Constitutional Emergency

Enough is Enough , time to switch the satanic , mind warping box off.

First of all , put your hands up , if you believe what is being broadcast on American television has denigrated into nothing but Satanic programing for the minds of our innocent children and youth?

How warped and perverted are these individuals if they believe that Satanic rituals performed by pop idols are the sort of visuals any person let alone children should be watching.? Quite frankly its mentally unhealthy. 

Where do you draw the line with this? what will be the next level of shock they wish to perform in front of your children?

I don't know about you , but can you see also the line being blurred between the acts that adults engage in being promoted as expectable for the very young to emulate?

What are they trying to achieve here? , this is nothing but the product of a very sick mind or in the case of national television programming a group of very sick minds.

Morally and ethically it's wrong to steal the innocence from a child , to force them to grow up sooner than they should.

Where do we draw the line  , when do we say stop, this is enough no more ?

Look to this and other perverted changes that are occurring in schools as well as just your local department store.

See how they are dressing children , especially girls like prostitutes , practically pushing bra's on toddlers, what the heck for???

Can you imagine a world , if this was allowed to run its course , where our babies are nothing but sex objects for the insanely sick individuals , who can only feel powerful and in control when they are abusing little children?


Not only is this very deeply warped but they have no right to do this, they have no right to take away the free will from these innocent babes.

The latest Grammies is the perfect example of what I am talking about.

I didn't watch it , I refuse to, I don't watch commercial TV and haven't done so for almost 10 years now , but have seen some clips and read a few posts about the depravity that was broadcast to all age groups of the American public and the world.

I no longer choose to be mind controlled by the Tell you Vision or pick the Channel through which I will be Programed.

Time to draw the line in the sand , with a huge red texter . NO MORE!!!


This is a POWER you do have America , a POWER , to walk away from their programming , the power to say NO THAT IS ENOUGH , and the power to save the innocence of your little children and your future.



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