Oh... struck a nerve did we?  Then  fight damnit. 

7. (Here's one of my personal favorites) "Those Militia's be all bout white trash and racists." 

- Answer: First of all... REALLY?  Hey I got some prime re-estate about 3 miles off the Florida Coastline, I want to sell you brother.  This crap is Utter nonsense.  We've had people of all religions, creeds and skin color standing next to us, in our training excursions. Sure, though I find it ignorant for anyone to take a person's skin color into account when they should be judging solely upon character and conviction, our first Amendment right guarantees our right to be as intelligent or retarded as one seeks to be.  I have fought, bled and lost family and friend so these idiots could believe what they want... it only motivates me more, when a black guy calls me "crakkah" to show him otherwise, just who is under this skin.  I know, the comments and slurs go both ways... The ability to understand liberty, to defend it and uphold it, knows no color, my friend. Hell, I have 450 Ugandans, about 600 Sierra Leoni's and many Kenyans, that I call friend, have trained and cared for in Iraq and that I would pit against anyone if we could just get them over here... oh yeah, they'd fight with us... and guess what?  Not a one of them is white or even Asian... Hell, you'd be hard pressed to find one that you could call brown...SO! What does it matter? It doesn't matter at all. 

So, I would apologize, ummm yeah...  not at all for my candor in this response.  I can only type so much in 30 minutes and frankly, those that get it, get it.  Those that don't, move along... forma a line at the left... the cattle car is in route to pick you up for assimilation.  It is good to point out that with the position of our political body and the fact that our nation is eroding, which we have been witnessing for years, so many seem to have simply given up.  Well, now it comes to the hard battle.  But people, stop freaking out.  They are just trying to scare you.  For some, it is working.  For most of us who have faced death,  we say, bring that shit.  "They" don't want you to fight... that would mean that many of them would not get to go home either... They want you servile and impotent.  Well, are you?  It's a simple yes/no question... ANSWER IT!

My hope (and again, as if my opinion matters, but...) is that when that time comes that someone becomes over zealous in destroying our nation... someone will stand by my side in defense of this nation.  Be they male or female, white, black brown, yellow, purple... And if is my time to be called home, I only ask that I die in a hot smoking pile of my own empty brass, overlooking a field of my fallen enemies."


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Comment by Allen B. Menges, on December 9, 2013 at 11:29am

I still say, I might be in the last years of my life.  Had always wanted to live untill I was 92, figured by then some of those who represented me would be dead, so I could water their graves.  But if the SHTF, and I must go, I always stated, I would not go alone.



Comment by Helen Hermes on December 9, 2013 at 1:59pm
Good repost. I believe we are in the last days that the bible speaks of. However, I do not know or understand God's plan for America. All I an do is compare what Israel did and how God saved a remanent of them for His plans. Will He do that with America as bad as we are and have turned from him?
Comment by Robert Baker on December 9, 2013 at 2:06pm

"I will not go alone"

Comment by william e grant on December 9, 2013 at 5:20pm


Comment by John McClain on December 9, 2013 at 8:32pm

I've spent a lot of time with men of similar strong sentiment, what I just read sounds like a last call from someone with some background.  We remember Paul Revere, even though he was captured, and it was the other riders who made it through.  We remember the last words of a patriot; "my only regret is that I have but one life to give for my country", and many generations have been spurred on because of those words.

      As a Christian, I pray over what should be done every day, and know we must fight to take back the republic, or we will be judged before God as the nation we allowed it fall to, and fall as.  I'm quite a bit younger than the oldest of those posting, but my health is pretty bad, and I don't expect to live to ripe old age.

      At some point, we are going to have to charge this domestic enemy as what it is, and declare the central government the enemy of The United States, and attack our enemy.  I won't go quietly into the night, but it's not night for me yet.

     A great many times it has been one man, making up his mind it is the right time, and is the pebble which dislodged, lets the whole mass roll loose.  I search my heart, I consider my wife, and if it becomes mine to do, so be it.  At some point it must be set to, if it hasn't been kicked it will be.  If I'm headed out, social media will be ringing.  I hope to hear the enormous roar likewise, if another comes to that realization and is led to kick.

     We are not a large mass of terrorists, waiting for a chance to attack innocents, we are a nation of patriots, surrounded by leeches, who have forgotten the cost of their arrival, live, or never knew it.  Someone, at some point will see the one straw too many, then let it begin, and end when we have closed that door of our history.  If you find good reason, well there are lots of us cogitating real hard exactly down the same path.

Semper Fidelis, John McClain, GySgt, USMC, ret.

Comment by Stephanie Robinson on December 9, 2013 at 9:15pm

Wow!  I live now (a retired grandma and patriot) proud to fight the good fight.  Right now I work locally with like minded representatives and other patriots to get the word out about what's really happening; posting letters and blogs in the local newspapers - telling it like it is - arguing for our freedom and against the ever increasing tyranny we're facing in our beloved America.  I will stand up for our Constitution and our freedom even if it were to mean imprisonment or death.  Yes, I'm afraid but I couldn't sit by and let this happen without fighting back!

Comment by Sean Conover on December 10, 2013 at 9:47am

Fear is normal, it is what keeps us sane and focused.  Most of all... it tells you that you are still alive.  Pain, as put so aptly by many of my former teachers and trainers in the Army (and as carried on in many a movie...) is just fear leaving the body.  I am proud of so many of our people who would commit to doing what is possible to regain our Republic, by first seeking to correct the wrongs through trying to educate the masses and hopefully, knocking some sense into those we would call our leaders.  But moreover, the fact that so many are willing to back their convictions with action if necessary. 

One thing that completely boggles the mind, no correct that... infuriates me... is that Officers (and yes, my USMC brothers, I am shamed that this was a US Army officer... someone in our ranks allowed this POS to be passed from command to command, until he reached this level.) actually believe as this; that some can actually justify in their twisted minds, these kind of actions; that they are the same types that would deem returning vets as terrorists, steal their rights, dope them up on opiates and toss them to the curb all while determining that trash, like MAJ Ndal (Ft. Hood shooter), who act out in the same fashion as our enemies, are not terrorists. 

I agree with those who have stated... (we) look forward to the opportunity to rid our ranks of those who do not pack the gear to reside in our beloved Nation.  Just waiting on the moment and justification. 

To all... stay alert (stay alive), stay connected... shoot, communicate and move out to the next objective.  VOA, people.  When it begins... Violence of Action... Momentum on the asymmetrical Battlefield, is key. 

Remember: "On the plains of hesitation lay the blackened bones of countless millions who upon the dawn of victory, sat down to rest, and resting... died."

Comment by Dan Small on December 13, 2013 at 5:35pm

Especially love that last sentence


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