Constitutional Emergency

By the “change” and direction of our country.   The American dream of freedom and self-reliance has been replaced by dependance and entitlement minded socialists.

Think about the state of the economy and the never-ending increases in the debt and deficit.  How long can we continue to borrow money to make interest only payments on the money we’ve already borrowed?   At what point, and how soon, will it all come crashing down?

I believe it is Obama’s intent to not only “change” America,but to destroy America, from within, just as Joseph Stalin predicted.  We, the workers, the producers, the payers,are now out numbered by liberal parasites and Communist wanabes who will always vote for higher taxes on the producers, and more free stuff for themselves.

The number one “profession” (if you can call it that), in the US is now welfare, over 108 million;  And the number one employer (if you can call it that), is the Government at over 22 million. is ten times that of Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest private employer.  All of this with fewer and fewer respectful patriots to pay for it all.

The DHS believes it is necessary to"desensitize" their agents so they will not hesitate to fire on women, children, and the elderly. Now couple that thought with how you hear the media and government officials describe those who disagree with the administration...calling them terrorists, anarchists, arsonists, hostage takers etc... What are they preparing for???

It's incredible that 42% of Americans think that this unqualified, incompetent, dishonorable, ego-driven fraud is doing a good job.  Take a moment.  Admit it to yourself.  You know who his supporters are.  They are the people that YOU support---financially.

Did you notice whom Obama threatened when he wasn't getting his way on raising the debt ceiling?  He threatened not to pay: Social Security Recipients and the Military.

Now let this sink in really well...

- He did not threaten to stop payments to illegal aliens.

- He did not threaten to take frivolous benefits such as Internet access away from violent inmates.

- He did not offer to fire some of the thousands of unnecessary“non-essential” federal employees that he hired.

- He did not offer to cut down on his or his wife's frivolous gallivanting around--- $20 Million already spent this year on family vacations. (One Million on a FL golf outing). All our money?

- He did not threaten not to pay the senators and representatives or any of their staff.

- He did not threaten to take benefits away from welfare recipients

- He did not threaten to take away free Obama phones

- He did not threaten the excessive food stamp program.

- He did not threaten to reduce payments in foreign aid.

- He did not threaten to cut back on anything that involves his base voters.

- The list could go on and on. 

Also think about:

ObamaCare; to gain total control over the American people by making us dependent on the government for our health and our lives

Amnesty; or the importation of poverty, to add to the ranks of dependent surfs that will always vote Democrat.

Gun Control to disarm Americans so we are defenseless against criminals and government ternary.  Remember, our “right to bear arms” is intended as a defense against an out-of-control, over-powerful, tyrannical government, not for hunting.

Fast & Furious;  the government supplying guns to Mexican cartels.  

War on Coal; to keep America in debt,underemployed, and dependent of foreign oil

Benghazi; refusing to protect American diplomats abroad, and blocking the investigation.

Are you also troubled?

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