Constitutional Emergency

A Declaration to the Liberals who have stolen my country

In the course of human history there has been only one society that has given its people a true opportunity to pursue "Life, Liberty, and Happiness". That society has existed here in the United States of America. This opportunity, and the freedoms that come with it, have been guaranteed by the eloquent and sober words of the United States Constitution for over 200 years. These documents, as written and shortly thereafter amended in the Bill of Rights, give mankind the closest thing to a "perfect" government ever conceived by the mind of man. These values have held up to the test of time, and have given the peoples who have lived under them, the most prosperous and peaceful existence in all of human history. These freedoms have afforded all of mankind the many blessing that innovation and invention can bare. Most, if not all of the great advances of the past 200 years are a direct result of the freedoms defined in our great founding documents. These documents, and the freedoms they guarantee, are now under assault. They have been under assault for many years. We the American people are a tolerant people, and in the spirit of tolerance have allowed those who would bring harm to our freedoms, and our way of life to infiltrate our government, our means of information (the Main Stream Media), our education system, and our judicial system. All of these functions of society have been organized with specific checks and balances, laid out for the protection of the people.
The defining values of those that dominate these functions today, are opposite to the values we have enjoyed for so many years as a people. The very fabric of our society, a Judeo/Christian set of values, is being torn asunder, by those, who in the name of "tolerance", wish to drive God from the public square. Our Founding Fathers, the framers of the Constitution, warned us of these very dangers. They understood, just as the majority of us today understand, that a society without God can not stand the test of time.

I hereby at this time make a charge of a conspiracy against the liberties of the people of these United States, which has been indiscriminately brought about by those who seek power, and who willingly govern outside the will of the American people. The advocates and parties, complicate in this plan, to wantonly and wholly dismiss the will of the Founding Fathers have, in the opinion of this writer, perpetuated a wholesale change to the very liberties we have enjoyed for so many years. The changes being brought about are contrary to the will of the people whom these parties are set to govern. Due process has been replaced by a false, and unconstitutional sense of urgency, perpetuated by the advocates in the media, our Congress, and by our President, in an effort to bring about these changes. This, in the opinion of the writer, is far too wanton and too malignant, not to excite the indignation of every person, who feels in his own heart a refutation of the situation. The changes being thrust upon the wealthy, and the working class, have been such as to inspire the disgust of all sensible people. And the unwarrantable concealments and misrepresentations which have been in various ways practiced, to keep the truth from the public eye, have been of a nature, as to demand the reprobation of all honest people.

With this said, we, the honest citizens of these United States declare this day, a desire to bring those responsible for, and complicate in, the disregard of the founding documents we hold dear, to a full and complete account of their crimes, which are stated in these words. For by way of restrictive laws, the attempt to deny the right to freedom of expression of those in opposition to their points of view. And by way of restrictive laws, the attempt to deny us, the American people, the right to keep and bare arms, to defend ourselves from unsavory individuals and from an out of control government, which if left unchecked would become tyrannical and overbearing. And by way of an over burdensome tax code, which has become full of unrepresentative taxes, contrary to the law as written. These and many other grievances are the cause of us to make this declaration.

If by way of lawful review, as set forth by by the Constitution of these United States, these conspirators are not brought to bare the full measure of justice, as requested by "the People". We must prepare for possible action as provided for in the Constitution.

Copy this, Print this, E-mail this to all you know! We need all Americans who still care about our freedoms to see this. It is in my opinion, a new and much needed "Re-Declaration of Independence"

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