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James Davis (Jim) replied to Bruce K. Brown's discussion Natural Born Citizen - Here we go again
"Too many takers are on the dole. This s now a national tragedy! We as a nation are done. War is eminent.. in contry. Gd help the just.. The comnstitution mans nothing in the eyes of the progressive. I'm done!"
May 1, 2012
James Davis (Jim) replied to John Albert Dummett Jr.'s discussion Good News and the beginning of the end for the Illegal administration of Barrack Obama in the group Patriots for America - California
"Thank you John Dummett Jr. You are a great American and for that I tank you. I will try and fund to my best ability Liberty Legal Foundation. JD"
Apr 22, 2012
James Davis (Jim) replied to Twana Blevins's discussion TEA PARTY vs. NETROOTS NATIONS – GAME ON?
"I'm with Ken. The divide is difined, The socilist and their hords will be coming. I only hope the the patriotic military come to assemble to a visible boundry we can mutually stand at. The tree of liberty needs to be watered, generously...…"
Apr 21, 2012
James Davis (Jim) replied to Twana Blevins's discussion WHAT is Scytl & WHY Should You Be VERY, VERY Concerned? – Patriot Update
"Take a deep bretah Patriots. This is seen as another usurper method of taking the UC citizens down the road to ruin. Until we hold Holter and the Justice department accountable there is no justice nor liberty in our land. We have been highjacked…"
Apr 12, 2012
James Davis (Jim) commented on Harry Riley's blog post NSA - An Agency Designed To Attack The Enemy From Without, Now Americans Are The Enemy
"Until the courts of the land start upholding the laws, all will be for not. Electronically they have the means, it's whether the military will follow the treasonous tyrant or fight to uphold the constitution of the people they, the…"
Apr 4, 2012
James Davis (Jim) replied to Stingray SFO (3% Oath Keeper)'s discussion Sheriff Joe now investigating Clinton and DNC ties to the Fraud-in-Chief
"Sheriff Joe needs some serious protection and a fleet of armed seals, rangers, and top notched bad guys to protect and defend Joe and the major bag of smell S _ _ T he's exposing for all to see. I participated in the begining of the…"
Apr 4, 2012
James Davis (Jim) replied to Twana Blevins's discussion 20 Signs That We Are Witnessing The Complete Collapse Of Common Sense In America
"The most evident cause is the justice department is corrupt, te excutive branch has a person in it that is not a bonified US CITIZEN and we have a hose and senate that commits fraud each day that they do not abide by te tennantof the oath they swore…"
Apr 1, 2012
James Davis (Jim) replied to James A Seigfreid's discussion Why The Trayvon Case Is Different...And Why It's Not
"If you've seen this more than once, it was too important to not pass along. Check out this clip showng BO telling the leaving Russian prime minister to let Putin know that after he takes thenext election he'll have more breathing room.…"
Mar 26, 2012
James Davis (Jim) replied to Twana Blevins's discussion Message from Col. James Harding, USAF, Ret. Col. Harding to ALL who have served...
"Just another heads up Patriots. Check out this clip showng BO telling the leaving Russian prime minister to let Putin know that after he takes thenext election he'll have more breathing room.…"
Mar 26, 2012
James Davis (Jim) commented on Harry Riley's blog post SILENCE OF THE LAPDOGS
"BO tells the leaving Russian prime minister to let Putin know that after he takes thenext election he'll have more breathing room. Also a…"
Mar 26, 2012
"Again I say it's a simple answer to an enormous problem. Nobody in office deservers a moments excuse for not validating this mans (Obama) legal, constitutional right to be in the office of the president of the once great American United States.…"
Mar 25, 2012
James Davis (Jim) commented on Joe G Sanchez's blog post The Blessing
"Each and every reminder that we are Blessed through the Blood of Christ bring comfort and councel to all those seeking His Mercy. God Bless and keep you all in His Grace to empower our faith in the days ahead. Thanks Tawana and Harry fopr the…"
Mar 17, 2012
James Davis (Jim) commented on Dorothy Carlson's group Patriots for America - California
"And a state that support Paloci and boxer would care about the citizens rights because? This state is done. All the money and talet is either leaving or gone. The state is bankrupt and their talking more taxes from the few left working the state…"
Mar 3, 2012
James Davis (Jim) replied to Twana Blevins's discussion Taliban 'offer every assistance' to al Qaeda, says terrorist leader
"Time to take the OBMAMAMA gloves off the military and let them scorch the earth.. I don't know about he rest of you citizens but I'm done playing the Hilllary game of let's all get along. We'll take their (UC Citizens) guns away…"
Mar 3, 2012
James Davis (Jim) replied to Shane S.'s discussion Why Are Muslims So Upset Over Surveillance?
"John Bitoffol has it right. The people that put Obummer in office must be held accountable. He is not legally in office and the party that supports him is the result of our…"
Feb 27, 2012
James Davis (Jim) replied to Twana Blevins's discussion FIVE QUICK QUESTIONS TO EXPOSE ANY FAKE CONSTITUTIONALIST
"Here's another I cotchas... Those elected have failed the oath they sware when appointed to office. We have no…"
Feb 26, 2012

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Citizens Second Ammendment Rights Again Trampled by the Elites

Posted on June 3, 2009 at 9:30am 0 Comments

The land we live in,

Who cares! The law makers do not obey the laws already on the books, why should the citizens of this country. When the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches of Government do not abide buy the primary and singular most important law of the land, the constitution of the United States, what makes you think the citizens of this village will abide by any new laws they create? They started this level of deceit and treason and we the people will hold them… Continue

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At 2:25pm on November 22, 2009, Thomas said…
Let me say that again. This is first about giving glory to Providence. That is always our ultimate purpose for existence. If you do not have faith in God, I suggest you focus on lawful (property, person, reputation) govenment. If we lose our liberty but He is glorified by your actions, so be it, He knows best. But He wants to lift up those who glorify Him.
At 2:11pm on November 22, 2009, Thomas said…
Jim, and all God's people, you plus God is a majority. Just make sure you are serving God, then go forward with enthusiasm and courage. Seek His face, take steps, and trust that he will guide your path. He has said He will. He delights in showing Himself awesome (but is not obligated to anything you think He shoud do).
At 2:20pm on September 26, 2009, Thomas said…
Thank you James.
James, I need some help. Pennsylvania Freedom Allies are putting on a lobby drive Tuesday at the Harrisburg Capitol Building, and it would be much more effective if we had a couple hundred folks there to restore liberty and reduce spending. It will be low key, no speaches, and we will have tools for the "lobbyists", and it will tell them that the game has changed, we are on the prowl. Any help you can give would be very much appriciated. I could use up to 500 patriots. I hope many of them are vets, but of course all are welcome. If you have thoughts, or can help, please call me at 724-217-4008. We expect to be announced from the Senate and House floors. I am asking folks to take off work and be there.


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