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Now we're told the house leadership thinks we need to provide a path to citizenship for those who are here - how do they express it; undocumented. As if this is something new from the GOP they have always facilitated the flow of people across our borders.


The interesting thing about this is why would you spend you political capital on this issue going into the 2014 elections. You would think they would want to shore up their base (look what happened with the base in the last election) but no.

They would rather expose their base to one more insult to their dignity and in so doing destroy the base via allowing our new citizens to destroy any hope we may have of recapturing our country from tyranny. Why?


I am convinced that both parties see tyranny as our future - the new American way. Unless one thinks the GOP have simply been innocent bystanders as the left imposes their brand of tyranny. I maintain they are all tired of any of us interfering with their grand plans. Look at the thanks the house speaker gives to the tea party or the few politicians that agree with the tea party. Why?


Just as we wish to be left alone so do they but we will not leave them alone, will we? Thus what better way to neutralize the idea of governing by the constitution then by giving the vote to untold millions who don't have a clue how our system is supposed to work.


So the plan is to out number the people who do understand our system. They can then do as they wish by handing out a few goodies on occasion. I am not implying a conspiracy or even a mutual agenda between the parties. It's simply that neither party wants us directing them on the kind of country we will live in. It's a simple as that and as serious as that.

In the end tyranny will continue to grow until America becomes just like any other tin pot country that exists or ever exited. The problem we have is how do we really get enough constitutionally moored people elected for us to have a chance? This is not about politics you see it's about they can't be bothered with you and with me.

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