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We on PFA are now focusing on working together as a team and networking to help each other learn and to have each others backs. If we work together as a team we will win! If we work as individuals/lone rangers in a big group, we lose. PFA is here for success!

There are a few changes in place already. We know about the group for those who have served in our Armed Forces.

Another helpful tool put in place is Survival Guidance. Notice on the top of every Patriots For America Page under the banner there are two rows of tabs. Notice the second row of tabs toward the center and you will see the "Survival Guide" tab. If you hover over that tab you will get a drop down menu of sub-tabs related to Survival Guide Networking.

Each of the sub-tabs are specific topics/issues. Please only post and comment on topic in these posts and categories. I have a pet peeve and that is for folks to post off topic comments. Please pay close attention and do not do that. I do normally remove off topic comments. They distract from the original content posted.

distract: v

1. To cause to turn away from the original focus of attention or interest; divert.
2. To pull in conflicting emotional directions; unsettle.

Another thing that is very important..... When someone posts a discussion/networking topic/issue, please allow them to lead that discussion. If you think you would be a good help with that discussion topic, then privately connect the author of the said post and ask to work with them and figure out how to complement the discussion with helpful information and work together as a team. Please do not just jump in and hi-jack someones post. The very important reason why is this............

Prime example:

I can be in a room with 12 different men. I can ask the question, "What gun would be best for me?" Every one of them will give a different answer. That is not helpful - actually it is very discouraging and makes one shut down and walk away because the question was not productively answered. Instead all I really received was confusion. I have had this happen many many times.

As we work together, there are going to be topics that will bring together folks that are interested in said topic. I ask that we all work together - complement each others works - utilize these tools available to us right now.

Complement : n.

1. Something that completes, makes up a whole, or brings to perfection. Work together and not in competition.
2. Either of two parts that complete the whole or mutually complete each other.

Another very important thing to remember is, we are not doing anything illegal here. When we talk about weapons, we are not talking about training to go start a war. We have no intention on starting a war! However, I do believe our enemies have every intention on starting one. There is nothing wrong with providing yourself with knowledge about the many issues concerning weapons. A person uses a weapon for many reasons.

1. To hunt for food

2. To protect live stock and other farm animals

3. For protection

4. Competitions

5. etc.

We need to stop worrying about people watching us because we dare talk about guns or any other topic. Again, we are doing nothing illegal and cowering in a corner afraid to mention any given words or topics is not what free men/women do.

If you have anymore suggestions for helpful networking topics/groups for PFA, please suggest them here. And sorry I have to say this more electioneering! Enough already!
There is plenty of that going on at other sites, if you must electioneer, do it at one that is set up for it and not here. And I thank you for not pushing it when asked not to do it.

Twana Blevins

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I like the topics under Survival Guidance.  For those of us who have pdf files can upload for greater impact on those out of the loop.  I have a lot of these files I will share.

I agree with all you have written.

Smart, logical, with a dose of common sense.

Thank you Twana.

I will probably screw up many times, please yell at me when I do!!!!!!!!!!! One thing needed is a way to communicate if the internet is cut off. Portable ham radios are the best way but you must limit the time you talk as they can be tracked by the government if you talk too long!!!! I too beleive we will be in a civil war with in 4 years. Dont be paranoid, Be Prepared!!!!

Thank you for the blog. Well taken.

Thanks for the insights Twana.
I agree with you about the "off topic" discussions. Sometimes, when I read one, I say to myself "where did that come from".
Let's keep the faith and put one foot in front of the other as we continue to move forward.

Way to go have an excellent start.  Getting a 'brain trust' going and cataloging the good information, putting it within easy reach of all.

Excellent reminder that the election is over...quit bitchin' and if you are concerned, start an immediate effort demanding a may be surprised that you were right to do so.

you might consider a 'legal brain trust' sector as some of the PFA folks have legal backgrounds and may have state specific rules regs and laws handy.  They could at least point in the right direction.

most folks can do the legwork themselves if they have someone point them in the right direction.

You don't have to KNOW everything; you just have to know where to FIND IT.


I have some PDF files that could come in handy. I don't know how large of a file can be uploaded. if this don't work, let me know and I will break them down into smaller files.


For those who are in cities or highly populated suburbs - it might be good to check with friends who live farther out and see if they have room or at least space for camping. Then have a plan to get out of Dodge until things settle down.


Twana - I am sorry for the earlier post about elections - It was on my mind and I forgot to check the topic closely. 

Twana, no I did not let him say anymore. But barak said he would close it. Just praying for my country. Thanks for all you do to keep us informed. God bless.

I hope that a little humor will be ok,sometimes some of the issues are so intimidating that they almost become comical and deserve being addressed accordingly,and not only that it,s good to laugh once in awhile.

Of course there is a time and place for everything...............................The court Jester LOL.

I feel this is important for all of the members to know.

Busted: Obama’s Fieldworks Illegally Funneled Money to Defeat Allen West

The progressive left has made no secret of their hatred for Congressman Allen West. It will be months until we fully understand the national coordination and vast resources that were brought to Florida in an attempt to defeat him at all costs. One group that shifted resources to his district is Fieldworks.

Read more:

What concerns me is that this site could get hacked and true American Patriots could be punished in the future. I'm even concerned that Obama is trying to destroy our Constitution, take our guns, make us defenseless, and continue to send our taxpayer dollars to our enemies. I DO NOT trust the man, everything that I have watched him do so far appears to me to be a deliberate attempt to weaken our country, put is in  terrible debt, control our health care, children and eventually our very lives. Did you know that there are concentration camps right here in America? Look it up. YES our country is in real trouble. Sort of reminds me of Adolph Hitler. I do appreciate all that you are doing because you won't hear it on the news. God bless you and stay safe,



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