Biden corruption

By now everyone in the world knows that Joe Biden isn't running anything except the Biden corruption cyndicate.
The people running the White House and the country right now are all behind the scense, behind the curtains.
Those are the far-Left-wing radicals and the communists.
While congress investigates Hunter Biden and the possible connections that Joe Biden had with the bribery and money launderying schemes they were running, 'president' Joe Biden and his corrupt department of in-Justice files new charges against Donald Trump.

These people will do anything to stop Trump from ever being elected President again.

It doesn't matter whether you like Donald Trump or not, what they are doing is WRONG.
And if they will do this kind of stuff to an ex-President then they will do it to any one of us.
Americans have short memorys. Remember back before the 2016 elections when Hillary Clinton said something like "If I go down - I'm not going alone. I have enough to hang half of this government. If the American people ever find out what we did they will hang us all".
THAT my friends is what the FBI, CIA, and the DOJ is so afraid of, that congress and the American people might discover what they have been doing for years.
When Trump told Hillary during the 2016 elections that she would be in jail, they all paniced. Trump said "Drain the Swamp". He must have hit a nerve there because that's when the panic and all of the Trump investigations started.
I don't care if you like Donald Trump or not, this administration and ALL of this corrupt government has to GO. Not only in Washington but all around the country as well. Like Alvin Bragg for example.



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