Constitutional Emergency

America You are under attack. Our responsibility now is to Protect, Preserve, and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America, Against ALL Enemie...

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Comment by Old Rooster on June 12, 2020 at 11:47am
Fighting fires, , , One right after the other,,,,, It's called Gorilla warfare,,,,, Anarchy,,,,,,,, Straight out of the play book called the Communist Manifesto and the other one called "Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky.
Think about something here,,,,,, In October 2008 Barack Hussein Obama said "We are only five days away from Fundamentally Transforming America".
He never said Transform it into WHAT. He didn't need too, that was their signal to move into action to start the American Bolshevik revolution. In 2016 when Obama was scheduled to vacate the office they selected Hillary Rodham Clinton to be his successor. Hillary was to complete the task of finishing off the Constitution and our sovereignty. But when that didn't work - Hillary Clinton LOST the election. Hillary's screaming comment to the FBI was "You guys better fix this F__N thing or we are all going to hang" And "I'm NOT going down alone, I've got enough evidence to convict half this F__N government."

Since the 2016 elections of Donald J. Trump we have had nothing but sabotage, insurrections, endless investigations, and obstructions of justice against those criminals that Hillary was talking about in our own Government.
So far everything they've tried to remove Trump from office has failed. Including this Coronavirus pandemic. So now we get this ANTIFA anarchist riots all over America.
This is NOT a coincidence. It is all pre-planned and well orchestrated.
If Donald Trump looses in November 2020 ANTIFA and Obama's brown-shirt Army will become the next Gestapo and the OFA will be running the Department of Homeland Security.

Lavoy Finnicum was a good man, A true American. Right now there are still 14 men in prison at the hands of that Nevada Judge Gloria Navarro. Finnicum was killed by the Oregon State police and the FBI. But he wont be the last to die over this one.

See my YT videos OUR-WAR if you can find them.


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