Climate Change

Climate change;
Can anybody tell the truth these days?

Lets try:


Climate change is one of the Democrats favorite hot button issues.

They are using climate change and global warming as the excuse to drain America of all it’s wealth.

They want to redistribute that wealth into their own pockets and into the pockets of their favorite friends and allies.

They are using climate change and global warming as a means to impose controls, controls over everything.

Everything from the kinds of vehicles we drive and manufacture, the kinds of heating and cooling systems we use, and even how we can cook our food in our own homes. They want to eliminate gas stoves and appliances.


It’s not a new issue for the Democrats, They started using climate change under the heading of global freezing back around the time of the Jimmy Carter administration.
Back then they were warning of the next ice age.
Jimmy Carter said America needed to reduce our standard of living, that we were far too high on the economic scale of standards compared to the rest of the world.

Politicians then were searching for someway to control the American economic scales and American’s wealth and standards of living. They needed to find something that the American people would rally around and willingly, voluntarily reduce their own standards and expectations of wealth and prosperity.

Governments, especially the American US government do not create anything. And most particularly any kind of wealth for anyone except themselves. The government is really not in control of making the American people wealthy and prosperous. The only thing the government can do is create rules and regulations. The American people control the economy and the only thing that the government can do is restrict and hinder those efforts. In order for the American people to prosper and grow all the government has to do is get out of the way.


Global cooling, global warming, and now climate change is nothing more than a scam. It’s just another means for politicians to rob the American people and the country of everything, especially it’s wealth.
It’s just another means for politicians to impose more and more government rules, regulations, and controls.


If you want to know more about where the real climate change comes from read the information provided here on this site about the Milankovitch_cycles. There you can learn the truth.


Can anybody tell the truth these days?
Certainly not any politicians in Washington.



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