Constitutional Emergency

An insidious, treacherous, anti-military, anti-democracy and anti-capitalist organization called “Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America”, IAVA, is posing as a veteran’s aid and support group in an attempt to turn the last non-Leftist bastion of America into the Left’s mightiest arm of real force.

They are dedicated to one mission, and one mission only: indoctrinate the average service member into a Leftist ideologue loyal to George Soros’ and Obama’s neo-Marxist revolution. Go to this link and scroll down to the bottom, and you will see the IAVA’s “report card” on politicians’ performance as supporters of the troops. John McCain is given a D, Barack Obama a B.

George Soros is a financier of the IAVA. ( From Blackfive: But Burden says what really bothers him about IAVA’s report card is its insistence that its grades are nonpartisan. He points to IAVA’s funding: Jonathan Soros, son of liberal financier George Soros, is sponsoring the group’s annual dinner next month. At the same time, the IAVA uses technology provided by Democracy in Action, a self-described “progressive nonprofit” that provides discount services to liberal groups. And, Burden points out, Rieckhoff once delivered the Democratic response to one of President Bush’s radio addresses.) They used to operate under the moniker Operation Truth before they came up with the less radical sounding IAVA. Blackfive did an expose on Operation Truth.

The IAVA, led by Paul Rieckhoff, claims to operate as as a “non-partisan” group, but as you can tell by both the report card linked above, and the fact that Rieckhoff blogs exclusively for the Huffington Post as the face of the IAVA, they are anything but. You can put the fact that Rieckhoff makes such a bluster about his alleged “firecely non-partisan” stance into the “Me thinks thou do protest too much” file.

Anyone who operates behind such a curtain of blatant deception is a coward, a predator, and fits the vernacular appellation of “weasel”. Don’t presume that the term “traitor’ hasn’t come to my mind, either.

 "I have made rejection of the Bush doctrine the central project of my life."
    -- George Soros, Wall Street Journal; March 3, 2004

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Thank you Linda for this letter full of FACTS. Soros is the present day socialist / comminuist lover that John Kerry was in my day. For those that don't know, John Kerry was and still is a turn coat to most Vietnam Veterans. ( except those that were brainwashed ) He gathered so-called Vietnam Veterans, WHO NEVER STEPPED ONE FOOT IN VIETNAM and convinved thousands of the so-called murdeing, drug crazed Vietnam Vets before Congress and was in most part believed by the liberal press.One of his students is todays Congressman Murtha from PA, who accused our troops in Iraq of murdering woman and children as Kerry did. They wouldn't know the truth if it hit them in the face. If my memory serves me right, Murtha was a paper shuffler in the service. Kerrys group then, Vietnam Veterans Against the WAR...which many current members of its off spring organization is another type group, yet still has Kerry as a member. They changed their name to get a Congressional charter to raise funds, which much of it back then went to anti-American and war efforts. Soros and Kerry are known friends around the inner loops of Washington, DC. They are still suckering Veterans into their web of deceit. They could care less about this country and are only concerned about their own self righteous domains. Returning Veterans are looking for help and answers and these groups, full of leeches are all over them. Thanks again Linda...great job. (Proud Vietnam Veteran)
In 2004 I inquired about this group and was mailed a lot of information. After reading it was obvious what its agenda is and I did not join. It follows along the lines of "Soldiers, victims of Bush's war, stand up and make your voices heard."
Thank you Linda B for finding and posting this information. Until I read this, I had never heard of the organization I.A.V.A. If it's anything like the fraudulent F.E.D. or more commonly known as the Federal Reserve System, designed and operated mostly by foreigners, not Americans, with an agenda to control, pillage and plunder the treasure of our United States of America and the hard work of all our citizens, then it would make perfect sense why we can't find a court of law in this nation to actually adjudicate any of the charges against the current occupant of the White House, i.e. the "post-turtle" usurper, imposter, a.k.a. H.N.I.C. Obamasama. BTW, as far as I know, Congressman "lard-ass" Murtha (D-PA) not only accused the soldiers in Haditha of killing innocent civilians, but he accused them of killing them in cold blood. This is outrageous. He should be the one to be executed in cold blood, and his blood spilled all over the grounds of Capitol Hill. I would personally love to see this and that of Senator John F. Kerry's as well. Both of these people are lower than whale dung, which lies at the bottom of the oceans.



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