With great trepidation (probably on both our parts) I, Kevin McClellan and Tammy Hyatt have agreed to share the responsibility of Leading Michigan to Washington.  I am the POC (Point Of Contact) for the Yoopers and any Minnesota and Wisconsin folks that will be using the Northern Route.  Tammy has reluctantly agreed to be the POC for Lower Michigan.  ( As a Yooper, I totally understand )

Everybody needs to understand that you cannot just fall in line with us.  You need to Help, to contribute.  If you are not an Asset, you are a liabillity...Stand UP

I love that there are Michigan Patriots checking in and communicating their intent and offering what they can.  Whenever you see a new member check in, Welcome them. Make contact, through this site or through the info they post...we NEED  to talk to each other...it's the only way to validate the sincerity of OUR Movement to Action.

Message me with your contact info, I want to talk.  And so do you.

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I thought about sending out a personal message about my contact info... but then no one around me (if there are any...yet) would know about it. So here goes:

Jessica Gleason

Live in Kingsley Mi, but work in Traverse City

Cell phone: 559-801-4227 (I don't pick up numbers I don't know, so leave a message!) I have unlimited text so feel free!

e-mail: jmglea2005@hotmail.com 

Feel free to friend me here on my page! Right now I'm feeling a bit new and out-of-sorts!

I have no problems with helping to pick people up and bring them to a "mass" location for buses or help create a "pick-up" schedule for the bus(es) to take in order to get everyone on the way. I was also feeling nervous about not having any contact info on who we have in our state. I have a full time job, but I'm willing to do work to help out. Ask me and I will find an answer for you - it just may take me some time. :)

(This goes for everyone!)

Hi Jessica!  I am going to write your info down.  If anyone else sees our post and does not want to put personal info on these public pages they can email me at my personal email:  tlchyatt@tm.net and give me contact info.  I will keep a running list, hopefully with "I can drive", "I'd like to ride" "Going for the 16/17 event", "Planning on staying a week" etc.  It will all start coming together.  We just need to keep sharing ideas, offering to do part of the planning, etc.  Let's try to get 5 people a week to join our Michigan group.  And we can continue to post info about the event on any sites we visit, places we visit and can leave info etc.  Michigan must do our part and help make this as successful as possible.  Thanks again and if I don't find you to "friend" you tonight please look me up and send something to me.  Have a great week!

Thanks Tammy. I think I've already sent a friend request to you when I first found out you were Point in the Michigan team. :) I'll do what I can for people joining - planning on hitting up the VFW and American Legion next week. Hopefully we'll see some more action on our site.

I'm up for staying the length of time I'm needed - however, I'm also putting in for a really good position at my job (and odds are in my favor). I'll walk away from it if I'm needed though. Hopefully I'll only need to take a week off and not have to worry about it. Things could just go wonderfully for us and be taken care of in that amount of time (I can hope). 

I think I'm doing well enough that they would hire me back if I walked away... or I can find another job. Even clean toilets. :)

It is SO refreshing to hear you say that, Jessica.  I am in exactly the same boat.  My employer gave me a sizable bonus for my efforts last year and I am writing a letter, not requesting an indefinite leave of absence but informing him of my intent.  He will have to decide over the next couple of months whether or not to replace me.  I too, am an optimist and hope that I will return before he is forced into making that decision...15 years ago, I was looking for a winter job because calling MARVIN every couple of weeks wasn't who I was/am...And here I am "management".  I can find another job....Leaving my son is the hardest part.

Thank You Jessica,

For being so bold, that is what we need!  I am Kevin McClellan in Houghton County. I am theuniquey@yahoo.com

I only give my phone number in an email or PM and wish for instant contact to confirm each other.

"Trust but verify"  Ronald Reagan

Kevin McClellan

Hi guys.. Jessica we have already done the friend request on here. However, I am on FB, also.
Anyone who wants to contact me through there, just search..
Ken Duty. Petoskey, Michigan. Not many names like mine! It been busy handing out info, with very good responses in my community. Please feel free to get ahold if me on FB. I'll only be able to be in DC for the first weekend, but will continue my efforts! I hope to hear from you all!

Mr. McClellan, Curious, are you any relation to Robert McClellan, NSO with the DAV in Detroit?

Back to the point. I am a 70 yo old disabled vet, very much interested in standing for our country in DC. However, I'm debating whether I'll be more of a hindrance than an asset. I guess I have to chew on that awhile. In the mean time, I would be more than willing to help in any way possible prior to 5/16. I live in western Wayne Co. How can I get in touch with you or Tammy?

A little leary of posting my email address and phone number. Ray Mandry, Sgt. USAF, Retired

Hi Ray, I will give you my email address:  tlchyatt@tm.net  I am already on too many lists as it is so I may as well give them one more :)


And yes, you should go to D.C.  You fought for it.  It yours.  You need to be there.  History in the making !!

Tammy, I spoke with Kevin this afternoon. A very interesting discussion. He is extremely dedicated to OAS.

If you remember a recent email I sent to you, I wasn't quite sure if I would be a help or hindrance in DC given that I,m a 70 yo disabled vet. I believe I have found my spot! I certainly can handle rear echelon support. Anyone who can't or  doesn't want to be in the heart of the action can serve a useful purppose in the background. Let's all put our heads and hearts together to make this an event that will FINALLY get the attention of the imposters in the government. I can be reached via email at rmandry445@att.net.   God Bless us all.

Hello Raymond, I don't believe the Robert is any relation.  And I don't believe you are wrong in being leary.

I am a 45 year old able-bodied vet and have no problem being as much assistance as necessary if you can find it in your craw to come with us.

I'll give you a call.

keith slocum new , help me to understand whats going on and when and what I can do.  keithslocum74@yahoo.com



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