The Biden/Obama/WEF plan to destroy America

Ireland Awash With Immigrants Leading The West Out of WEF Control?

None of us need to follow the instructions of a crazed organization telling us “You'll own nothing and you'll be happy” if citizens in the west take a stand, telling WEF’ers to BACK OFF.


Meanwhile here in the USA:

Biden administration plans to bring Palestinians refugees to USA

The Biden/Obama administration is working with the UN and the WEF to alter and change the free world to more closley fit their view of what the Global system should look like.
In this "New World Order" there is no room for independent Sovereign Nations to exist.
There is no room for freedom and independence.

However, in order to "Build-Back-Better" they must first completgely destroy any and all existing forms of governments.
This is the views of the Fabian Society. The British socialist society founded in 1884.

Countries and Nations such as England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Poland, Germany, Canada, and The United States of America must be eliminated

The goal is a "new-world-order", consisting of only one form of government, Only One-World-Government.
Dictated too and totally controlled by the socialists/Communists in control.

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