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At 1:38pm on February 23, 2010, Jennifer LaBonte said…
VNVet52..What you said about someone backing Jim...that's weird b/c I just wrote a letter to Jim the other night..but I put it in my draft folder. I wanted to think about it a bit before I sent it to him. Basically what I said to him was that if he could get someone fairly well known to back him, then he would be able to give McCain & J D Hayworth a run for their money. Now those were not my exact words..but pretty close. I did suggest someone, but the more I think about may not be possible. I'm glad to hear what you said though..b/c he really is running by himself now & it would be great if he got someone to back him & would spread his name around so that people would know about him. I have made friends elsewhere in AZ & I have been feeling a bit torn between them b/c they all have their favorites. Like I told someone else, I'm a 'newcomer' to this state. We have only lived here for around 12-13 yrs. I'm glad that we joined the Tea Party in our town b/c I'm learning a lot about the different politicians. I know how our Tea Party feels about these polticians..but I don't think they make it a rule to discuss favorites, etc. We have moved to a new place in town b/c our group has grown so much. I may try to ask a question about this at our next meeting. I will have to figure out the appropriate time to ask it..b/c I really don't want to stand up with a mike in front of everyone.
At 8:47pm on February 22, 2010, Jennifer LaBonte said…
Well, VNVet52, Chris Simcox is now out of the picture for the time being. I was surprised to see him back out...but maybe he figured that he couldn't win. We had Jim Deakin up to our Tea Party a few weeks ago & we all liked him quite a bit. His biggest problem is going to be running against Hayworth & McCain. At our meeting this week, I hope that someone will bring the subject of Jim up. He really needs all the backing that he can get.
At 9:10pm on January 23, 2010, Jennifer LaBonte said…
I googled Chris Simcox..but don't know what you mean by copy #5 & #6. Chances are that no one will boycotte this meeting. He is coming up here to loan our group his projector so we can see the movie, "The Border"..then afterwards, our Tea Party group has said they will have a reception for him & then I "suppose" he will speak. If we go, I think we will just leave after the movie. We really don't care to listen to him speak again. However, I would like to be able to tell this group why I'm not ethused about him. Most of them think that he is wonderful & I'm not joking about that!
At 10:12pm on January 22, 2010, Jennifer LaBonte said…
I would like to know how to handle Chris Simcox. By that I mean he plans to return to our home town in March..says he only wants to help out by bringing up a movie projector so we can all see the movie, "The Border". One time I was told it was only a 20 minute video & I said that I thought it was a lot to ask him to travel all the way up here just to see a 20 min. video. Now I'm told it's an hour movie..HOWEVER, the Tea Party Group that I belong to wants to give a recpetion for him afterwards. Frankly, I am not impressed with what Chris Simcox has said so far. To me, he models a suit fine..but there is nothing inside him. I asked him some questions last time he was up here & people didn't like it. I do not understand why people are attacted to him so much. He's a typical politician. I can only hope that they treat others as nicely that decide to come up here. Next thing you know it, they will invite some of these other people up here to talk to the town..just hope there will be some which I'm interested in hearing. No one seems to do too much research before they get these people to come up here. If they decide on McCain..they are going to hear from me about him! Actually, I don't think they would do this..but they did invite Ann Kirkpatrick to attend a debate & she turned them down flat. I realize that they want to be open to both sides..but we know all about Ann Kirkpatrick..she has shown her true colors to this town & if people are not aware of what she's up to by now..they never will be.
At 12:40pm on December 23, 2009, Joe Green said…
Thank You for being my friend!!!!!!
At 7:47pm on September 6, 2009, Karen Schweiker said…
Thank you for the friendship invitation, VNVet52 and for your service to America. All of us here love our precious country and want to do everything we possibly can to take back what is being stolen from us.

Wish we could all be in D.C. for the marches there on 9/12, but we'll be in Flagstaff supporting all of the D.C. marches/marchers with our own rally in front of the City Hall on 66. Hope everyone in Phoenix and surrounding areas will be able to attend the rallies planned there.
At 4:56am on July 13, 2009, BlessedONE333 said…
thank you for your kind words - this is my marine father's flag. I received it when I buried his ashes at Golden Gate national cemetary.

Like the constitution - it means liberty and freedom to our people!
At 3:17pm on May 3, 2009, Ozark_sky said…
VNVet52, Thank you for your service to our country! I live in a FREE country because of your willingness to serve to protect and defend America! Welcome to PFA Great to have you join us as we work together to promote our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms as Americans! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you become more acquainted with the features at our site. We the people can make a difference!

At 2:46pm on May 1, 2009, DJ "El Gato" Czerniejewski said…
Hey VNVet52, welcome aboard! I, too, am a 'Nam vet, was with the 196th Bde and the Americal Div. 71-72 I live in Phoenix near 15th Ave and Camelback Rd.


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