Constitutional Emergency

Beginning May 16, OAS patriots boots hit the ground in D.C. to call for accountability from lawless leadership.

Operation Flood Congress(OFC) must also be the beginning, and continuing, as OAS on the ground will continue. 

What is Operation Flood Congress?  Beginning May 15th, every patriot in America that stands behind OAS, loves freedom, liberty, holds our Constitution as the law of the land, begins calling/faxing Congress, tell them OAS is coming, and demanding action on OAS Declaration of Revision(Demands/Grievances) and Articles of Impeachment each member of Congress has received.

Find your Senators at and Representative at Call using 202-224-2131; 866-272-6622 for the capitol operator then ask for the office you want.

We need a team on OAS/PFA to manage OFC, post on OAS sites and other sites with information, keep it current, provide feedback, get the information on social media.

If possible create a massive phone calling initiative that will overwhelm and close the Capitol switchboard.  Who will lead/co-lead, be a team member for this effort??? One gigantic push on May 15 and forward.  

ADDED NOTE:  Callers should ask the office they call if other phone calls are coming in....and report back on this post....either keep it up or start calling......

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You know I will. I can wear two hats at the same time.

Thank you Larry..........State Group leaders like yourself can have a major impact in mobilizing the congress contact.  Particularly those State members that can't make D.C. can be a extra support node at home that will be a continuity in keeping OAS ever present in the Congressional Staff channels.

There may be patriots out there that have access to other toll free numbers??.......if so we need them now.

Nothing says we have to wait until May 15th, it can start now on a moderate basis, but on May 15, we need every patriot to lock arms and blast phone/fax calls to Congress.........let the earthquake begin on May 15the.

Will get it done Col, phone/fax calls, prayer groups, and boots on the ground, Is that victory I smell in the breeze?

That is Victory and Justice you smell Larry.  I nearly forgot what Justice smelled like. Mmmmmm!

Ok, will do.

I Am available for a few hours nearly every day until we Restore the Constitution.  I have unlimited long distance and a fax machine.  Does anybody have the fax number yet or do I need to get that?


Thank-you for doing this, will not have to ask if you would help out on this. If you give me about an hour or a little longer i will post every congressman and senator number on this forum. Thanks again and I knew that I would be able to count on you. Will talk soon

Thanks Larry.  I'll start the process and make sure everything is running smoothly.

I Am having a challenging time focusing through the tears of joy in my eyes.  This is a good challenge.

Arthur and Larry.........thanks for grabbing the bull by the horns and moving if the rest will do our part, we'll earthquake Congress.

Here is a list of all Senators. Congress is soon to follow


Here is a list of the U.S. House of Representatives
113th Congress





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