2024 A long hot summer

Stolen elections


It looks like a rematch between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the 2024 election.
Both men have won their respective party nominations.
It’s going to be a long hot summer.
And we can expect to see one of the nastiest political campaign years in American history.

The country is very deeply divided, more than it’s ever been.
In the 2020 elections President Donald J. Trump received more reelection votes than any sitting president in history.
And yet Joe Biden was declared the winner by receiving more votes than anyone has ever won in American history. Many precincts, counties, and states showed more votes being cast than there were registered voters.
We can expect much of the same thing to occur in the 2024 elections.


The 2024 presidential elections will be much more than just simply selecting who will be President.
The 2024 elections will be to decide the fate of America.
Will America continue to exist as a Constitutional free Republic, a free and sovereign Nation? Or will America be fundamentally transformed into a “one-world-governance” controlled and dictated over by some oligarchy at the United Nations and the Chinese Communist party in Beijing?

White House resident Joe Biden calls Donald Trump an existential threat to their “democracy”. In fact they have even gone so far as to say the American people are a threat to their democracy.
Their so-called democracy is really only a warmed over version of Communist Marxism, aka Joe Stalin, Mao Zedong.
A place where they make all of the rules and decisions and the people have nothing. Nothing to say about anything, and will own nothing. You (we) will either do as you are told or you will be prosecuted, convicted, imprisoned, and possibly executed as a “traitor”.


If you think this is an exaggeration then take another look at what they have been doing to Donald Trump and his entire family. Take another look at the 1,000 plus prisoners that are imprisoned over the January 6th 2021 events at the Capital. Take another look at Lavoy Finnicum, shot and killed by the Oregon State police and the FBI acting under orders from the Oregon State governor.
Take another look at Mr. Terry Trussell, A Vietnam war combat veteran who was imprisoned in Florida

because he attempted to prosecute a crooked county prosecutor. Terry Trussell died in prison because he was denied his life saving heart medications. There are many more examples and the list goes on and on.


The 2024 elections are far more important than just simply choosing which of these two men will be elected as President.
The 2024 elections will be more about the future survival and continued existence of a Free Constitutional Republic named The United States Of America.
These Democrats and the Communist party are hell bent on making that transformation. And they don’t much care whether We-the-people like it or not.


It’s going to be a long hot summer.

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