It is amazing to me the hypocrisy of the far left members of the Democratic party and the Liberal media! Many of whom were outraged over President George W. Bush's "unconstitutional" executive power grabs. Yet today when their own "president?" does far more grievous things, where is the outrage by these same people?

They are complicate in enabling Barack Obama to consolidate and exercise unprecedented power.

It was Senator Patrick Leahy (D) who complained that "the constitutional checks and balances that have served to constrain abuses of power for more than two centuries in this country were at risk because Republicans controlled the executive and legislative branches!" Senator Russ Feingold, stated that impeachment was necessary as a remedy to prevent the president from acquiring power "like King George III"?

Now that they, the Democratic party hold both the legislative and executive branches of government these same senators are not just quiet about Obama's power grabs, they are co-conspirators.

Barack Hussain Obama hasn't just broken his promise to make all legislation open for public review. He and his congressional cohorts are hiding very important matters deep inside legislation. Then, through intimidation and bully tactics, and by-passing due procedure, they rush to get his agenda passed. It is obvious to most of America that these Bills are not even given enough time to let the ink dry, let alone be read and debated

The Waxman-Markey "cap and trade" scam that just barely passed the House, with its mandated unspecified "to be determined at a later date" assaults on energy and the American economy in exchange for absolutely no appreciable environmental benefits, was bad enough on its own. Yet we find buried deep inside its unread pages, as reported by the Washington Examiner, it creates a three-year package of unemployment benefits, a $1,500 job relocation allowance, and a health insurance premium subsidy for workers left unemployed as a result of this "jobs creation" bill. This is but a few of the many unseen, "hidden issues" unspoken of to the public. Unbelievable! How can any congressman who voted for this expect to get re-elected?

This is nothing new, remember Obama's non-stimulating stimulus bill? It increased unemployment benefits for those who he knew would not benefit from that "job creations" bill.

There are far more abuses of power by Obama and "friends" than I can list in this short essay. Lets consider though a few others, then ask, how long can rank-and-file Democrats justify supporting these tyrannical actions by this arrogant "president", who most obviously is dedicated to a quest, to "dictate" to the people and this nation, fundamental, structural changes?

It is reported by ABC News that a senior White House official, speaking of the urgency of extending the soon to expire U.S.-Russian nuclear arms treaty, that it "might mean temporarily bypassing the Senate's constitutional role in ratifying treaties." Does this sound like an unconstitutional abuse of power to you? It does to me! Did you hear that, Senators Leahy and Feingold?

The appointment of so many "czars" by President Obama, to help him run the government without the accountability of Cabinet level positions has even Senator Robert Byrd (D) saying this practice "can threaten the constitutional system of checks and balances." Senator Byrd is worried, but what do Leahy and Feingold think of Obama's pay czar, just one of many, who'll dictate executive pay? They seem to approve.

The insulation Obama seems to have from the media has even liberal journalists Chip Reid and Helen Thomas grilling White House press secretary Robert Gibbs over his "tightly controlled" townhall meeting on health care. During that meeting, he,(Obama) "coincidentally" called on three people (out of 200 in attendance) who happened to work with groups working to pass his health care proposal.

So intent on dictating his own policies on Israel, Obama is demanding the halt of all construction in the West Bank, breaching a previous Bush administration-negotiated agreement between Israel and the United States, which allows for just such Israeli construction in West Bank settlements for natural growth.

The Justice Department, led by Obama's appointee Eric Holder, has dismissed a strong case against New Black Panther Party members for very aggressive voter intimidation, because the members were intimidating in Obama's favor in this past election. Un-Constitutional abuse of power? I think so!

Obama and Eric Holder are said to have ordered the FBI to "backoff" of anti-terror investigations concerning "radicalized" Muslim converts, such as the one who police say shot two military recruiters in Little Rock, Ark.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder plan to dismiss an order given by prior Attorney General Michael Mukasey's stating that, "immigrants facing deportation do not have an automatic right to an effective lawyer", thus effectively allowing "free" legal representation to illegal aliens.

Obama and Holder have also mandated the reading of "miranda rights" to terrorists on the battlefield!
The firing of AmeriCorps inspector general Gerald Walpin and the slandering of him as "virtually demented", simply because he shed light on the corrupt practices of Obama's friends, goes against procedure he, (Obama) himself, help implement just recently to hinder his predecessor.

The "intimidation tactics" used by Obama's "auto task force" against Chrysler's senior bondholders, called their lawyer, Tom Lauria, a "terrorist" for refusing to accept its offer outright. Mr. Obama's "offer" included a forced transfer of ownership from the rightful shareholders and creditors to the unions, whom he had made political promises to during his campaign. Where is the outrage from these Senators and the liberal media to such abuses of power? Are they also not bothered by the claims of many Chrysler dealers that they were threatened, intimidated and lied to?

There are, as stated earlier, far too many such abuses to list them all. Suffice it to say, the hypocrisy is amazing.

When, oh when are we, the American people, going to rise up and demand the removal of these power grabbing Marxist thugs, who have usurped control of our blessed nation. The time is far past using "peaceful" political measures to accomplish the desired return to sanity. They have not and never will respond to these "peaceful" measures. I am not advocating here violence, I am just saying that "We the People" need to wake up before all is lost! The time draws very short before an armed uprising becomes our only recourse in bringing our great country back to the God given values and ideals it was founded on.

Wake up America! Oh please wake up before it is too late!

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