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What's up with the American Civil Liberties Union here in Oklahoma

Its been just over a year since I called the office of the National ACLU in Washington D.C. to complain about our local ACLU in Oklahoma City. They have continued to refuse to respond to the dozens of allegations I have made against over a half a dozen agencies and its terrifying what the local police did just hours after that call to the national branch of the ACLU [I will let you in on that one in just a moment]. They have not even lifted one finger to help us even after I have provided a mountain of evidence that way more than proves that some very serious crimes have been committed against my family and I. I have filed several complaints about a lot of my phone calls being intentionally blocked by federal law enforcement to destroy my business and so many other things that are absolutely ridiculous. The last paragraph of this short blog talks about a few of the things that are is my saveacab blog and it might be the most bizarre situation you've ever heard.

Over the last three years I believe I have experienced the worse case of documented phone law enforcement in U.S. history. For six months I had two phones with the same phone number and about half the phone calls would go to one phone and the other half would go to the other. Which 580-821-2222 phone the call would come to depended on what type of phone carrier my customers were calling me from. After more than four months of this occurring I had already switched carriers three times so I decided to transfer the number to an AT&T land line thinking there was no way it could stay like that. Almost two months the number was on an AT&T land line and it horrified an incredible amount of people how only half the calls would come to the land line and the other half would go to a cell phone. Many people with AT&T claim that it has never happened before and fortunately many hours of video were captured to carefully document this awful ordeal.

After I finally got all the calls to come over to the land line after fifty one days the phone then had call forwarding with a memory and someone on the other end seemed to just wanna play games. Another crazy thing was right before I got all the calls to come to one phone my land line number turned into 580-225-5617 and I was able to make and receive calls on that number for about an hour. Come to find out the 580-225-5617 number was being billed to the Department of Transportation in Oklahoma City and I have verified that with many representatives at AT&T. It's a real good thing I caught so much of this on video because there's no telling what might have happened to me if I hadn't. Also if I called the operator from the land line by dialing zero I couldn't even bill a call to my home phone because the operator said the phone was coming in as a mobile line.

Sound crazy yet? That's nothing compared to some of the other things my wife and I have endured through this mess including a deal that was presented to me not to call the Federal Communications Commission about some of the crimes and we would have all the taxi rides we could do. This is quite a corrupt little town I have lived in over forty three years and this situation has gotten extremely dangerous because I have chose to fight this bad bunch till I can't fight any longer. People are begging me to leave my home town because they fear for me but I've decided to stay and I'm not even giving up my taxi service that I started in the spring of 2000.

Please read my poorly written blog and try to forgive the uneducated sound that it has because I'm very uneducated especially when it comes to writing. Very soon a professional writer should be finished writing about this mess and I hope to get an enormous amount of much needed attention on this story. I have converted both killacab blogs into one and quite a bit more work has to be done to finish getting this ready to be published . My first blog starts at the point where my calls started getting blocked in January of 2007 and the second blog starts at the beginning of the taxi in the spring of 2000. The first blog is at and the second one which is only about one forth of the way complete is at I chose the name killacab because a friend came up with it for me and he said that he thought it seemed to fit in with some of what I have survived. Several people suggested that killacab was a little too radical so the name has been changed to saveacab.

Now here's what happened at the end of January 2009 when I called the ACLU in Washington D.C. and talked to a lady about just a few of the things that have occurred since the beginning of 2007. She seemed really horrified by the stuff that I told her but was pretty persistent that there was really nothing she could do. I just wouldn't take no for an answer and was so distraught that I began crying. I guess I was so pathetic it must have made her really want to help me and she said she would personally talk to several people at the national office where she worked but couldn't promise anything. I thanked her with all my heart and she must have called someone somewhere that had a little influence. About an hour after the phone call ended I received a call from Chuck Thornton who is the legal director of the ACLU in Oklahoma City and he said he wanted me to send in another set of complaint forms. He sounded afraid and I told him to mail me another complaint packet and I would be glad to submit the information again. This was around five in the afternoon and after his phone call I laid down to rest for a couple of hours because I felt sick after getting so upset. Around seven that evening I got up to have dinner with my mother and after dinner I went to pick up a customer.

As soon as I left my mothers house I noticed that a police unit was behind me about three blocks. For the next couple of hours everywhere I went I saw a police unit and I knew the call to Washington must have got some people angry. I was real busy and some of the rides were people who had used my service very frequently after the deal was presented not to call the F.C.C. two years before this. Many of them seemed real nervous as if they knew something was about to happen and several got in and grabbed their seat belts before starting to look around especially behind us. Finally around ten p.m. I picked up a guy by the name of Derek that is affiliated with the South Side [a local Spanish gang] and drove him to a house about ten blocks away from where I had picked him up. When I dropped him off a police officer began to tail me about a block behind and continued to do such for about fifteen minutes as I drove around town. He finally disappeared and I got a call from The New Oasis bar to pick up a friend by the name of Alan Hickey.

After I picked Alan up I started driving him to a bar about two miles away and about three blocks before we reached that bar a police car got behind us with his lights lit up so I pulled into the parking lot of the Beckham County Health Department which is right next door to the Elk City Police Department. As soon as I pulled in the parking lot six other police units pulled in and surrounded us. Alan asked me what I had done and I told him about calling the ACLU in Washington D.C. a few hours earlier about some of the things that had happened. I rolled down the window and the cop that had pulled us over was behind the door of his police car in a tactical stance with his gun pointed toward the door on my side of the van. He began talking on his pa loudspeaker system and said driver reach through the window with both hands and open up the door of the vehicle. After I did that he instructed me to get out and lift up my shirt then turn all the way around real slowly. When I was done doing his dance he told me to lay face down on the ground and as I was complying I asked him what I had done. As soon as I was on the ground I was handcuffed by an officer, lifted to my feet, and placed face down on the hood of one of the police cars.

They started asking me if there were any weapons in the van as an officer frisked me and I told them absolutely not. As that was going on I could hear the other police officers ordering my customer out of the van but thankfully he wasn't handcuffed. Again I asked them what was going on but they won't say and began searching my van. It couldn't have been more than a two minute search and I'm certain they weren't even looking for a weapon. Alan told them that it would be a good idea to take the handcuffs off my cab driver and if I were you guys I would relay a message to leave his phones alone. Alan has always been a good friend and one of the police officers was actually his cousin, Justin Hickey. Before they took the handcuffs off officer Brett Moore and Shane McGloflin took turns asking me questions about having a gun earlier that day. Shane said there was a report that came in earlier that day and someone had called the station to say I was waving a gun at people around town. I asked him if they got the report earlier that day then why didn't they try to make contact with me at that time and why was I followed around for several hours. Nobody seemed to have an explanation for this and Shane took the handcuffs off.

Brett Moore started asking me if I was taking Oxycontin or anything else and I told him no way. I asked him if I looked like I was on anything and he then started asking me if I needed to see a counselor about depression. He said that it wasn't anything to be ashamed of and asked me if I was thinking about hurting myself or anyone else. I told him that the only thing I had the intention of hurting was someones pocket book for committing so many crimes against my family and I. I then told all of the officers that we should find out who reported this to the station and try to get some kind of information about the person. Shane said that they didn't have that information so I told them I was coming into the station to file a complaint about this but then Brett said no your not. I then said what do you mean no I'm not and then Shane said just get back into your vehicle and go, so I did. After Alan and I got back in the van I began to cry. We started discussing the possibility that they were setting the stage in case something real bad had to be done to me.

I urge you to take a real close look at this story and of course I can't prove everything I'm saying but I'm certain I can prove enough to shock almost anyone because so much has been documented on video of so many incredible phone troubles. I believe the information that I have acquired over the last ten years that I have ran this taxi could eventually get me killed but I refuse to give up until some kind of restitution is provided for all the mental anguish we have endured. I'm going to break this story no matter what it takes and I believe as soon as a professionally written statement is ready that it will greatly change the way people absorb the full story.

So many things happened in 2007 that it's a wonder that I've survived all this so far. The feds even got stupid enough to start intercepting my calls and were trying to pretend to be reporters at news stations like Channel 5 in Oklahoma City, several law offices, etc. Things got real weird and if I couldn't prove as much as I can there's no telling what might have happened. I got intimidated with a gun in the back of the warehouse at District 2 Drug Task Force by two federal agents, stopped from moving down Main Street with vehicles that had bullet holes in the tailgates, and one night my lawyer even told me and two people that I had with me to go to the emergency room for protection from the local police after I had broke the deal not to call the Federal Communications Commission. Read the whole story and it will leave you speechless...

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Comment by Leisa Smith on March 29, 2010 at 2:11am
Twana is right about ACLU,they are no good,but then here is another problem you have ,only a Judge can unarrest you,when that officer stopped you,then had you go thru the procedure of a Felony arrest,then handcuffing you,you at that point were under arrest and you should have been transported to jail,by him takeing the handcuffs off of you and letting you go,he violated the Law ,this could be concidered harrassment.My advise would be to hire you a Lawyer,preferibly a pro bono Lawyer.
Comment by Randy James Albert on March 31, 2010 at 9:37pm
One of the managers of the local AT&T facility told me that this was enough for a whole team of lawyers to retire off of but many lawyers have told me that they would have to retire if they took this case. Its crazy how so many lawyers are so terrified of federal law enforcement now days. Organized crime has such a heavy grip on our country that I believe that the corruption has gotten extremely dangerous and its up to all of us to try to clean some of it up for our children and grand childrens sake.


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