A Note to RINO's

Here’s a note to all the Anti-Trump Rino’s and hate-Trump supporters.


You can hate President Donald Trump all you want, that’s your prerogative.
But be aware that what you are doing is endorsing and enabling NAZI style fascism of Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Mao Zedong , and Xi Zinping.
The communists and their “Fundamental Transformation of America” are turning this country into Cuba, Venezuela, or NAZI Germany.

And YOU, RINO’s and left-wing democrats, and “Hate-Trump” crowd, are helping them.





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  • This is no longer Republican versus Democrat. It's now fascism and Communism versus American freedon and liberty.


    • In a facist, nazi, communitst, totalatarian government you would have been arrested long ago. You are the one who's anti-American. You should thank your lucky stars or imaginary God that you live in a country that allows you the freedom to spout such drivel.


      • As a matter of fact Jaman, YES I DO thank my lucky stars AND GOD all mighty that I do live in America.
        And you should too.
        Now rather than boot your ass off my network I'd like you to explane just exactly where anything that I have to say is drivel.
        YES, You DO have the right to disagree with me - any time you like too.
        But please explane to me where anything I said was Anti-American.
        I support and defend the Constitution of the United states of America.
        I support and defend American freedom and liberty, AND American sovereignty.
        I would like to see America return too and restore the US Constitution, all of it.
        I want our politicians and every person and government agency to adhere too and obey that US Constitution.
        That includes all law enforcement agencies around the country, federal, State, and local.
        I want them all to obey their oaths of office and service.

        Now please explane to me how and why any of that is Anti-American and/or "drivel".

        And by the way - If you don't like what I have to say you are welcome to leave this network any time you don't like it.
        No one is forcing you to stay here.


        • 1. You did not reply to my first point, that if the government was as autoritarian as you describe, how is it that you have the freedom to say the things you do (drivel #1).

          2. Our contstitution says that what the supreme court says is constitutional is what's cocnstitutional. You keep saying we need to get back to the constitution. Just because you think something is unconstitutional doesn't make it so (drivel #2).

          3. You disagree with many policies and laws of the government of the US.  They have been enacted through the traditional methods. But as you hate so much of what your duly elected representatives have voted into law, you can only explain it by some grand conspiracy perpetrated by the people you disagree with. (drivel #3)

          4. You tolerate posters that argue for armed uprising. (drivel #4)

          5. You can't accept people with views different from your own. They all must be communists. Patently rediculous. I disagree with most of what you have to say. And I'm no communist. (drivel #5)

          6. If you don't like what I have to say don't read it. But I imagine what you'll do is exactly what they do in Communist countries and take away my access. (drivel #6)


          • OKAY, Very good. At least I know that someone is here and reading this forum.
            How do I respond to all that? In terms of how to get them on here in a format that makes sense to everyone.
            Lets start with your post #6, (drivel #6:)
            No - I'm not going to boot you off my network. You ARE entitled to your opinions. And you are entitled to disagree with me anytime. Perhaps if you (and others spoke up more often I would have an opportunity to clearify my comments better.

            Your point #1, "how is it that you have the freedom to say the things you do (drivel #1).". (I'll clip some instead of posting the entire post just to save space)
            My responce;
            It's not the entire government nor any legislation that has been passed by our government that I disagree with. Only what has been done by this Biden administration and what they did to General Flynn and others during the Trump administration. YES- America IS a free country, And I think we better fight to keep it that way. And when I say "fight" I mean any way that becomes necessary.
            Is the government authoritarian? Not in any of the legislation that has been passed up to this point in time, (so I don't disagree with Congress), but I DO disagree with this administration and some of the federal agencies, such as the ATF and their pushing of gun laws and anti-second amendment rules. I also disagree with the IRS, (and again the Biden administration) 87,000 new IRS agents to go after Americans for "unpaid taxes". How is that NOT authoritarian?

            Your point #2, The Supreme Court; I don't remember when or where I have critized the rulings of the Supreme Court. They are the final arbitors of what is or is not constitutional. We should always remember that the courts can only uphold the laws, they can NOT make the laws. The Supreme Court is the final place where the decissions are set.
            And I agree with that.

            #3, When and where have I said I disagree with decisions made by Congress? Congress is the governing body where laws are written and passed. They are the ONLY governing body that has authority to create and write new laws. All other government agencies such as the IRS, ATF, EPA, or any of the others do NOT have such authority, and they should NOT.

            #4, I tolerate posts that argue for armed uprising, As I said above, America IS a free country, and we better be ready and willing to fight to make sure it stays that way. Just as Thomas Jefferson said "A Republic madam, IF you can keep it".

            #5, "You can't accept people with views different from your own. They all must be communists."
            When have I said that? People who disagree with me are not necessarily communists, I don't think I have ever said that.
            There are however many communists within our system of government. case in point, Barack Hussein Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Cass Sunstene, Van Jones, the guy that used to be the head of the CIA, (can't think of his name right now) These people may be out of office right now but they are still running things up there from behind the scenes.
            These people ARE all communists, If you don't believe that then read Obama's own book. Read his own writings, and his history.

            So here is what I do disagree with:
            Barack Obama said (in October 2008), "We are only five days away from fundamentally transforming America".
            He never said what they would transform America into.
            He didn't need to explane what he meant, his followers knew what he as saying. That they intend to transform America into a communist state.
            Again - just read his book. Obama and his followers are communists.
            I'm not the one that hates America - they are.

            Also I disagree with what this Biden/Harris/Obama administration has been doing against former president Donald Trump.
            The FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago home. All of the made-up charges against him by the DOJ and various State and county prosecutors.
            If all of that isn't being authoritarian then I don't know what is.
            They fear Donald Trump, and they fear the American people. They will do anything to keep him from running and winning election in 2024.
            This current administration has said that Trump is the biggest threat to their "Democracy", and they have also said that Americans citizens are also a threat to their "Democracy". How in hell is that possible?
            What they are really saying is that Trump and the 2024 elections are a threat to their regime and their power.
            Donald Trump and the American people are a threat to their Fundamental Transformation of America.

            If they can do these things to Donald Trump and General Flynn, and many others then they can - and they WILL do these same things to any of the rest of us.
            THAT is what an authorian regime does.

            Jefferson was right, "A Republic madam, IF you can keep it".


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