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EV limits


The Biden administration wants to eliminate fossel fuel. They want everyone to switch to electric vehicles.
So lets have a little fun with some simple math and economics.

Lets say that you and your family want to drive from El Paso Texas to Washington DC.
That’s a distance of approximately 1,800 miles.

An electric vehicle has a driving limit of approximately 300 miles per recharge.

That’s 1,800 miles divided by 300, that means your electric vehicle needs to be recharged six (6) times in 1,800 miles. (Texas to DC), Each recharge requires eight (8) hours, 8 x 6 equals 48 hours recharging time.

Now lets suppose you pull into a recharging station that has only 5 stations, (pumps or outlets).
There are 25 other customers waiting in line to recharge, so you get in line.
Each one requires eight hours, (8). 25/5 equals 5 times, so you have to wait for five customers ahead of you. 5 times eight equals 40 hours waiting time, and then another eight hours to recharge your vehicle. That’s 48 hours, (2 days for every 300 miles.) That means it would take 12 days to drive 1,800 mile. (Not including driving time)

Eventually every “recharging” station would be turned into a vehicle exchange rental car station, the end of the privately owned vehicle.
Now figure out the car rental rates. You pick up a car and drive it to the next exchange station, (300 miles). Each exchange (rental costs you approximately $100.) That’s $600 in vehicle rentals for 1,800 mile trip.
An estimated trip today would take approximately 27:17 hours and cost approximately $440 in fuel.
That means an extra eleven days and an additional $160 in vehicle travel expenses.



The real purpose of demanding an end of fossel fuels and the change over to electric vehicles is to end and to limit American mobility.

Don’t believe it? Then YOU do the math.


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