Inside the Darién Gap | AGENDA 2030 MASS MIGRATION PLAN EXPOSED | Muckraker Report

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This report exposes key information essential to understanding the US southern border crisis in its entirety.This investigation by proves that ...

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    An interesting article appeared on the Canadian Free Press, worth reading.



    It raises the question in my mind of what’s the difference between Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao TZ-Dong, and the United Nations.

    The answer appears to be that the United Nations is far more dangerous than any of those mentioned above.

    Add Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden to the list of bad actors above.
    Their goals are all the same.

  • Yes it is by design, but I never expected our inaction. 

  • These videos were taken in 2021, sadly the exodus has become far worse since then.
    We now have over 10 - MILLION illegal immigrants that this Biden administration has allowed to enter the USA.
    Among those 10 + Million are an estimated 37,000 Chinese nationals. All military age young men.
    The Biden/Harris/Obama administration should be impeached and tried for high treason. But again sadly our US Congress lacks the balls to even try that. They're all a bunch of useful idiots.

    Thanks Twana, good to see you're still here with me.
  • Sadly we seem to know what is happening but nothing is being done to stop it. We have become a people who prefer to live on our knees instead of fighting for our God given Liberties.
  • This is all being sponsored and paid for by the Biden/Harris/Obama administration AND the United Nations.
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