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Will Louisiana Be The First State To Tell The Feds “NO!”?

Will Louisiana Be The First State To Tell The Feds “NO!”?

First the Congressmen and Senators said “NO! We will not let the federal government change OUR health care, but we’ll change it for other people”. Then President Obama said “NO! I will not have my healthcare changed, but I’ll help change it for other people.” The people of our nation saw this and said, “Do not change our health care”. But the, Congressmen, Senators, and President continued on, intent on changing health care for everybody else… except for the Amish. Who knows why they were exempt, but they were.

Then the Unions said, “No, you will not change our health care, but you will change it for everybody else”, and congress listened. Congress apparently was too busy listening to their own self interests and their union buddies to listen to the American public. When the people of the heavily Democrat state of Massachussetts tells Washington, “No, you will not dramatically change our health care while giving yourselves excellent healthcare”, will Barack Obama and company still refuse to listen? Or will they push the bill through anyway?

And if so… will they listen when the States say “No! You will not drastically change our health care!”? They may have no other options as Louisiana is already preparing to tell Washington, “No!”. It’s a sad day when Washington refuses to listen to the people… good bye freedom, hello tyrants, the change we got.

Available though Louisiana Conservative Dot Com, any reproduction of documents must give credit to Louisiana Conservative Dot Com as well as a link to
Download the proposed bill:
Bill proposed by Crowe
Download the request for an opinion:
A.G. Crowe/Caldwell Suit

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