I am sick and tired of these people who chant and shout "Death to Israel - death to America"

If they don't like it here in America then they have every right in the world to take advantage of one of our great freedoms - that is to leave.
Get the hell out, Go someplace else where you think you might be more comfortable.
I Stand WITH Israel, If that offends someone - tough shit.


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  • All of this is by Barack Hussein Obama;


    It is the Democrat’s stated policy that the American people are living too high on the standard of living scales of the world economy. President Jimmy Carter said Americans needed to lower our standard of living. Barack Obama and Joe Biden are forcing that reduction of American standards of living.


    ALL of this world turmoil, the wars in the middle east, the war against Israel, and other places around the world are all deliberate policies of the Biden/Obama administration.
    The attacks against Israel are from Obama and his ties to the Islamist terror organizations HAMAS.
    Barack Hussein Obama IS Islamist Muslim. These are all his policies, being carried out by Joe Biden.
    All of the student riots promoting pro-Palestinian HAMAS attacks around the country are all from this “community-Organizer” Obama.


    The open Borders and the flood of immigrants into the country are the policy of the Obama/Biden administration for the reduction of American standards of living.

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