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gene r swank replied to Twana Blevins's discussion Hagel Says Cuts to Pay and Benefits are Needed
"Not untill they cut the Presidents, the vice presidents, congress and senat pay in half and cut all there retiremnet and medical benifits."
Nov 12, 2013
gene r swank replied to Twana Blevins's discussion How to Make a Ghillie Suit
"Sportsmans Guide sells green tan and white suits for around $70.Green for forest, tan for desert and white for snow. Good article though thank you"
Nov 10, 2013
gene r swank replied to Twana Blevins's discussion Navy SEALs ordered to remove ‘don’t tread on me’ Navy Jack from uniforms
"It is time for our Military to remove the Traitor from the White House. Along with all the damocrats, rinos, muslim advisors and try them all for treason. Then have a public hanging as a warning to the rest. Anyone who votes for an unconstitutional…"
Nov 3, 2013
gene r swank commented on Art Phillips's blog post Question
"Land of the FREE, Home of the Brave. The idiot government took ove our military during the Korean war, we havnt ever lost a war  but we havnt won any either. No these communist ba$#trds want to control everything and make obumer dictator of the…"
Oct 10, 2013
gene r swank replied to Harry Riley's discussion 'Truckers for the Constitution' Plan to Slow D.C. Beltway, Arrest Congressmen
"I wish I could be there but that would really cause a comotion. I never go anywhere with out my toys. And they are mostly all illegal in DC. I will say a prayer for the truckers, there supporters and the congressmen. If they pick the right…"
Oct 8, 2013
gene r swank replied to Harry Riley's discussion Viet Nam Veterans Memorial Blocked -
"Take the whole darn Government back. Arrest all the damocrats and rinos, try them for Treason then Publicaly hang them as a warning to the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Oct 5, 2013
gene r swank replied to Twana Blevins's discussion The United States is ranked 3rd in Murders throughout the World. But, if you remove just 4 cities from the statistics:
"Any and all gun control laws are unconstitutional, There are more people killed with baseball bats in this country then with guns."
Sep 23, 2013
gene r swank replied to Twana Blevins's discussion Obama Regime thugs are harassing Walid Shoebat for his reporting on Barack Obama’s familial terrorist ties
"And they say that Patriots, gun owners, and Christians are terrorists. If the Republicans pulled this they would be in prison!!!!!!!"
Sep 15, 2013
gene r swank replied to Twana Blevins's discussion The trojan horse in OUR whitehouse is using YOUR money to arm al Qaeda in Syria! What are you/we going to do about it?
"We need to stop all foreign aid especially to our enemies!!! We need to contact the bikers and have the rest of the American Patriots march on Washington and Arrest obumer, biden reid and piglosi.  all of the damocrats and rinos, Try them for…"
Sep 11, 2013
gene r swank replied to Harry Riley's discussion Bikers to counter Muslim march on 911 in D.C.
"Im in Havasu Arizona. I have 2004 Suburban that will carry 7 and luggage. I only get Social Security but if my expenses were paid I would be there with whoever wanted to ride along"
Aug 21, 2013
gene r swank replied to Harry Riley's discussion CASTRATION OF OUR SOLDIERS, MARINES, SAILORS AND AIRMEN Major Mark A. Smith, DSC United States Army, Retired
"They dont understand that a mans natural instinct is to protect the female and the children. With a woman in combat the mans mind is not going to be where it should be, defeating the enemy. There will be jealousy, the studs will be fighting over the…"
Aug 7, 2013
gene r swank replied to Twana Blevins's discussion Can someone tell me if this is true or not?
"I have a cousin who is a higher up management at a Target store in So Cal. She says that Target is not owned or run by the French. I have googled Target and gone to there  website there is no evidence that they are French owned or run by the…"
Aug 7, 2013
gene r swank replied to Harry Riley's discussion Time to confront black racism
"That is a very good statement. It needs to be repeated as often as possible. The blacks dont realize that 1 Martin Luther King was a consevative Republican. That if it was not for the Republican Party they would still be slaves. The damocrats voted…"
Jul 20, 2013
gene r swank replied to Twana Blevins's discussion A Timeline of the Obama Administration’s Four Year-Long Conspiracy to Grant Amnesty to Illegal Aliens by Dismantling Enforcement of Our Laws Against Illegal Immigration
"We have the crookedest Government in our history and no one does anything. Every person he has appointed is a far left loon and liar just like him. They all need to be arrested and tried for treason. If we ever let the illegals get amnesty we will…"
Jun 15, 2013
gene r swank replied to G Miller's discussion Exit Polls, Voting Results, Voter Fraud, Oh MY!
"Sorry I am stuck up here in Alaska!!!! If we would start dropping the black panthers where they stand they would go hide like all cowards do!!!!!!!"
Nov 6, 2012
gene r swank replied to Twana Blevins's discussion Voter fraud: People go to vote, ballots already cast in their names; Others vote more than once
"Alaska now requires voter ID except your registration card with out your picture is OK, I tried to show my Drivers License but was told all I needed was my registration card. No ID required to register!!!!!! I should have registered my 2 dogs and my…"
Nov 6, 2012

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Hello Dear,

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At 4:14pm on October 16, 2010, general james taylor said…
im not afraid of them:)
At 2:22pm on October 9, 2010, Shane Christiansen said…


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