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Comment by Martin L. Church on July 5, 2014 at 4:42pm

To all State Leaders and Members: As the “Out Reach Coordinator for Operation American Spring along with members the Out Reach Team, we have been working to get the word out to all Americans.

The religious leaders of America have been greatly over looked and they can be a great help towar the Mission of Operation American Spring, but we must energize them in all our States, Cities, and local Communities. These religious leaders have been like most Americans – Asleep, as to what is taking place before their own eyes. Therefore - I offer the following web sites for all State Leaders and members to educate yourselves on the current status of many Churches of all denominations. The “Black Robe Regiment” that was instrumental in winning the Revolutionary War. By energizing and enlisting these religious leaders to take an active part in energizing their congregations, would add multitudes to the mission of OAS. Americans could take back our Country from these tyrants in short order.

Please educate your self , First, then begin contacting all the “Religious Leaders” in your area, providing them with this information along with a request for them to become proactive in Operation American Spring. Be prepared to offer and assistance to them and remember one of the Principles of Management - “Follow-Up.” Be sure to followup with them as way to assess their progress.

Many Cities and Towns have Pastor/Preacher Associations where all ministers in the area meet to discuss religious issues, this could present an opportunity for an OAS member to meet and make your presentation and get some interest started. Use you imagination and background to the fullest.

May God Bless America Again!

Mission Operation American Spring.

Comment by Martin L. Church on April 7, 2014 at 12:25am

This effort is FREE and will get the attention of your elected - hopefully. Let us all make a concerted effort to turn the 6834 into 6,000,834 by Monday 7 April 2014. It's easy and will help the effort to take back America from the clutches of Tyrants. Politicians act on numbers of active constituents - BE- ONE.
Check your state on the "Leader Board" to see how your state is responding. Encourage all your friends to take action also - Help make your state "Number One" in responses.
After completion of this 1 minute action please continue for One more minute.

Go to "Click" on your state and sign on to show your support for America. Operation American Spring is a volunteer effort of dedicated American Patriots - with NO paid help. Only Americans helping to restore our long standing Constitutional Government of "We-The-People."
"If not ME - Then Who? - - If not NOW - Then When?" America belongs equally to everyone, lets all defend and take back our country!

Please forward to all your contacts and Place on your face book page.

May God Bless America again.

Martin L. Church
National Out Reach Coordinator.
Operation American Spring.

Subject: Fw: OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING Update 25 from Col Riley.
Operation American Spring Petition to US Senators and US Representatives.
It's all laid out for your folks. Click on the above and make our voices heard. This is being transmitted across the nation, and only you can make it happen. Put the link on FB, Twitter, Blogs, everywhere........we need a gigantic/massive support of this petition.
The petition will be used in conjunction with our Boots on the Ground evidence to convince Congress our right under the 1st Amendment for a response to our Demands/Grievances is guaranteed by the US Constitution.
Click on the above link and take action now. Do it several time per day if you can...your entire often as possible.
Harry Riley

Comment by Anthony Kirk on March 5, 2014 at 5:03pm

Hello North Dakota, my name is Anthony Kirk (Tony) and I am working to catch up with all (7) states I am a member at large and member of the National Executive Committee.  Came on board mid December 2013.

I live in Michigan and things are slow there with only 51 members.  Michigan State Chair recently quit so getting the state leadership (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, etc) has been a real issue.  My biggest concern is each state having a Treasurer that has had experience the the public sector.  Without one,state cannot function.

Like many, I have been working full out on Operation American Spring and learned early its not a discussion topic here on VPA pages. Just want to say I will be available for questions and help where I can.  Send me a friend request so we can discuss what ever you wish.  Tony

Comment by Merlin A Olson on March 1, 2014 at 1:15am

Hello North Dakota! I am located about 9 miles from the extreme Northeast corner of North Dakota in Minnesota. Am looking for other patriots close to me.

I live near Hallock . contact me at .

Comment by Johnny Smith on February 22, 2014 at 8:24am

Hello North Dakota, looks like you have no state leader on this or the OAS site. Vincent, yours is the last post since June of 2010 looks like. If you are interested in helping your state get started on OAS join the other site and private message me(just click on my name and the option will come up) and I'll help you get started over there. The other state leaders and myself are available to help and would be glad to see a leader from every state because it is going to take local folks to make this work.

Comment by vincent b costa on February 19, 2014 at 10:10am

going back to work in williston nd need patriot contacts asap

Comment by Dan D. on June 12, 2010 at 11:13am
To all:

With the help of thousands of caring and unselfish souls, patriots throughout the state, gathering and networking and believing in a common thread......the organic groups, comradery , and friendships that were forged over the past 18 months have been an incredible event to watch and moved together toward a common goal.
Now the over 50+ groups in the state of Maine need to continue the ''bridging'', and ''communicating'' in order to table ideas and share direction with each other.
New groups should reach out to larger hubs to share ideas, events, and notification of the new groups existence to spread the word. We can't afford to work in a bubble, in isolation.
Group creators and passionate patriots working tirelessly in the movement should be aware of and provide additional insight into how we move forward together in UNISON. There are many tasks that we all can be doing throughout the year, and I put together a list to table with area and site patriots:
I am so proud of the American Citizens that have heard the call and ANSWERED. We've got much to do, we've got to take the blueprint here in Maine and build on it, AS IT WORKS!!!
We have a laundry list of ways to continue the push in what I call the N.W.T.P.O. (New ''We The People'' Order):
1. Replace ''tea-bagger(s)'', ''tea-partiers'' from the vocabulary in blogs as comments, rebuttals, or posts. ''TEA PARTY'' IS: Community, Humanity, and Participation. TEA-PARTY is ALL, EVERYTHING, EVERYONE, we need to avoid sucking the conversation into personal attacks of character.
2. Stay en mass ACTIVE on all blog centers throughout the state to counteract the systematic smearing of the progressive machine which started furiously again after the results came in last night.
3. Continue to introduce 1 person a week into your life, a person you would normally ignore or pass by in your life travels.
4. More involvement in Town Halls, continue to fill the empty seats and question decisions that before were just passed with ease. Make them uncomfortable digging into the office affairs, as this is YOUR BUDGET LINE ITEM in the family budget. Run for local positions.
5. Money-B0M_B from national networks, we all need to help create pages to write into national networks for fund-raising (See Library and Links for national networks).
6. Continue with fliers, business cards and reach out to networks in Maine to continue to strengthen communication and pull in new residents into the discussion and education and events.
7. Continue events throughout the state and advertise to raise awareness and funding.
8. Contact companies that advertise in liberal biased media outlets (complacent passive consent to behavior by funding them) and ask them for trial runs in areas or the state to pull out of these newspapers. Give them alternative papers and support these companies statewide when they confirm support. Ask national companies to block out the state for one month to ''test'' if revenue will suffer or if bonds of friendship and loyalty will be formed with thousands of thousands of hard-working Mainers (in turn word-of-mouth and brush-fires of support for these companies will ensue). I've started an analysis here on Maine Re-Founder and Maine Patriots and will continue throughout the summer with other newspaper companies.
9. Join social networks unassociated with politics and inject the ''state of the state'' into the discussions.
10. Join social networks of the ''old-guard'' two-party, us vs. them mentality and re-frame the conversation to invoke independent thought and re-framing of the conversation.
11. Re-frame our own communication style to understand that Democrats ARE NOT bad people. The left fringe Progressive ideology and the wide-spread contamination of it within the Democratic Party (and GOP to some extent) is the problem as well as a broken 2-party system that is power corrupt and has legislated us away.
12. Counter Progressive bloggers and smearing by reinforcing TEA-PARTY is a spot on slice of America's demographic, not angry old rich white men. Deflect lies of bigotry and racism, the movement has no ''twinge'' of this behavior, the government WANTS IT TO to induce artificial STRIFE in order to keep the broken system intact.
13. Continue to organically grow local groups to meet face-to-face and commune, discuss, support, and ACT.
14. Remove ''GRASSROOTS'' from the vocabulary, it was sullied and slathered with evil intentions by the Organize for America movement and Nancy Pelosi. Use ORGANIC.
15. Continue to share articles, and post in ''groups'' on the site for collection and re-distribution and study (i.e. articles BEFORE the election and AFTER the election) to see discontinuities in candidates, bloggers, and Progressive candidates.
16. Digest, interpret, and share the Democratic Platform and Democratic and Eliot Cutler platforms for the WORLD TO SEE - SHOW THEM THE INTENTIONS WITHOUT THE HAZE OF SALESMENSHIP.
17. Replace GOP/Republican with the word ''citizen(s) in the Platform and distribute unassumingly on sites with varying ideologies to raise awareness.
18. Seek to identify ''shoulder-devils'', Progressive Marxists in hiding, amongst GOP and Democratic Party networking groups. CALL THEM OUT FOR WHAT THEY ARE. The compromising, hesitation, and in-action they induce paralyzes The People from firming their commitment to Principles and Values.
19. Continue to research new legislation and call-fax-write to combat unconstitutional initiatives and bloated spending efforts of a gone-wild government.
20. Research candidates and their behavior-habits, support local candidates to improve their networks and share among the 50+ groups to strengthen the organic support behind them.
21. State militia groups need to join the conversation and be open to adjusting image and perceptions - they need to take a more proactive approach on teaching and outward reaching communication and tailor sites from the ''objects'' that are coveted or protected, to the ''protection and coveting of THE RIGHTS themselves''.
I can't say enough about the people I have met over the past year and how hard they have worked to make things right. We are not us vs. them, left vs. right, GOP vs. dem, old vs. young, black vs.. white, female vs. male.
United We Stand. God Bless America
I ask that this be included with the hundreds of other ideas from Patriotic Americans in Maine as we strategize our direction and how we behave going forward.
Comment by Terri on August 25, 2009 at 8:37pm
A MUST SEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

MSNBC & The Great Liberal Narrative: The Truth About The Tyranny of Political Correctness

Help pass this out by emails/blogs and your friends list ask they do the same.

MSNBC & The Great Liberal Narrative: The Truth About The Tyranny of Political Correctness

We need to show just how MSNBC is playing this race game ..but, wait..well watch this and you will see just how dirty ,liar and their games they play to keep the African American at bay with them , as they use them for their agenda games and say Ha ha as they plan and get this lie out as to say ha ha.. we will continue useing the African American in believeing us.. So, we keep it gong to keep the African American at bay as hossage. as they MSNBC played the race game in the election for Obama. well caught and as we have saw what MANBC-NBC-MSN Did in their nasty little lies in playing the race game against the people of America cause they really needed to keep the African Americans all held hossage and blind in what in the real truth.It's not of rascis ,How darn MSNBC use a African America as this man stand with the people in fighting for his/our country- The health bill -and our freedom.. so, they don't show hsi face arms nothing but his gun and then go on ro say white people at a tea p[arty and showing this man with out his fave or arms or his race or color as they reported this on tv msnbc for the viewers as what they say is really true.. really MSNBC..Well BUSTED as we have saw your media msnbc played race games all along durning election and still to hold the African Americans at bay while they lie on the whites.MSNBC are liars and they don't need to be reporting nothing cause they are not a media !!!! They are there to do their job of who they wanted and told that will be president so they work for a person who helps go out and get shots and wow... sit around and say.. lets hide this and then say white s with gun and a man of color as Obama ..hey.. watch who is standing there that msnbc did not show the face arms race color .Take a look watch it...

so,what did they do ? They wanted not to show this mans face who is African American so those who watch thier show will think.. a white man with a gun as Obama will show up and no .....And they wanted to have many people even the African Americans think the man they can not see is a white man..but really look he is a African American in who stand up for his freedom-right-health-taxes
and saying as we all are all around at tea parties fghtng for our country our childrens future our say no to government control... and MSNBC tries again to play the race game to keep what viewers they have left at bay with them-To keep their viewers asleep at the wheel but, many have jumped MSNBC ship as well as Obaam/ government/democrats ship as well.So,they say this wuill get some back as viewrs ..They will believe this one.. hello msnbc there is nothing your network can do to get back the people.FACE IT... MILLIONS MILLIONS MILLION OF ALL RACE AND COLOR HAVE JUMPED YOUR SHIP-OBAMAS SHIP-DEMOCRATS SHIP- NANCY PELOSI SHIP-CONGRESS SHIP-GOVERNMENT-... WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE MSNBC WE HAVE YOUR NUMBER AND WE ARE NOT WATCHING YOUR MEDIA.. WE ARE SHUTING YOU DOWN DOWN DOWN. !! I did as of MAY 31,08

MSNBC & The Great Liberal Narrative: The Truth About The Tyranny of Political Correctness
Comment by Maureen Gerrish on March 17, 2009 at 12:37pm
Yesterday there was a very important hearing for the North Dakota Personhood Bill. And now we look forward to the vote on the Senate Floor!

We want to fill the email boxes of these State Senators to send the message that protecting human life is the most important job that they have!

Would you send an email to five or ten or maybe all 47 Senators in North Dakota?

This is a very important time to connect with the Senators because the vote could take place as early as Thursday!

There are some groups at work in North Dakota that would like to add amendments to the Personhood Bill 1572 and change it from a bill that protects life to a "symbolic" bill that says we should be pro-life.

Our response to this effort is: Babies are being killed, we don't need another symbolic bill, we need to protect them!!!

So please take a few moments and email the Senators from the list below and tell them in your own words that they must vote yes on the Personhood Bill 1572 with NO AMENDMENTS!!!!

Thank You For Being a Personhood Advocate!
Keith Mason

District 1
Senator Stanley W. Lyson R

District 2
Senator John M. Andrist

District 3
Senator Robert M. Horne

District 4
Senator John M. Warner

District 5
Senator Tom Seymour

District 6
Senator David O’Connell

District 7
Senator Ryan M. Taylor

District 8
Senator Layton W. Freborg

District 9
Senator Richard Marcellais

District 10
Senator Curtis Olafson

District 11
Senator Tim Mathern

District 12
Senator Dave Nething

District 13
Senator Judy Lee

District 14
Senator Jerry Klein

District 15
Senator Dave Oehlke

District 16
Senator Joe Miller

District 17
Senator Ray Holmberg

District 18
Senator Constance Triplett

District 19
Senator Arthur H. Behm

District 20
Senator Elroy N. Lindaas

District 21
Senator Carolyn Nelson

District 22
Senator Gary A. Lee

District 23
Senator Joan Heckaman

District 24
Senator Larry J. Robinson

District 25
Senator Arden C. Anderson

District 26
Senator Jim Dotzenrod

District 27
Senator Jim Pomeroy

District 28
Senator Robert S. Erbele

District 29
Senator Terry M. Wanzek

District 30
Senator Bob Stenehjem
27 Email

District 31
Senator Aaron Krauter

District 32
Senator Dick Dever

District 33
Senator Randel Christmann

District 34
Senator Dwight Cook

District 35
Senator Tracy Potter

District 36
Senator George Nodland

District 37
Senator Rich Wardner

District 38
Senator David Hogue

District 39
Senator Bill Bowman

District 40
Senator Karen K. Krebsbach

District 41
Senator Tony S. Grindberg

District 42
Senator Mac Schneider

District 43
Senator JoNell A. Bakke

District 44
Senator Tim Flakoll

District 45
Senator Tom Fiebiger

District 46
Senator Tom Fischer

District 47
Senator Ralph L. Kilzer

Thanks Again, and Invite your friends to the Personhood USA group if they would like to help protect life too!

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