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  • LOVE IT! I use the pizza.....w/the crowd that my son brings over; Ages 19-26! But with welfare! 8 slices of pizza that 4 bought; then, their dead beat friends come over....and they want food because they are hungry and you owe me...concept; then you have to share....with 2 more friends. Then those friends, say, I have family....Geeeez, now we have to feed 15 people off this same pizza that the first 4 bought? Yep!!!! Get it? Their young minds are opening up, slowly..... I can Not wait to show this one to them!!!!
  • I think, and I could be wrong, that the greatest problem is that the peoples in those nations only give lip service to wanting a better life, and DO nothing there to achieve it; rather, the ones who can come to Western nations, and expect that "better life" to be handed to them on a platter, and don't know or don't care or both, what it costs the CITIZENS of that nation to "give" it to them; they don't expect to have to work for it even here; unlike immigrants who came here legally in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and dug in hard to MAKE the better lives for themselves and their families. Worse, the governments and UN alike seem to be encouraging the attitude that we of the western nations actually OWE it to them all, and to not care that such an idea is both absurd and impossible to achieve. ALL it can possibly achieve is to drag the western nations down to the same level of poverty and misery "enjoyed" in those nations. Even though most have thrown off "colonial rule" over the past 60-80 years, almost none of them has then established a stable government and built a strong, stable economy for its own people from within itself. And the West simply can't support all 6+ billion people on its infrastructures and economies; that' s plain impossible, as Mr Beck showed clearly. But until and unless the peoples in those nations come together and decide they WANT that better life for themselves and begin to MAKE it where they are, out of their own determination to have it , we can't MAKE them want or have it either, and without that wanting, more than as a passing fancy, they will never achieve that. We see even in America, there are far too many who simply expect the government to "take care of them" all their lives, and don't want to have to work for what they want; and that's why we're having such trouble with the socialist/communist/Marxist bunch here now; how much MORE so in the nations from which so many of them are coming here?
  • Proves the elites agenda of doing what makes themselves feel good to hell, with reality. "Feed a man a fish and he will not be hungry for awhile, teach him how to fish and he will never be hungry", something like that.
  • Its not the people that have a problem its the GOVERNMENTS of those countries.
  • Now this is the best explanation I have heard yet to keep them at home. I believe that if they would help their own then we all would be a better world. I love the way he explained this.
  • Maybe he should take the entire Congress and explain things to them. Even he could explain it to Scumbama, that is if Scummy didn't try to eat all of the gumballs.
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